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Examples of "kowalsky"
Elaine Gloria Kowalsky was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1948, the daughter of Cliff and Rosemary Kowalsky. She had three brothers, Cliff, Barry and Ken. She grew up in Charleswood.
Kowalsky sought out the friendship of the Belgian heir apparent, Prince Albert, during one of the Prince's trips to the United States. Through this friendship, Kowalsky was introduced to King Leopold II in December 1904.
Kowalsky spent time in Gambia on Project Overseas. Throughout his career, he stayed involved in farming, teaching, home construction, and was a crop hail adjuster. Kowalsky is keenly interested and an advocate for the arts, with a special interest in drama and dance. He is a member of the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Prince Albert. Kowalsky is married to the former Olesia Kindrachuk and has two daughters and two grandchildren.
Chapter III: Journey to the Mountain - Aaron Ross, Mass at Dawn, Almaden, Cody Coyote, Gregg Kowalsky, Bird By Snow
Kowalsky hangs himself shortly after Jacob's confession about the radio. Everyone is deported to the death camps.
Rick Kowalsky (born March 20, 1972) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. He was selected by the Buffalo Sabres in the 10th round (227th overall) of the 1992 NHL Entry Draft. Kowalsky is currently the head coach for the Albany Devils of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Kowalsky has served on the executive committee of the CPA. He chairs the Saskatchewan Branch of the CPA, and serves on the executive committee of the CSG-Midwest.
Welter wrote almost exclusively in the German language. His drama "Griselinde" (1901) served the Luxembourg composer Alfred Kowalsky as libretto for his opera of the same name.
Project of Brad Rose (The North Sea, Ajilvsga, Ossining, Digitalis Records) and John Twells (Xela, Type Records) with contributions by Gregg Kowalsky, Jed Bindeman, and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
King Leopold II was working to thwart negative press he was receiving in the United States, in regards to atrocities being committed in his personally owned Congo Free State. He needed someone with connections to the people who would shape the policy of the United States. The King hired Kowalsky with an annual retainer of 100,000 francs (over $2 million US in 2013 dollars). It seems however, that this new position raised the ire of Congo state officials already working in the US. After several months, Kowalsky gave them the ammunition they needed in order to work to remove him: getting into a fist fight with a creditor in open court. A year after signing it, the King let Kowalsky's hefty contract expire, embarrassing Kowalsky. He beseeched the King to reinstate it. As Kowalsky was becoming a burden, and an embarrassment to the Congo state, the King paid him off, reinstating the contract and adding 125,000 francs to go away quietly.
Myron Kowalsky (born July 11, 1941) is a retired Canadian politician, teacher, and former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.
Throughout her career Kowalsky was a part of a number of exhibitions in Canada and the UK, including but not limited to:
Colonel Henry I. Kowalsky (August 16, 1859 - November 28, 1914) was a notable San Francisco defense attorney. Notably, he was employed by King Leopold II of Belgium as a lobbyist to the US government in favor of the Congo Free State. Kowalsky was known as "Colonel" without having ever been in the military. He earned the designation when he was appointed to, and served as, the Judge Advocate General for California Governor R.W. Waterman.
Kowalsky's theorem, named after Hans-Joachim Kowalsky, states that any metric space of weight formula_1 can be represented as a topological subspace of the product of countably many formula_1-hedgehog spaces.
Others who adding their musical prowess to the band were Michael Louw, Michael Venart, Jatinder Sandhu, Lara Kowalsky, Clint Rice, Jimmy Goodrich, Pierre Lumoncel, Marcel Hildebrand and Eric Napier.
Kowalsky married Elton Bash in 1978. She died in a car accident September 2005, shortly before the copyright legislation she helped to bring about came into effect in January, 2006.
Sean Osborn (b. 1966) is a former clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and a regular substitute in the clarinet section of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. He has been a student of Stanley Hasty, Frank Kowalsky, and Eric Mandat.
Project of Brad Rose (The North Sea, Ajilvsga, Ossining, Digitalis Records) and John Twells (Xela, Type Records) with contributions by Gregg Kowalsky, Jed Bindeman and Tarentel's Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Her teachers include Dr. Frank Kowalsky, Dr. Deborah Bish, and Mr. Kenneth Grant. She has also worked with such artists as Laura Ardan, Steve Cohen, Sidney Forrest, and Anthony Gigliotti.
An example using an occupation is "koval" or "kowal", which means blacksmith. It is the root of the names Kowalsky, Kowalchuk, Kowalczyk, Kovalenko, Kovalyov, and Kovalev. All mean "descendant of a blacksmith".