Synonyms for krabei or Related words with krabei

preaek              chrey              boeng              andoung              thlok              khpos              thmei              samraong              kaoh              kouk              kraom              lvea              pongro              thnal              krasang              chamkar              trapeang              veaeng              kaeut              tuek              rumduol              knong              damrei              kbal              angk              praek              ruessei              stueng              sambour              kandal              chrum              tnaot              tboung              sambuor              thnong              damnak              chhuk              slaeng              trabaek              chambak              svay              phlov              khnach              kakaoh              krouch              sangkae              sralau              beung              phnum              kaong             

Examples of "krabei"
"Krabei Liak Goan" (Buffalo Protecting Child) was the start of Graceffo's movie career, providing him a co-starring role as the villain in the Khmer Kung Fu film. He also stars in "Bokator" another Khmer film.
The island's center is roughly the highest point with two main peaks, separated by a river {Prek Koh Krabei}. The peaks rise to over 100 meters and drain in all directions, lending Koh Thmei the shape of a gentle mountain. The island's moderate elevation enables it to retain enough water for a few little rivers, creeks and estuaries.