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sankarit              levoton              pseftis              umesto              auringon              katupeilin              asessorin              galazio              huomenna              erotika              naishuolet              kanssa              buki              tanssii              hehku              svefn              tanssi              katse              maahan              erota              ziteitai              maailman              viimeinen              linnut              seijin              chronia              kanaria              gynaika              asamiya              eheis              kaiken              sorga              onnellinen              nainen              kymmenen              laulujen              paljon              zange              menit              minusta              tummien              yhden              miehen              ihmiset              slunce              zene              garyfallo              gaqo              fantasi              muuttaa             

Examples of "kria"
The students join in scouting with a teacher's help. There is an annual sports competition (Barshik Kria Protijogita).
After Hirth died in a flying accident in 1959 the Kria was donated to the Akaflieg Stuttgart. It flew from their Hahnweide base for several years, also participating in glider evaluation courses under OSTIV auspices. Stored after retirement, the sole Kria was lost in a hangar fire in 2001.
As KRIA and then KISS, the station was known as KOOL 930 AM solid gold during 1989-1992. At one point, the AM simulcast KISS-FM.
In February 2014, he was featured on a Children of Kria book promotion by Charlie Daye portraying Phoenix, an immortal assassin.
The station used the call sign KPMB from 1986 to 1988, KKYN-FM from 1988 to 2002, KVOP-FM for two months in 2002, before becoming KRIA on September 16, 2002.
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Grunthos the Flatulent was the poetmaster of the Azgoths of Kria, writers of the second worst poetry in the universe, just between Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings and the Vogons.
The first glider with a GRP structure was the Akaflieg Stuttgart Phönix which flew in November 1957. Wolf Hirth had followed its construction with interest and had hoped to manufacture it. Instead, the Phönix was produced by Bölkow and Hirth built his own design, the Hi-25 Kria, using the construction methods developed for the Phönix. As well as their structural similarity, the Kria and the Phönix shared some aerodynamic features, particularly Eppler airfoils and fuselages which conformed to the upward flowing air ahead of the wings and downwash behind. The Kria, though, was a high wing rather than mid-wing monoplane, was smaller overall (the Phönix had a 16 m span) and had a butterfly tail. Kría is the Icelandic name for the Arctic tern.
The Kria was first flown on 31 December 1958, piloted by Rudi Lindner. It was pleasant to fly though rather lacking aileron response. Despite not being designed for serious competition, it performed better than any other span sailplane of its time.
The torn garment, usually a shirt, jacket or vest that "covers the heart," is worn throughout the shiva period (a practice known as ""keriah""; alternative spellings ""keriyah"", ""kria""), except on Shabbat. Conservative and Reform Jews will usually wear a torn piece of black ribbon instead of a torn garment. The torn garment symbolizes and expresses the grief of the mourner.
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The experimental Hirth Hi-25 Kria was only the second glider constructed from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). Built in Germany in 1958, it was a single seat, span aircraft. Only one was built; it later flew for several years with Akaflieg Stuttgart.
. She plays the role of Kria Ghai in" Dil Dosti Dance" (Channel V). Shakti also co-assisted Vaibhavi Merchant for Kamli song of Dhoom 3. She became a contestant and finalist on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa in 2014. Shakti mohan was launched by her inspiration to be Saroj Khan, a former bollywood cheorographer as well.
KRIA (103.9 FM, "Magic 103.9") is a Tejano formatted radio station licensed to serve Plainview, Texas. The station is owned by Monty Spearman and Gentry Todd Spearman, through High Plains Radio Network, LLC. There is a LMA with RAMAR Communications of Lubbock to re-broadcast Magic 93.7 KXTQ from Lubbock.
KRIA-FM is part of High Plains Radio's Plainview cluster of radio stations, which includes KKYN (106.9 FM), KVOP (1090 AM) and KREW (1400 AM). High Plains Radio purchased the stations from Rhattigan Broadcasting effective March 2, 2015, at a price of $450,000.
The 1961 SB-6 Nixope was one of the earliest gliders with a glass-fibre structure following two other German designs, the 1957 Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-24 Phönix and the 1958 Hirth Hi 25 Kria. Like the Phönix, the Nixope was designed and built within a university aeronautical engineering department but the NIxope team was a traditional undergraduate one, headed by Björn Stender then in his final year. At a time when GRP techniques were novel and evolving, the Nixobe was very ambitious, with a wing of aspect ratio 25, compared with 17.8 for the Phönix and 14.3 for the Kria. Stender had visited Nabern to learn about GRP construction, though the Braunschweig group developed some techniques of their own.
One such lineage descends from Crowley's student, actress Jane Wolfe (known as Soror Estai). Soror Estai's one student, Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral), founded College of Thelema in 1973 and (with James A. Eshelman and Anna-Kria King) founded Temple of Thelema in 1987. She designated Eshelman as her successor in the Jane Wolfe branch of A∴A∴ and as chancellor of College of Thelema. Later, she also affirmed David Shoemaker's authority to "admit, supervise, and train" A∴A∴ initiates.
He has played live shows around the world with Hrvatski/Keith Fullerton Whitman, The Flying Luttenbachers, Blectum From Blechdom, Loscil, Animal Collective, Ratatat, Jan Jelinek, Sebastien Roux, Leafcutter John, Colleen, Avey Tare & Kria Brekkan, No-Neck Blues Band, The Books, Beach House, Mountains, Bird Show, Fog, Viking Moses, Ariel Pink, Boom Bip, and many more. Davis has released albums on labels such as Kranky, Ekhein, Room40, Install, Home Normal, Digitalis, Carpark Records, as well on his own Autumn Records.
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Vogon poetry is described as "the third worst poetry in the Universe" (behind that of the Azgoths of Kria; four members of an audience died of internal haemorrhaging during a recitation by their poet master Grunthos the Flatulent of his poem "Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer Morning" while the President of the Mid-Galactic Arts Nobbling Council survived by gnawing one of his own legs off. Grunthos himself was later killed by his own major intestine, which leaped up through his neck and throttled his brain when he attempted to read his twelve-book epic "My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles". Their poetry was also behind that of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex, which was destroyed when the Earth was.) The main example used in the story is a short piece composed by Jeltz, which roughly emulates nonsense verse in style (example below).