Synonyms for ktorza or Related words with ktorza

artiguenave              scharfmann              simonutti              walicke              bougueleret              horcajada              labarriere              pirottin              millasseau              henderikx              jouanguy              goderis              lozach              pinaud              caelles              bourhis              niclass              bouillot              fievet              cambril              sorebo              salaun              dizio              rogez              pedeutour              figlarz              houssin              demierre              nerucci              srikatan              guilloteau              vikkula              prevot              cruaud              vekemans              bodenstaff              mannhaupt              chamaillard              maurage              ransbury              casteilla              koevoets              voitot              kohlhagen              facon              corzani              nohaira              tchernof              primotab              layergne             

Examples of "ktorza"
Rettenmaier won the WPT Season X World Championship. The final day he was playing against Philippe Ktorza and Michael Mizrachi. The game was long and tough, lasting more than eight hours and nearly 200 hands before the champion was crowned. For this victory, he got nearly $1,2 million in prize money and a gorgeous WPT trophy. This was his largest victory.