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Examples of "kvarteto"
The quartet disbanded in 1955 and soon, with Černý's encouragement, Břetislav Novotný, the quartet's final second violinist, founded the City of Prague Quartet (Kvarteto města Prahy), also known as the Prague String Quartet (Prager Streichquartett).
The Vlach Quartet () is the name of two consecutive classical string quartet musical ensembles, based in Prague, which are linked by family tradition (father and daughter) in the Vlach family. The original Vlach Quartet was founded in 1949 and wound up in 1975. In 1982 the New Vlach Quartet ("Nové Vlachovo kvarteto") was founded with guidance from the original founder, and came to be known as the Vlach Quartet of Prague ("Vlachovo kvarteto Praha"). It is still active as a highly esteemed musical ensemble.
The Pražák Quartet (in Czech: Pražákovo kvarteto) is a Czech string quartet established in 1972. It is one of the Czech Republic's premiere chamber ensembles. It was founded while its members were still students at Prague Conservatory (1974-1978). The quartet was awarded First Prize at the Evian International Competition in 1978 and the Prague Spring Festival Prize in 1979.
The beginnings of the ensemble date back to 1919, when Richard Zika (1st violin) together with his brother Ladislav Zika (cello), Mirek Dezel (viola) and Ivo Trost (2nd violin) founded the "Jugoslavenski Quartet". The members of the quartet played in the orchestra of the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana. Ladislav Černý later replaced Dezel on viola and Slovene violinist Karel Sancin took the post of Ivo Trost. The Zika brothers and Černý, expatriate Czechs working in Ljubljana, founded the Zika Quartet (Zikovo kvarteto) together with Karel Sancin in 1920. Their first performance took place in Ptuj on March 22, 1920. The Quartet relocated to Prague in 1921 where it was called the Czechoslovak Quartet (Československé kvarteto), and from 1929, the Prague Quartet. During the 1920s, the ensemble travelled and performed extensively around Czechoslovakia and Europe. In 1927, the Prague Quartet undertook a six month-tour of South America. During World War II when the Germans forbade nationalistic titles, it was known as the Černý Quartet (Černé kvarteto, 1943–1944).
The Stamic Quartet (Czech: Stamicovo kvarteto) is a Czech string quartet. The ensemble is named after the composer Jan Václav Antonín Stamic, because both violinists of the original line-up were born in the same town as him, in the East Bohemian town of Havlíčkův Brod. The Stamic Quartet was founded in 1985. The ensemble focuses on performing compositions of Czech classical and foreign composers from classicism to modern music. In recent times they have also concentrated on other works of chamber music in cooperation with other musicians.
Černý studied violin at the Prague Conservatory (1906–1912) with Ferdinand Lachner and Jindřich Bastař, and chamber music with František Spilka. He became assistant concert master of the Czech Philharmonic (1916–1918) and in 1919 was accepted into the opera orchestra in Ljubljana, not as a violinist, but as principal violist (solo violist). While in Ljubljana, he taught at the Ljubljana Conservatory (Glasbena matica) and also founded the Zika Quartet (Zikovo kvarteto) in 1920 along with fellow countrymen Richard Zika (violin) and Ladislav Zika (cello), and Slovene violinist Karel Sancin. The Quartet returned to Prague in 1921 where it was called the Czechoslovak Quartet, and from 1929, the Prague Quartet. Černý remained as the violist of the ensemble for 46 years giving more than 1300 performances until it disbanded in the mid-1950s.
The Vlach Quartet Prague (Vlachovo kvarteto Praha) was founded in 1982 by Czech violinist Jana Vlachová, though the original Vlach Quartet dates back to 1949, when Vlachová's father, Josef Vlach, founded the first Vlach Quartet. Currently made up of Jana Vlachová (violin), Karel Stadtherr (violin), Jiří Kabát (viola) and Mikael Ericsson (cello), the Vlach Quartet Prague has received a number of prizes, including a prize for the best interpretation of a contemporary Czech composition in the Czech String Quartet Competition in Kromĕříž, in 1983; an award as the best string quartet among the European competition at the International String Quartet Competition in Portsmouth, England, in 1985; in 1991, they received the prize of the Czech Chamber Music Association; and in 1992 they received the prize of the Czech Music Fund for a CD containing string quartets by Smetana and Janáček.