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reznichenko              tagscherer              yakushevskiy              shtyl              sankovich              rudyk              babikov              golotsutskov              ryakhov              nadtokaivan              macypura              majorov              tyllesen              khovanskiy              dinev              hopfes              pliuta              silchanka              chebotko              pasichnyk              detkov              pantov              dambier              trachuk              lyalko              ignatenko              sinkevich              naumik              kuzin              tchepikov              rakimgaliev              chepelin              selevko              danilchenko              gryaztsov              poltaranin              pimankov              sautin              khimich              khoroshilov              parkhomchuk              cieplucha              bubnovich              darazs              hallenbarter              bychenko              lyuboslavskiy              smyrnov              shepel              shulgaguide             

Examples of "kovalevski"
Glinka: Piano pieces, Grand Sextet - Ludmila Berlinskaya, Borodin Quartet, Grigori Kovalevski - 2003 - Europe Arts
Ahead of the 2017 World Junior Championships, Paniot trained under Halyna Kukhar and Anton Kovalevski in Ukraine. At Junior Worlds, Paniot finished in 10th place after scoring personal bests in every portion of the competition.
Anton Volodymyrovych Kovalevski (; born 9 March 1985 in Kiev) is a Ukrainian former competitive figure skater. He won medals at the Crystal Skate of Romania, Golden Spin of Zagreb, Ice Challenge, and Ondrej Nepela Memorial, and is a four-time (2006–07, 2009–10) Ukrainian national champion. He decided to take a break from competitive skating after the 2010-11 season.
Bershadski's father was a Greek Orthodox priest, while his great-grandfather on his mother's side, Kovalevski, was a "hetman" of the Cossacks. The Cossack traditions of his family found expression in prejudice against the Jews. He states, in his autobiographical notes, how in his childhood he learned of the horrors of the times of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in connection with the "homicidal Jews." From the old blind bandore-player (bandurist) at the fairs, from the reaper in the field, and from the peasant girls at the spinning-wheel on long winter evenings, he had heard the same tale of the Jew as "the defiler of the sanctuary." This incited him to make a study of the Jewish question. "I started," he declares, "as a confirmed Jew-hater." His Jewish colleagues at the university remember how he used to threaten them, saying, "Wait, some day I will expose you!" He went to the Archives and there began to search for material for his threatened exposures.