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Examples of "kreindl"
Werner Kreindl (October 20, 1927 – June 6, 1992) was an Austrian television actor.
She made her second appearance on silver screen in 2006 by the period film of Semir Aslanyurek’s "Eve Giden Yol 1914". Later on she starred in the comedy film "Kirpi". She performed in the German-Turkish co-production TV film "Murder in Bosphorus" directed by Michael Kreindl.
Sievers had in 1911 already identified the main differences between the works of Huybrecht (whom he knew as the Monogrammist HB) and his brother Joachim. He had noted that the heads of Huybrecht's figures are much more individualized and that Huybrecht treated the bodieswith a higher emphasis on their three-dimensionality and details. Huybrecht further adopted a freer treatment for certain elements such as the hair and beards. His figures are placed in a more relaxed arrangement and their gestures and movements appear more fluent and naturalistic. Sievers' early observations were deepened by Detlev Kreindl in 1976. Kreidl highlighted that Huybrecht's figures are more statuesque and sculptural in handling. Kreidl also posited a similarity between Huybrecht's works and portraits from the circle of the Florentine painter Bronzino. It is precisely the sculptural treatment of his figures and the crisp modelling of the faces, which are regarded as evidence of the influence of the Florentine master. Kreidl suggests that possibly he trained in Bronzino's workshop as early as the mid-1550s. On the basis of these characteristics Kreidl reattributed two portraits (art market) previously given to Santi di Tito to Huybrecht.