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hajapar              devaliya              khedoi              madhapar              sinugra              kumbharia              khambhra              shivjee              mavji              varjang              valji              lovaria              nagor              ranchhod              nagla              bhimjee              chawda              bhanjee              bishunpur              khimjee              chandiya              vasna              pimpalgaon              mustqil              devji              galpadar              gangji              nagalpar              sawaria              venkatapur              agaram              pedda              ladhha              jagmal              pipaliya              bhanpur              bhuban              jamuni              dharampur              mulji              hasanpur              ladpur              panapur              lakhanpur              kulunga              kulathur              ranipura              hariharpur              jatan              sangavi             

Examples of "kukma"
In South Indian Railway in 1932, Palghat to Pollachi section of 36 miles was completed by Ramji Lira of Kukma & Shivjee Lira of Kukma. The track traverses through Pudunagaram, Kollengode, Muthalamada, Minatchipuram.
Kukma do have Primary health center, Primary school and High School.
In Great Indian Peninsular Railway in 1910, doubling of railway tracks between Bhusaval to Nagpur was done by Mistri Vishram Govind of Kukma – did 10 miles, Ajni Railway Station was built by Narayan Jeram Jethwa of Nagalpar Mandan Narayan of Madhapar- 10 miles & Sindi Station, Nanji Bhanji with Mandan Bhanjee both of Kukma- 10 miles & Paunar Station, Sorathia Teja – 5 miles & a bridge, Ruda Daya of Kukma – 12 miles near Pulgaon, Shivjee Ruda Daya of Kukma – 10 miles near Khapri, Jagmal Daya of Kukma – 35 miles near Murtijapur, again Mandan Narayan of Madhapar – 5 miles near Katepurna, Narayan Kheema of Reha – 10 miles near Nagjihari station, Madhavjee Thakkar of Reha – after Nagjihari and Shamjee Kheta of Anjar up to Bhusaval. Shamjee Kheta of Anjar also later did extension of Nagpur railway yard.
In Khurda Road to Waltair section of East Coast State Railway in 1895 Mistris Govind Daya of Kukma built railway track after filling Sea near Chilka, Bridge over Ganjam River was erected by Khora Ramji of Sinugra and railway track by Nanji Dhanji of Galpadar and Manji Jeram of Madhapar, whereas Ratna Manji of Sinugra built bridge at Ganjam over Buckingham Canal with Premji Vala & Triku Vala of Kukma.
In 1910 Kota to Baran section covering the tracks via Bijora, Antah, Bhonra, Digod of Great Indian Peninsula Railway was done by Jeram Premji & Ratna Premji both of Kukma. The total track was of about 45 miles.
In 1918, the Anuppur to Barwadih section of Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway was built by together by Mistris, Hardas Khimjee of Khambhra – working near Phulwara, Narayan Vala of Kukma & Parbat Mavji of Khambhra – did 6 miles, Jeram Premji of Kukma & Triku Jutha of Khambhra- did 5 miles, Ratna Premji of Kukma with Gopal Ukeda of Kumbharia – built bridge over Kevai River, Khimjee Manji of Kukma & Laxman Hirjee of Khedoi – did 4 miles, Vasta Manji of Kukma & Akhai Parbat of Khedoi – near Bijuri & Ramji Gangji of Kumbharia built bridge over Hasdeo River near Chirmiri & few miles in this section. The other Mistirs who worked in this section were Shamjee Nanji & Dhanjee Shamji Chawda of Sinugra, Pancha Premji & Pragji Jairam of Sinugra, Raghu Ramji Chawda of Sinugra, Ramji Vasta Chuahan of Sinugra, Mulji Jagmal Sawaria & Ranchhod Jagmal Savaria of Kumbharia, Ranchhod Virjee Chawda of Sinugra & others. The railway station built were Kotma, Manendragarh, Boridand, Bahiatola, Mauhari, Bijuri & Harrad. The 54 miles of new line was including all railway station were built by Mistris of Kutch. The line was opened to traffic partly from 1928 and became fully functional in 1931. The line was built specially for transportation of coal from this rich coal mining area.
The Agra City Station belonging to Great Indian Peninsular Railway in 1903 was built by Mavji Manji of Hajapar. Premji Kalyan of Kukma was Agent for Agra City Station.
Kukma also is a Railway Station (Flag Station) under Western Railways about 10 km from Bhuj on Gandhidham - Bhuj broad gauge route. Kutch Express and New Bhuj Exp(Sayaji Exp.) Railway train runs daily on this route.
In 1920 Cuttack to Talcher complete section via Nergundi, Kendrapara, Dhenkanal of Bengal Nagpur Railway was done by Raghu Karsan of Madhapar, Jeram Gangji of Kukma & Ramji Hardas of Khambhra. The section was of 75 miles.
Kukma or Kookma is a village near the Bhuj town, taluka in Kachchh District of Indian State of Gujarat. It is located at a distance of 16 kilometers from Bhuj, the headquarters of Kachchh District.
About the history of Kukma, it is one of the 19 villages established by Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas or Mistris. These Mistris first moved to the Saurashtra in the early 7th century and later a major group entered Kutch in the 12th century and established themselves at Dhaneti. Later from the 12th century onwards they settled between Anjar and Bhuj and founded the villages of Anjar, Sinugra, Khambhra, Nagalpar, Khedoi, Madhapar, Hajapar, Kukma, Galpadar, Reha, Vidi, Ratnal, Jambudi, Devaliya, Lovaria, Nagor, Chandiya, Meghpar and Kumbharia. Most of the early infrastructure, temples, community halls, school, girls boarding house and old houses are built by this community during the late 19th century.
In Great Indian Peninsular Railway in 1903 the magnificent bridge over Yamuna River near Agra was completed by Mulji Meghji of Nagor & Raja Narayan of Nagor. Bhoja Khima & Mavji Punja of Nagor were Head Agent working under them. Bhimjee Mavji of Hajapar & Bhanjee Govind of Kukma worked as sub-contractor for above bridge. Raja Narayan's son Jagmal Raja Chauhan later became famous Railway contactor.
These Mistris first moved into Saurashtra in early 7th century and later a major group entered Kutch in 12th Century & established themselves at Dhaneti. Later from 12th century onwards they moved between Anjar and Bhuj and founded the villages of Anjar, Sinugra, Khambhra, Nagalpar, Khedoi, Madhapar, Hajapar, Kukma, Galpadar, Reha, Vidi, Ratnal, Jambudi, Devariya, Lovaria, Nagor, Chandiya, Meghpar and Kumbharia.
The Mistris of Kutch or KGK are a small ethnic community numbering only 50,000 originating from their 19 villages in Kutch founded by them in the 11th century. The names of these villages are Anjar, Chandiya, Devaliya, Galpadar, Hajapar, Jambudi, Khambhra, Khedoi, Kukma, Kumbharia Lovariya, Madhapar, Meghpar, Nagalpar, Nagor, Ratnal, Reha, Sinugra and Vidi.
The Idar to Brahmkhed section Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway in 1912 was done by Jeram Premji of Kukma – 10 miles, and Nanji Nondha of Khambhra – near Kadiyara 5 miles with fellow contractors Prabhashankar & Amba Leela of Halvad – near Vadali 5 miles. The total section of 20 miles was done by them.
In East Indian Railway in 1914 Mughalsarai yard extension on both sides was done by Jagamal Raja of Nagor. The Agents working with him were Premji Kalyan of Kukma and Shivjee Devraj of Madhapar. Even today, the Mughalsarai Yard is largest railway yard of Indian Railways and second largest in Asia.
In years 1902 to 1906 Jagmal Daya of Kukma, Mulji Meghji of Nagor and Jeram Hardas Khodiyar of Anjar did the doubling of Railway tracks between Khandwa to Itarsi in Great India Peninsular Railway. This section was of more than 114 miles.
The Kutch Gurjar Kshatriyas left Dhaneti and went on to establish eighteen villages in Kutch which were granted to them by the King: Anjar, Sinugra, Khambhra, Nagalpar, Khedoi, Madhapar, Hajapar, Kukma, Galpadar, Reha, Vidi, Jambudi, Devaliya, Lovaria, Nagor, Meghpar, Chandiya and Kumbharia.
In Bengal Nagpur Railway in 1910 Tatanagar to Gorumahsini section was completed by Kanji Daya of Sinugra & Valjee Jheena of Rajkot working from Tatanagar, Khengar Narayan, Premji Khengar of Kukma stationed near Haludpukur, Raja Nondha of Kumbharia at Nelam Ghat, Virjee Nonda of Kumbharia, Ramji Jetha of Kumbharia, Nonda Devshi of Madhapar, Nanji Lira of Kukma, Shivjee Bhanjee of Nagalpar all working between Tatanagar – Gurumahisani, Ruda Laddha Raja of Sinugra near Chachad-ghat, Ranchhod Virjee Chawda of Sinugra stationed near Tikhia Village for Chachad-ghat hill cutting, Kunwarji Vasta of Anjar after Chachad-ghat, Karsan Bhimjee of Madhapar & Ramji Mavji of Madhapar near Gurumahisani, Khengar Bhimjee, Pancha Ratna, Hardas Khimjee, Ramji Khimjee all of Khambhra built track after Haludpukur. Together they built the whole 40 mile branch line opened in 1911.
In Bengal Nagpur Railway in 1920 Amda to Jamda railway line built for transportation of iron ore the Contractors were Bhanjee Ladhharam of Reha stationed at Gua, Murji Govind of Madhapar at Jamda, Shamji Mepa of Sinugra & Manji Heera of Kumbharia stationed near Noamundi, Jeevan Gangji & Ramji Jetha both of Kumbharia stationed near Danguwapasi, Manji Jeram, Ratna Govind & Nanji Devshi all of Madhapar stationed near Jhinkpani, Varjang Harji, Khimjee Dossa both of Nagalpar & Kunwarji Vasta of Anjar all near Hatgamharia, Vishram Arjan & Bhanjee Ananda of Reha at Chaibasa, Daya Ramji of Balambha & Premji Khengar of Kukma together completed whole section. Of which Chaibasa station was built by Bhanji Anada of Reha, Danguwapasi station built by Premji Khengar of Kukma. The total section of 74 miles was completed by them.