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rieks              rautenberg              svenningsen              lindkvist              corell              bergkvist              goransson              meincke              henningsson              danne              rehmann              ahlstedt              haagensen              rheborg              johanssonnils              eliasen              ludvigsson              godal              mouris              daisne              erbenwalther              florijn              kargl              thorvaldsson              bragstad              horstink              ploner              conijn              melbye              pfaler              lidman              harloff              nierhoff              sommerfeldt              kobborg              ingar              halvarsson              pulst              kirjonen              vaage              vonlanthen              bracht              wahlstedt              jochems              rostrup              aspegren              tallroth              eskilsson              elgersma              siebenhaar             

Examples of "kugelberg"
After the abolition of the landlords, Judendorf, Straßengel, Rötz, Hundsdorf and Kugelberg were included in the market town of Gratwein, established in 1849.
All songs written by A. Wesley Chung and Boris Smile, except "Seasons" (written by A. Wesley Chung, Jon Palsgrove, and Stevie Kugelberg).
Åström was born in Uppsala, the son of John Åström, a lawyer, and his wife, Brita (née Kugelberg). His father died shortly before the Kreuger Crash in 1930.
Erik Kugelberg (March 9, 1891 – October 15, 1975) was a Swedish track and field athlete who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.
The eponymous label "Werdnig–Hoffmann disease" (sometimes misspelled with a single "n") refers to the earliest clinical descriptions of childhood SMA by Johann Hoffmann and Guido Werdnig. The eponymous term "Kugelberg–Welander disease" is after Erik Klas Hendrik Kugelberg (1913-1983) and Lisa Welander (1909-2001), who distinguished SMA from muscular dystrophy. Rarely used "Dubowitz disease" (not to be confused with Dubowitz syndrome) is named after Victor Dubowitz, an English neurologist who authored several studies on the intermediate SMA phenotype.
The seigneurie of Herrenstein, with the villages of Dettwiller, Dossenheim, Hattmatt, Kleinwiesentau and Kugelberg, belonged to the Bishop of Metz who entrusted it to his "advocatus" to protect the Neuviller Abbey (as the Grand-Geroldseck and Petit-Geroldseck castles protected the Marmoutier Abbey).
Beauty Is in the Street: A Visual Record of the May 68 Uprising is 2011 book of posters produced by the "Atelier Populaire" (Popular Workshop) in support of the May 1968 events in France. It was edited by Johan Kugelberg with Philippe Vermés and published in the United Kingdom by Four Corners Books in 2011.
"Machine Soul: An Odyssey Into Electronic Dance Music" was released by Rhino Records on compact disc on March 14, 2000. The album contains liner notes from Johan Kugelberg which include an essay on electornic music and covers music not included on the album.
Much of the imagery they created, including a poster of a truncheon-wielding riot policeman (right) has since achieved iconic status. The posters were rarely saved but were collected by Kugelberg who staged an exhibition at London's Hayward Gallery in 2008. The exhibition commemorated the 40th anniversary of the protests.
After only a few screenings in the sixties, Rubin asked Mekas to destroy the film; instead, he shelved it. Years later she had another change of heart and gave him permission to screen it. "Since 1983, it has been screened regularly," wrote Johan Kugelberg, "and is slowly but steadily taking its place in the canon of 1960s underground films and cultural milestones that unraveled American censorship law and opened the field for artistic studies of sexual narratives."
Breeze is a musician who plays electric viola, mandolin, guitar, bass and electronics. In the early years of his career he worked with poet-percussionist and Velvet Underground cofounder Angus MacLise. Footage of Breeze performing alongside Maclise was shown at the exhibition "Dreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus MacLise (1938 – 1979)" from May 10–29, 2011 curated by Johan Kugelberg and Will Swofford Cameron.
During its 14 years of operation, Reimann encouraged several German musicians to move to South Australia, and helped teach at the School. Two were to stay and contribute greatly to the musical life of the young colony: Hermann Heinicke (1863–1949), violinist and founder of Heinicke's Grand Orchestra and first conductor of the Conservatorium orchestra, and 'cellist Hermann Kugelberg (c. 1867–1950). In 1889 he appointed C. J. Sharp as his co-director.
In 1189, Hösbach had its first documentary mention as "Hostebach": a "Hermann de Hostebach" and his son Conrad were named in a document from Archbishop Konrad of Mainz as witnesses. In 1218 the "Schmerlenbach" convent (in today’s constituent community of Winzenhohl) was endowed by the family von Kugelberg and it was granted the right of patronage over the Hösbach church. In the 13th century, the noble family of Hostebach died out, but the name Hösbach remained. Beginning in the 14th century, "Forsthuben" – a kind of woodland estate – were set up in Hösbach, which over the course of time further grew into large farms.
The band was formed in the late 1980s by Ned Hayden along with Pussy Galore member Julia Cafritz (guitar, vocals), and with drummer Johan Kugelberg and producer Don Fleming, they recorded debut single "Bum My Trip" / "Kicked in the Head" in 1989, Fleming also contributing drums to the follow-up, "Fear of a Fucked Up Planet". Hayden and Cafritz were then joined by Unsane bassist Pete Shore and former Sonic Youth/Pussy Galore drummer Bob Bert, this lineup recording the self-titled debut album, released in September 1991. Cafritz had left by early 1992, forming Free Kitten with Kim Gordon, with guitarist Bruce Bennett (concurrent member of the A-Bones) and bassist Howie Pyro playing on a session recorded for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in March that year. The "More Fast Numbers" EP followed in mid-1992. Former Loveblobs/future Part Chimp member Tim Cedar replaced Bert for live shows in 1993 and a lineup of Hayden, Cedar, and bassist Barry Stillwell recorded tracks in Toe Rag Studios that would later see release as "Complete Toe Rag Session". J Mascis played drums on two early tracks by the band. Two further albums were released — "Decimation Blvd." (1993) and the compilation "Quit While You're Ahead" (1994) — before the band split up.