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diamantis              christoforos              vasileiou              alkis              papathanasiou              kalogeropoulos              vasileios              miltos              thodoros              manthos              charalampos              lavrentis              giorgios              konstantaras              theofilos              nikitas              philippos              charalambos              dimosthenis              valtinos              gerasimos              symeonidis              dionysis              aimilios              stavrou              andreou              konstantinou              mihalopoulos              papantoniou              tryfon              vasilios              makridis              karamitsos              yiorgos              oikonomou              rasoulis              lykourgos              diakoulas              fotis              tsarouchis              kastrinakis              kazakos              michalakis              makis              damianos              gikas              drakos              babis              aristidis              anestis             

Examples of "kritikos"
Kritikos began playing football with Olympiacos U20. Kritikos has been loaned to Zakynthos for one year from Olympiacos.On January 2011 kritikos loaned to Rouf F.C..
In August 2014, Kritikos signed for Football League (Greece) club Fostiras F.C..
In February 2015, Kritikos signed for SuperLeague (Greece) club OFI Crete
In July 2015, Kritikos signed for Football League (Greece) club Episkopi F.C.
In January 2014, Kritikos signed for NOFV-Oberliga Nord club FC Pommern Greifswald.
The last show was aired on June 26, 2016 and the winner of the season was the singer Giannis Kritikos.
Konstantinos Kritikos (born October 21, 1991) is a Greek footballer who plays for Episkopi F.C. in the Football League (Greece), as a Right back.
The Kritikos Lagonikos (Cretan Hound) (Greek:Kρητικός Λαγωνικός) is a hunting breed of dog from the island of Crete, in Greece. It is considered
Stelios Kritikos, (Greek: Στέλιος Κρητικός; born 10 January 1986 in Athens), is a Greek professional football player who plays for Apollon Smyrni.
Anastasios "Tasos" Kritikos (, born 25 January 1995 in Larissa) is a Greek professional footballer who plays as a Forward for Anagennisi Karditsa F.C. on loan from AEL, in the Greek Football League
Active Member is a Greek hip-hop/low bap group, founded in 1992 by Michalis Mitakidis (a.k.a. B.D.Foxmoor),Nikitas Klint (a.k.a. X-Ray) and Dimitris Kritikos (a.k.a. DJ MCD).
The majority of Greek names are patronymic. There are also several names derived from professions ("Samaras", Σαμαράς = saddle maker, "Papoutsis", Παπουτσής = shoe maker), area of (former) residence ("Kritikos", Κρητικός = from Crete, "Aivaliotis", Αϊβαλιώτης= from Ayvalik), nicknames relating to physical or other characteristics ("Kontos", Κοντός = short, "Mytaras", Μυταράς = large-nosed, "Koufos", Κουφός = deaf) and more.
The twelfth and final live aired on June 26, 2016 and the winner of the show was Giannis Kritikos. The income from the audience voting for the final, was divided in ten equal parts and was given to all ten foundations that the contestants were representing during the twelve live shows.
The club's founding members were A. Angelopoulos, A. Athanassiadis, K. Anagnostidis, M. Ventourellis, F. Vyzantinos,V.Karapiperis, A. Dimitriadis, D. Dimitriadis, N. Zoumboulidis, M. Theodosiadis, T. Ioakimopoulos, P. Kalpaktsoglou, T. Kartsambekis, D. Koemtzopoulos, K. Koemtzopoulos, P. Kontopoulos, K. Kritikos, M. Konstantinidis, P. Maletskas, I. Nikolaidis, L. Papadopoulos, F. Samantzopoulos, T. Tsoulkas, M. Tsoulkas, S. Triantafyllidis, and T. Triantafyllidis (who was also its first Chairman).
In the year 1931 the Chair of Seismology and the corresponding laboratory is founded with Professor N. Kritikos (1930–1947) as head of the Laboratory, which is initially located at the Athens Observatory. Later on A. Galanopoulos (1949–1978) and I. Drakopoulos (1979–1999) were elected.
The Cretan Anthem (, "Kritikos Ymnos"), was the national anthem of the Cretan State, adopted in 1898. It was sung to the tune of the Greek national anthem, originally composed by Nikolaos Mantzaros and adapted by Dionysios Davrangas, with new words by the poet Ioannis Polemis, celebrating Crete's bloody struggles for freedom from the Ottoman Empire.
The two meanings of critical theory—from different intellectual traditions associated with the meaning of criticism and critique—derive ultimately from the Greek word κριτικός, "kritikos" meaning judgment or discernment, and in their present forms go back to the 18th century. While they can be considered completely independent intellectual pursuits, increasingly scholars are interested in the areas of critique where the two overlap.
In 1935 Stavros Plakidis was elected Professor in the University of Athens and at the same time was nominated Supervisor of the Astronomical Department of NOA. In two years the NOA changed two Directors, firstly professor Nikolaos Kritikos was nominated, then Elias Mariolopoulos. In 1937, Director of NOA Georgios Chors was nominated.
The third season of the show will premiere on April 3, 2016 on ANT1 and the contestants will be again five women and five men; Josephine, Apostolia Zoi, Valeria Kouroupi, Eleni Karakasi, Mathildi Maggira, Stamatis Gardelis, Othonas Metaxas, Valandis, Dimos Beke and Giannis Kritikos.
"Kritikos: journal of postmodern cultural sound, text and image" is a monthly peer-reviewed open access academic journal published by Intertheory Press, an academic press publishing work in cultural theory and criticism. The journal and press were established by Nicholas Ruiz III in 2004, who is the current editor-in-chief.