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Grenzen.überschreiten.ein europa-lesebuch (Kurzgeschichten; mit der Stadt Mannheim, Klaus Servene und Sudabeh Mohafez), Andiamo Verlag, Mannheim 2008.
Helminger has written socially critical plays such as "Miss Minett und de schantchen" in which he brings out the psychological and social problems suffered in the industrial south-western area of Luxembourg. Other works like "Kitsch, Läschten eens käe liewen", and "Kurzgeschichten" address domestic violence and loss of hope and purpose as symptoms of an inhuman, materialistic society. He ascribes these trends to the repression of political and social issues as a result of the Second World War, the power of the church and the media. In his later works ("In eigener säure, Grenzgang") he introduces increasingly poetic, intertextual and multilingual elements.