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Examples of "kriegler"
Kriegler currently a trustee of a number of charitable trusts.
In 2008, Raila Odinga was instrumental to in bringing the Kriegler Commission to investigate the post election violence. Following the Kriegler Report the ECK was disbanded and sweeping changes were implemented which included the Constitution of Kenya and the IEBC
There were seven distinct reasons, Kriegler J found, why the provisions were indefensible:
Sachs J accordingly concurred in the formulation of the order in the judgment of Kriegler J as set out above.
Danny Kriegler served as the director of the radio drama while Jefferson Kaye served as its producer.
Kriegler and his wife have nine children and fifteen grandchildren between them and live in Johannesburg. His grandchildren are
Johann Christiaan Kriegler (born 29 November 1932) is a retired justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.
The members of the court at the start of 2002 were Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson, Deputy Chief Justice Pius Langa, and judges Lourens Ackermann, Richard Goldstone, Johann Kriegler, Tholie Madala, Yvonne Mokgoro, Sandile Ngcobo, Kate O'Regan, Albie Sachs and Zak Yacoob. Justice Kriegler retired in November and Dikgang Moseneke was appointed in his place.
Rachet Jaw and Kriegler- Trigger men for Boss Glitter. Rachet Jaw is a common-looking mobster with a mechanical lower jaw that unhinges to reveal a gun barrel. The gun can be fed through an ammo belt attached to his chin. Kriegler is Rachet Jaw's verbose, diminutive sidekick.
Andrew J. Kriegler was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of IIROC on November 1, 2014. Before joining IIROC, Kriegler was Deputy Superintendent at Canada's banking regulator, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, or OSFI, where he was responsible for supervising hundreds of federally regulated financial institutions.
A former South African judge Justice Johann Kriegler was appointed to lead a panel of experts investigating Kenya's disputed 2007 presidential elections.
In 2008, Kriegler led a commission recommending reforms to the electoral process in Kenya following the crisis after the 2007 presidential election.
John Wyman is a British actor probably best known for his role as Erich Kriegler in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only".
The Report of the Kriegler Commission on the crisis that followed the 2007 general election placed a special requirement of fiduciary duty on the Supreme Court of Kenya in relation to any matter alleging election fraud.
The Kriegler report, commissioned to investigate the violent aftermath of the 2007 elections and alleged vote-rigging, stated that about 1.2 million dead voters existed in the voters register, raising serious doubts to the integrity of the election.
The members of the court during 2000 were President Arthur Chaskalson, Deputy President Pius Langa, and judges Lourens Ackermann, Richard Goldstone, Johann Kriegler, Tholie Madala, Yvonne Mokgoro, Sandile Ngcobo, Kate O'Regan, Albie Sachs and Zak Yacoob.
The Tribunal sat in the Peace Palace in Hague, Netherlands between the 25th and 27 October 2012. It was held before Johann Kriegler (presiding), John Dugard SC, Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Michael Mansfield QC, Makau Mutua and Patricia Sellers.
In addition to concurring in the judgment of Kriegler J, Didcott J (Langa J concurring) identified "four draconian effects" of the provisions in issue which rendered the limitation provisions of section 33(1) of the Constitution inapplicable:
Sachs J concurred with Kriegler J that the necessary excisions from sections 65A to 65M would leave a statutory provision that was linguistically sustainable, conceptually intact, functionally operational and economically viable. As to the
The decision was the subject of controversy and was criticised by, amongst others, former Constitutional and Appeal Court Judge Johann Kriegler, whose criticism was published in the Sunday Times, a widely read, nationally circulated newspaper.