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prokopenko              rozhkov              silchanka              krivov              drozdov              majorov              bulanov              panchenko              nizhegorodov              kolobkov              pimenov              valerievich              serguei              shepel              loginov              ignatenko              gordeev              dmitrij              lovchev              pozdnyakov              mikalai              pogorelov              usov              kornev              kutsenko              kirichenko              sytnyk              prigoda              klimenko              shturbabin              murashov              vladislavovich              bokov              konovalov              semenenko              bocharov              malkov              radik              tsvetkov              muratov              radionov              samarin              bahdanovich              andrii              klevchenya              babenko              selevko              ignatov              prudnikov              muravyev             

Examples of "kuzin"
In Hungary, he was called "Hogyishívják kuzin" (Cousin Whatshisname).
On February 15, 2012, MDM rehired Igor Kuzin as CEO.
Denis Valerievich Kuzin (; born 4 December 1989) is a world champion speed skater from Kazakhstan.
Kuzin () is a Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Kuzina. It may refer to
Dmitriy Kuzin (born 11 July 1991) is an Uzbekistani football striker.
At the 2013 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships the track record was set by Denis Kuzin at 1:09.14.
Ilya Sergeyevich Kuzin (; born 21 February 1998) is a Russian football player. He plays for FC Mordovia Saransk.
Vladimir Kuzin was the first person from the Soviet Union to win an event at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
Sergey Kuzin (; born 18 January 1971) is a Russian motorcycle speedway rider who was a member of Russia team at 2001 and 2002 Speedway World Cup.
Roman Aleksandrovich Kuzin (; born March 20, 1989) is a Russian professional football player. As of August 2009, he plays in the Russian Second Division for FC Dynamo Bryansk.
Kuzin previously held the distinction of being Bunyodkor's youngest ever player to appear in the Uzbek League when he made his professional debut at age 16, until Miraziz Jalalov debuted at age 15 in November 2007.
Viktor Kuzin, a member of the Moscow City Council and a founder of the Democratic Union in Russia, travelled to Minnesota in 1993 to meet LaRouche in prison, and afterwards participated in international campaigns to exonerate LaRouche. An advertisement calling for exoneration was published in several US Newspapers, signed by Kuzin, Civil Rights attorney J.L. Chestnut, former Ugandan President Godfrey Binaisa, and others. Chestnut was interviewed in the "Tuscaloosa News" saying that when he met LaRouche, "I told him that he might as well be black and in Alabama."
Valentin Egorevich Kuzin (b. September 23, 1926 in Novosibirsk, Soviet Union - d. August 13, 1994) was an ice hockey player who played in the Soviet Hockey League. He played for HC Dynamo Moscow. He was inducted into the Russian and Soviet Hockey Hall of Fame in 1954.
Vladimir Semyonovich Kuzin (; July 15, 1930 – October 5, 2007) was a former Soviet cross-country skier who competed during the 1950s, training at Dynamo in Leningrad. Born in Lampozhnya, Arkhangelsk Oblast, he earned a gold medal in the 4 x 10 km relay at the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo. He also finished 5th in the 30 km event in those same Olympics.
Matviychuk represented Ukraine at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where he competed for the men's marathon, along with his compatriots Oleksandr Kuzin and Oleksandr Sitkovskyy. He successfully finished the race in twenty-seventh place by eight seconds behind Morocco's Abderrahime Bouramdane, with a time of 2:17:50.
126 entries (including 22 women) from 18 nations competed: Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, German Democratic Republic (GDR), France, Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Soviet Union, Switzerland, and the USA. he youngest participant was Yevgeny Kuzin from the Soviet Union at 20 years old, while the oldest rider was Lorna Johnstone from Great Britain at 66 years old.
In his popular documentary book "Donetsk Mafia: Anthology", Ukrainian author Serhiy Kuzin claims Akhmetov held the role of a 'mafia thug' in his early years; according to Hans van Zon, Professor of Central and Eastern European Studies in the University of Sunderland, "As early as 1986, Rinat and his brother Igor were involved in criminal activities."
Igor Kim, chairman and shareholder of URSA, has been the new bank's chief executive officer during the transition period; Oleg Vyugin chairs the board of the bank's holding company and the former MDM CEO Igor Kuzin is chief executive of the holding company.
My Friend Ivan Lapshin () is a 1985 Soviet crime drama directed by Aleksei German and produced by Lenfilm. Based on a novel by Yuri German adapted by Eduard Volodarsky. Music composed by Arkadi Gagulashvili, sound by Nikolai Astakhov. Cinematography by Valeri Fedosov, film editing by Leda Semyonova. Narrated by Valeri Kuzin. Runtime - 100 min.
Oleksandr Leonidovych Kuzin (; born October 21, 1974) is a male long-distance runner from Ukraine who mainly competed in the marathon race. He set his personal best (2:07:33) in the classic distance on April 15, 2007 in Linz, Austria.