Synonyms for kuivaisi or Related words with kuivaisi

shapsugsky              labogon              nemetsky              zharkhansky              shologonsky              kazachinsky              bulunsky              bytantaysky              olginsky              olenyoksky              zharma              singmueangphon              changguk              tquarchal              novichikhinsky              kirgizskaya              lnjn              loktevsky              azovsky              yahyakhel              jhagariya              sviatoshynskyi              blagovarsky              dzhankoysky              leninogorsky              oysl              ligeiras              urzhumsky              novouzensky              segezhsky              dzheyrakhsky              giaginsky              podgorensky              rezervace              biysky              safeman              salavatsky              serafimovichsky              klepikovsky              nurimanovsky              shikokoti              tomponsky              kotelnichsky              chernomorenergo              miyakinsky              kaltasinsky              borskoye              suharev              suntarsky              aboelazm             

Examples of "kuivaisi"
In March 1939 the Kuivaisi National District was liquidated.
After the October Revolution, Ingrian Finns inhabiting the southern part of the Karelian Isthmus seceded from Bolshevik Russia and formed the short-lived Republic of North Ingria, which was backed by Finland. It was reintegrated with Russia at the end of 1920 under the Treaty of Tartu, but it enjoyed a certain degree of national autonomy. From 1928 to 1939, Ingrian Finns in North Ingria constituted the Kuivaisi National District with its center in Toksova and Finnish as its official language.
When Finland declared its independence in 1917, the isthmus (except for the territory roughly corresponding to present-day Vsevolozhsky District and some districts of Saint Petersburg) remained Finnish, part of the Viipuri province with its center in Viipuri, the second largest Finnish city. A considerable part of the remaining area populated by Ingrian Finns seceded from Bolshevist Russia as the Finland-backed Republic of North Ingria, but was reintegrated with Russia in the end of 1920 according to the conditions of the Treaty of Tartu. In 1928–1939 parts of the isthmus which belonged to Russia constituted the Kuivaisi National District with its center in Toksova, with Finnish as the official language, according to the policy of national delimitation in the Soviet Union. However, in 1936 the entire Finnish population of the parishes of Valkeasaari, Lempaala, Vuole and Miikkulainen along the Finnish border was deported by the Soviet government.
The Republic of North Ingria () or Republic of Kirjasalo () was a short-lived state of Ingrian Finns in the southern part of the Karelian Isthmus, which seceded from Bolshevist Russia after the October Revolution. Its aim was to be incorporated into Finland. It ruled parts of Ingria from 1919 until 1920. With the Peace Treaty of Tartu it was re-integrated into Russia. However, Ingrian Finns of this area enjoyed a certain degree of national autonomy until the 1930s in compliance with the policy of national delimitation in the Soviet Union. In 1928 the Kuivaisi National District was established there with its administrative base in Toksovo. In 1939 it was abolished and the area was joined to the Pargolovo district. Today, it is the north-eastern part of Vsevolozhsky District.