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Examples of "kuratsa"
Many Waray traditions can be traced to pre-colonial times. For example, the Kuratsa dance is a very popular traditional dance of the Waray-Waray at many social gatherings, especially weddings. It is very common throughout Samar. The couple who dances the Kuratsa are showered with money by the people around them. The belief is that the more money showered upon them, the more blessings will come their way.
Capiz is one of the places in the Philippines that contributed a lot in Philippine folk dancing. The province alone has 19 Visayan folk dances such as "Tinolabong", "Gayong-gayong", "Timawa", Dagit-dagit", "Beneracion", "Tatay Meroy Cariñosa", "Pukol", "Habanera Capiceña", "Cabatingan", "Saad", "Pitik Mingaw", "Kuratsa Capiceña", and "Palomita Coquitana" to name a few.
Warays are also known for their love of music, in particular the "Kuratsa", a courtship dance with music based on native and Hispanic influences. Local artists often create Waray versions of popular songs, such as "Ang Bahal nga Tuba" that was based on a Mexican song.
"Tinikling", the Philippines' national dance is folkdance that originated from the region. But the most popular cultural dance among Warays is the "Kuratsa", danced during feast celebrations and special gatherings. The Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company, a local cultural group, held highly successful performances around the world.
"Fiesta", a Spanish term meaning "festivity", is celebrated in the province with prayer, food, drinking, dance and music. Every barangay of every town in the province has its own celebration date. For instance, Hinunangan celebrates a town fiesta on the 29 June with the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Fluvial boat parade the day before. The "kuratsa" — a courtship dance-drama — highlights every occasion.
In the context of cultural development, the term Sarakiki is adapted to describe the significance of the movements used in the famous dance "kuratsa", a courtship dance eminent to all Calbayognons. Today "kuratsa" is the most popular dance form consummated in all celebrations most especially during wedding jovialities. Sarakiki is likewise place forth in songs particularly the SADA-SADA an event of merriment in the evening before a wedding ceremony, which redound to one of our most well-liked tradition, the so-called pamalaye or pamamanhikan. Another confirmation is the thumbs-up form of the Calbayognons while dancing which represents the tahud. During the 1st Grand National Streetdance Competition – Aliwan Fiesta on May 1–3, 2003, participated by 26 famous festivals in the country,the Sarakiki-Hadang Festival of Calbayog City won the 3rd prize. Sarakiki-Hadang Festival is celebrated in Calbayog City every year from September 1 to 8 under the auspices of the City Arts And Culture Office.
Ethnic dances from the region are common in any traditional Filipino setting. Curacha or kuratsa (not to be confused with the Zamboangueño dish) is a popular Waray dance. Its Cebuano counterparts are kuradang and la berde. There is the liki from Negros Occidental and the well-known tinikling of Leyte. Other Hiligaynon dances are the "harito", "balitaw", "liay", "lalong kalong", "imbong", "inay-inay" and "binanog".
The most famous dance in Almagro is Kuratsa, because of the influence of the Spaniards that controlled the municipality for 330 years. They held their occasions on the newly constructed Covered Court in Brgy. Poblacion. Their Fiestas and Charter Days are the days where many people would come to Almagro to witness different activities held on the island. People in Almagro are often seen wearing sando because of the hot weather and the sea breeze on the island.
Arturo Pajarilla Ramasasa, better known as Art Ramasasa, is a musician who performs in the Waray-Waray language. He has been given the moniker "Blind Master of Waray Song", in reference to his blindness and his different roles in the music industry as composer, lyricist, arranger, guitarist, organist and vocalist or singer. He is said to have started his career as composer-singer at the age of 18, recording for the music label Aquarius Records. Like his fellow Waray musician Joseph Uy, he has also recorded music, much of which is composed of his own versions of traditional dances in Eastern Visayas such as the "kuratsa", "jota", and "aminudo". Unlike Joseph Uy's style which is said to be serious, Art Ramasasa employs humor in his musical style, which has led some like writer Doms Pagliawan to compare him to Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban.