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kostoglod              bahdanovich              prigoda              mikalai              shturbabin              devyatovskiy              vsevolods              kolobkov              pimankov              golovastov              semenenko              kaydash              lagunov              shtyl              rudyk              khristov              grechin              aliaksei              chemerkin              burkenya              kudinov              krivchonkov              zurav              khovanskiy              ivakin              khnykin              tchepikov              ilyichov              mihalachi              valukevic              vauchetskiy              porkhomovskiy              smyrnov              pogorelov              stepushkin              romanchuk              stukalov              yerokhin              romankov              lukashevych              krauchanka              kolganov              kapralov              derevyagin              danilchenko              ryzhenkov              tishchenkooleg              lyuboslavskiy              shulgaguide              selevko             

Examples of "kruglyakov"
Sergey Ulegin, Aleksandr Kostoglod, Roman Kruglyakov, Maxim Opalev of Russia were stripped of their 2003 gold medal when Ulegin tested positive for doping.
Eduard Kruglyakov, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences pseudoscience commission, however, has stated that he examined Petrik's technology with high powered equipment and found no trace of nanotechnology. Kruglyakov maintains that "[Petrik] hasn't discovered anything." In addition, a Russian nuclear agency has tested Petrik's radioactive waste filter and found it to be inadequate. Petrik counters that the test was poorly designed.
Kruglyakov was stripped of two medals (both gold) at the 2003 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships when his teammate Sergey Ulegin tested positive for doping.
Sergey Ulegin of Russia won two golds (C-4 200 m, C-4 500 m) and one silver (C-2 500 m), but was stripped of those medals when he tested positive for doping. His teammates in the C-2 500 m (Aleksandr Kostoglod), C-4 200 m (Kostoglod, Roman Kruglyakov, and Maxim Opalev), and C-4 500 m (Kostoglod, Kruglyakov, and Opalev) events also lost their medals as a result of Ulegin's positive test. Ulegin received a two-year suspension.
Sergey Ulegin, Aleksandr Kostoglod, Roman Kruglyakov, and Maxim Opalev of Russia finished first in the 2003 championships, but were stripped of their gold medal when Ulegin tested positive for doping.
Roman Kruglyakov (or Krougliakov) is a Russian sprint canoeist who competed from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. He won six medals at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships with four golds (C-4 200 m: 1999, 2002, 2005; C-4 500 m: 1999), one silver (C-4 500 m: 2002), and one bronze (C-4 500 m: 2001).
A month before the competition "The Mail on Sunday", a British newspaper, carried out an investigation and published the fact that the head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, had been arrested on charges of drug distribution, but the case against him had been dropped. His sister was convicted of purchasing banned drugs with the intention to supply them to athletes. Former Russian coach Oleg Popov and 400 metres runner Valentin Kruglyakov stated that athletes were ordered to dope and paid officials to conceal their positive tests. The coach of the national athletics team, Valentin Maslakov, noted that Kruglyakov had tested positive for drugs and that Popov coached Lada Chernova, who had twice tested positive. He also stated that RUSADA and its labs were independent from the national sports federations.
These pseudo-scientific statements by a high ranked industry manager resulted a scandal in Russia. Some scientists warned that installed 'reactionless engine' is based on a tricky non-linear friction in bearings and cannot work in zero gravity. In 2011, the discussion was summed up by notable scientist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Eduard Kruglyakov, who wrote that the installed engine had not changed satellite's orbit by even a micron.
During the 1971 liberation of Bangladesh (India Pakistan War 1971), the Indian navy attacked Pakistani warships and Karachi harbor. The American Seventh Fleet was dispatched to put pressure on the Indian side, but the Soviet Union dispatched the 10th Operative Battle Group of its Pacific Fleet under the command of Admiral Vladimir Kruglyakov in Vladivostok to support India, so America's Seventh Fleet was unable to assist in Pakistani defense.
Belarus was represented by Aleksandra & Konstantin and the song "My Galileo". The Belarusian national final was held on January 31, 2004, hosted by Larisa Gribaleva and Ales Kruglyakov, with the winner being chosen by a televoting and internet voting. 15 out of 59 participating songs went forward to the national final and they were announced by January 4. Songs could be performed in any language, although at least part of each song had to be in English. Although the songs have Russian titles, the majority of them were performed in English.