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Examples of "krankie"
Fictitious place names used within the series include Ben Kingsley, Loch Krankie, and Glen Close.
In 2004 Janette Krankie was seriously injured during a performance of "Jack and the Beanstalk" at the theatre, but has since made a full recovery.
Janette also appears as Jimmy Krankie in the video for 2007 Comic Relief single "500 Miles" with The Proclaimers, Brian Potter, Andy Pipkin and other celebrity stars.
An episode of the "The Krankies Elektronik Komik" spoofed "Doctor Who" in a sketch. They land on a planet in the TARDIS, encounter an alien, and sing a song. Ian Tough played "Dr. Why", while Janette Krankie played his companion.
In 2003, his 'See You Jimmy' character (called C. U. Jimmy) came third in the Glasgow Herald's poll to find the most Scottish person in the world, behind Iain and Jimmy Krankie.
The Krankies are a Scottish comedy duo who enjoyed success as a cabaret act in the 1970s and on television in the 1980s, featuring in their own television shows and releasing their own music single. They have regularly appeared in pantomime. The duo comprises wife Janette Tough and her husband Ian. As the Krankies they portray schoolboy Wee Jimmy Krankie (Janette), and paternal figure Ian Krankie (Ian), though in their comedy act they also portray other characters. Beginning in the 1990s, they regularly appeared as The Krankies in episodes of the BBC comedy series French and Saunders.
In 2003, "Wee Jimmy Krankie" was voted "The Most Scottish Person in the World" by the readers of "The Glasgow Herald". In 2004, Janette was badly injured in a fall during a performance in the pantomime "Jack and the Beanstalk", but has since made a full recovery.
During the 2010 panto season, the Krankies made a re-appearance to Scottish panto alongside John Barrowman at the SECC for Aladdin. They appeared as the Police, with Janette parodying Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga, and making an appearance as Wee Jimmy Krankie. The Krankies returned alongside Barrowman in 2011 and soon became SECC Veterans, after Five Years Barrowman announced he would not return. David Hassellhoff joined the Krankies for the 2015 Pantomime and Marti Pellow for 2016.
In a 2008 interview, David Tennant (jokingly) suggested that he would like Wee Jimmy Krankie to take over the role of the Doctor in "Doctor Who". In 2009, 14 December, they once again were on the Paul O'Grady show for the pantomime special of 'Sleeping Beauty' where Janette played a hooker and Ian played a rampant camel. The duo appeared on ITV's daytime show "Loose Women" on 25 February 2010.
The girls meet with TV star, Jeanette Krankie to learn interview skills, and are watched undercover by two magazine journalists who praise Charlotte for being the most relaxed, Leanne for her story which "many would like to hear about" and Lisa for playing up to her androgynistic look. They say that Catherine and Martha were really dull and not interesting enough. Stefanie reveals during the interview that she once dated Lee Ryan, which sparks some snide comments from the other girls, with Alex saying they were not interested by this fact at all.