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Examples of "krumbach"
The next bigger cities respectively towns are Ulm, approximately 40 kilometres northwest of Krumbach, Augsburg, 48 kilometres northeast of Krumbach, Memmingen, about 40 km kilometres southwest of Krumbach, Mindelheim, 30 kilometres south of Krumbach and Günzburg, 27 kilometres north of Krumbach. The distance to Munich is approximately 120 kilometres.
Until 1972 Krumbach was the district seat of the administrative district Krumbach (Swabia).
Schloss Krumbach is a castle located in the market town of Krumbach in the state of Lower Austria in Austria.
Hürben, today the eastern part of Krumbach in Bavarian Swabia, was an independent village before it was incorporated into the neighbouring town of Krumbach in the year 1902. The Kammel was in most parts the border between Krumbach and Hürben.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, the plague and the cholera affected Krumbach. In 1854, it became a market town. In 1884, Krumbach opened a fire station. It has a post office, a school (Volksschule Krumbach), a high school (Hauptschule Krumbach) and a church.
In 1156 Krumbach was mentioned in documents the first time, in 1370 the village got the right to hold a market. From 1305 until 1805 Krumbach was part of the Margraviate of Burgau, which was part of the Habsburgian Further Austria. In the year 1805 Krumbach became Bavarian by the Peace of Pressburg. 90 years later Krumbach became a town. In the year 1902 the previously independent municipality Hürben, a neighbouring village of Krumbach, merged into Krumbach. Until the time of the Third Reich Hürben had a high percentage of Jewish residents in comparison to the Bavarian average.
To speed up the operation, all stations except Gunzburg, Ichenhausen, Krumbach (Schwab), Krumbach (Schw) Schule, Pfaffhausen and Mindelheim have been converted to request stops.
Krumbach was a district in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany, before the regional reorganization in 1972. Krumbach was the capital of this district. The licence plate code was KRU.
Krumbach (also: "Krumbach (Schwaben)") is a town with about 12,500 residents in the district Günzburg in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany. It is the second biggest town in the district.
13. Edenhausen, today: part of the town Krumbach
3. Attenhausen, today: part of the town Krumbach
Niederraunau, today: part of the town Krumbach
7. Billenhausen, today: part of the town Krumbach
Archaeological artifacts from the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Roman times have been found in the area. In 1182, Krumbach was mentioned for the first time in writing. The present castle Schloss Krumbach was erected in the 13th century. In 1394 Hans von Chrumbach, the last Lord of Krumbach, died and left the castle to his maternal uncle.
The lake is fed from two springs; its tail waters form the Krumbach. The Krumbach valley is designated as a protected landscape as far as the edge of the Haardt uplands.
Fürth’s eleven "Ortsteile" are Brombach, Ellenbach, Erlenbach, Fahrenbach, Kröckelbach, Krumbach, Linnenbach, Lörzenbach, Seidenbach, Steinbach and Weschnitz.
Niederraunau is a quarter of the town Krumbach in Günzburg (district), Swabia, Bavaria, Germany.
Krumbach is a village in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg in the Bregenz district.
in the district : Aletshausen, the town Krumbach, Neuburg an der Kammel, Kammeltal, the town Burgau and Rettenbach;
The Krumbach Saddle (, 951 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps in the "state" of Lower Austria.