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Examples of "kso"
For potassium hexathionate KSO the best synthesis action is combining KNO and KSO in concentrated HCl at low temperatures.
In mid-1997, Indonesia was badly affected by the Asian economic crisis. Among those impacted were certain KSO partners, who experienced difficulties in fulfilling their obligations to Telkom. Telkom eventually acquired control of its KSO partners in Regions I, III, and VI, and amended the terms of the KSO agreements with its KSO partners in Regions IV and VII to obtain legal rights to control the financial and operating decisions of those regions.
It can be produced by heating KSO with carbon (coke):
The constitution broadly provides the objectives of KSO which are:
After several frequency changes during the station's early years, KSO moved from 1320 to 1430 AM on March 17, 1935; KRNT radio took over KSO's old frequency, while KSO replaced the Cowles-owned KWCR in Cedar Rapids. KSO changed frequencies one last time as part of the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement of 1941, moving from 1430 to 1460 AM. KSO and KRNT were both owned by the Cowles family until 1944, when they sold KSO after the FCC ruled that one company could not own two radio stations in the same market.
Vibram FiveFingers come in a variety of styles and sizes including FiveFingers KMD Sport, KMD Sport LS, Classic, Sprint, Flow, KSO (the most popular), TrekSport, KSO Trek, Bikila (named for Abebe Bikila), Bikila LS, Speed and also men's styles FiveFingers Spyridon, Trek LS and Bormio and women's styles FiveFingers Jaya and Jaya LR. Children's KSO, Sprint and Speed styles are available.
Arcanite is a potassium sulfate mineral with formula: KSO.
Two crystalline forms are known. Orthorhombic β-KSO is the common form, but it converts to α-KSO above 583 °C. These structures are complex, although the sulfate adopts the typical tetrahedral geometry.
The KSO is an evolution of the PS10 and PS20 projects, operating since 2007 and 2009 respectively in Spain. KSO solar field is made of more than 4,000 heliostats, totaling up to of mirror surface, focusing solar energy on a boiler located on top a centralized tower. KSO uses a superheated steam cycle that should be able to reach a maximum operating temperature of 530 °C. Accumulated saturated steam is also used to provide up to two hours of thermal storage at the plant. KSO condenser is cooled with a dry cooling system, a natural draft condenser that uses towers to distribute air across fin blades in order to dissipate heat.
Potassium pyrosulfate, or potassium disulfate, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula KSO.
Championship promoter KSO organised the Yokohama Independents’ Trophies within the 2007 FIA World Touring Car Championship.
Compounds containing the tetrathionate anion include sodium tetrathionate, NaSO, potassium tetrathionate, KSO, and barium tetrathionate dihydrate, BaSO·2HO.
ThermoPotash is being developed as an alternative to current potash sources, such as potassium chloride (KCl) and potassium sulfate (KSO).
The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (KSO), established in 1935, is the oldest continuing orchestra in the southeast. The KSO maintains a core of full-time professional musicians, and performs at more than 200 events per year. Its traditional venues include the Tennessee Theatre, the Bijou Theatre, and the Civic Auditorium, though it also performs at a number of non-traditional venues.
KSO keeps most of its concerts in the recently opened Kilden Performing Arts Centre and Kristiansand Cathedral. At Kilden Performing Arts Centre, KSO is co-located with Agder Teater and Opera Sør. They also frequently occur elsewhere in the counties of Aust-Agder - and Vest-Agder. Office and music rehearsal locations are in Kilden in Kristiansand.
By 1964 KIOA had settled down into its new studios and was under the leadership of program director Peter McLane, who would lead the station until 1977. Under the new leadership of McLane, coupled with Dick Vance leaving KSO to purchase KDMI, KIOA surged back into its spot on top of the ratings. Shortly thereafter KSO switched to a MOR format and the only competition for KIOA would be KDMI on the FM band. In 1968 KDMI left the Top 40 market, but KSO came back to compete with KIOA.
In Belgium, there are four levels of "secondary education": ASO, TSO, KSO and BSO (Dutch) or ESP, EST, ESA and ESG (French).
Keskisuomalainen Osakunta (KSO) is one of the 15 student nations at the University of Helsinki, Finnish-speaking and established in 1931.
Aqueous solutions of potassium bisulfate behave as two separate, uncombined compounds, KSO and HSO. Adding ethanol to the solution precipitates out potassium sulfate.
In 2017, Kissy began releasing music and booking shows as "KSO", in addition to starting a new label called Stepper Man.