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Examples of "kwan"
On January 8, 1977, nine of the largest kwans unified, recognizing the Kukkiwon as being the black belt promotional body for Taekwondo. Prior to this declaration, many practitioners had considered their individual kwan certifications as being more valuable than the certificates which were issued by the Kukkiwon or KTA. The WTF replaced kwan names with serial numbers. The kwan serial numbers are as follows: (1) Song-Moo-Kwan, (2) Han-Moo-Kwan, (3) Chang-Moo-Kwan, (4) Moo-Duk-Kwan, (5) O-Do-Kwan, (6) Kang-Du-Kwan, (7) Jung-Do-kwan, (8) Ji-Do-Kwan, and (9) Chung-Do-Kwan.
“At the end of the fall of 1959, I invited all leaders of the 4 top Kwans to my home. No, Byung Jik represented Song Moo Kwan; Yoon, Kwe Byung represented Ji Do Kwan; Lee, Nam Suk represented Chang Moo Kwan; and Hwang, Ki represented Moo Duk Kwan; while I represented Oh Do Kwan and Chung Do Kwan.”
The primary competitors for the gold medal were Americans Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan. Kwan and Lipinski were in first and second places after the short program, respectively. In the free skating, both Lipinski and Kwan skated excellent programs. 6 judges placed Lipinski ahead of Kwan; three placed Kwan ahead of Lipinski. So Lipinski won the gold medal, and Kwan took the silver.
Kwan Kung Pavilion (; Kwan Kung Chung Yi Ting) is a temple on Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong. It was built in 1973, and is dedicated to the god of war and wealth Kwan Tai (also transliterated as Guan Yu or Kwan Kung). His sword is called The Kwan Dou. Also it is in the Kwan Kung Pavilion.
On May 25, 1953, while the war was still raging, representatives of the five original kwans (Song Moo Kwan, Chung Do Kwan, Yun Moo Kwan/Ji Do Kwan, Chang Moo Kwan and Moo Duk Kwan) met in Pusan and formed the Korea Kong Soo Do Association. The association did not elect a president. They elected Young-Joo Cho (a Yudo stylist) as Vice-President and Byung Jik Ro (Song Moo Kwan founder) as the Executive Director.
An original student of the Chung Do Kwan, Young Woo Lee was advised by the current Chung Do Kwan president to choose a similar name to Chung Do Kwan, so he chose Jung Do Kwan.
The Chung Do Kwan still exists in Korea and now functions as a fraternal friendship social club which is no longer a martial arts style. It, along with eight other recognized Kwans (Song Moo Kwan, Jidokwan, Chang Moo Kwan, Moo Duk Kwan, Han Moo Kwan, Jung Do Kwan, Kang Duk Won and Oh Do Kwan), formed the basis of the Korea Taekwondo Association, and the Kukkiwon.
Tseung Kwan O Town Centre (Tseung Kwan O MTR Station) is home to Park Central, PopCorn, and Tseung Kwan O Plaza.
Tseung Kwan O Hospital (), located in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, is an acute hospital providing secondary care services for the Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O community.
Kwan Po constituency is loosely based on La Cite Noble and Tseung Kwan O Plaza in Tseung Kwan O with estimated population of 13,726.
In July 1946, Byung Jik Ro (Song Moo Kwan), Won Kuk Lee (Chung Do Kwan), Sang Sup Chun (Yun Moo Kwan), and Byung In Yoon (Chang Moo Kwan) met to discuss Korean martial arts and possible unification. Hwang Kee (Moo Duk Kwan) was not present. Nothing definitive came from the meeting.
Michelle Kwan Figure Skating is a computer game released in 1999, starring American skater Michelle Kwan.
There's some evidence, however, that the early "Yun Mu Kwan" of Chun Sang Sup produced more than one offshoot school. According to the U.S. Taekwondo Han Moo Kwan website, its founder, Kyo Yoon Lee, having originally trained under Chun at the Yun Mu Kwan, initially began teaching Korean karate under the Jidokwan banner at the end of the Korean War to fellow returning Chosun "Yun Mu Kwan" students, but subsequently left to found his own school which he dubbed Han Moo Kwan. In later years he maintained that his school actually traces its roots back to the former Chosun "Yun Mu Kwan" itself, rather than to Ji Do Kwan, making Han Moo Kwan, like Ji Do Kwan, a derivative school of the older Yun Mu Kwan.
The name "Taekwondo" was proposed in 1955 by Choi Hong Hi. It was slow to catch on among other Kwan Heads (Kwan Jang). Two names which were actually the two historical names of Karate, pronounced in the Korean language were being used by the Kwan's. Tang Soo Do (Karate; China Hand Way), which was first used by Chung Do Kwan, was used by the following Kwan's. Tang Soo Do Chung Do Kwan, Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, Tang Soo Do Song Moo Kwan, Tang Soo Do Oh Do Kwan (ITF root) and Tang Soo Do Jung Do Kwan. The first Kwan to use Kong Soo Do (Karate; Empty Hand Way) was "Chosun Yun Moo Kwan Kwonbop Kong Soo Do Bu" which later became Jidokwan. Kong So Do was used by the following Kwans. Kong Soo Do Jidokwan, Kong Soo Do Chang Moo Kwan, Kong So Do Han Moo Kwan. Kang Duk Won, also a kwan, used the moniker "Moo Do" instead of Tang Soo, or Kong Soo. The Oh Do Kwan and Chung Do Kwan adopted the name "Taekwondo" immediately at Gen. Choi's direction as he was head of both kwans at the time.
During the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Moo Duk Kwan in 1995, Hwang Kee officially renamed the art from Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan to Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.
Tseung Kwan O (also called Cheung Kwan O or Junk Bay) is a bay in Sai Kung District, New Territories, Hong Kong. In the northern tip of the bay lies the Tseung Kwan O Village.
This tunnel is connected to Tseung Kwan O Road on the Kowloon side along with its toll plaza, and Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Road on the Tseung Kwan O side.
Kwan was born on April 20, 1933 in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China, and later moved to Hong Kong. He was an ethnic Manchu who traced his heritage to the Guwalgiya clan. Kwan was the father of actress Rosamund Kwan.
Complicating the picture, somewhat, is the possibility that there may have been more than one early Korean karate system bearing the "Yun Mu Kwan" name as there appears to have been a second Korean karate "kwan", with the "Yun Moo Kwan" appellation established after the closing of the original Chosun Yun Mu Kwan, the advent of the Korean War and the older style's subsequent revival as Jidokwan. According to KANG Won Sik and LEE Kyong Myong, in "A Modern History of Taekwondo" (Published in March 1999 by Bokyung Moonhwasa at 389-22 Seokyo-dong [Mapo-ku, Seoul, Korea 121-210] and haltingly translated for Stanford University from the original Korean), there was a period between the 1950s and 1960s when efforts in Korea at unifying the different kwans (begun around 1953–1955) into a single national system were in disarray. During this period, the writers report, "more Annex Kwans (sub-kwans) came into existence, such as the Oh Do Kwan, Kang Duk Won, Jung Do Kwan, Han Moo Kwan "[referenced in the preceding paragraph]", Kuk Mu Kwan, Yun Moo Kwan, Soo Moo Kwan, Chang Hun Kwan, Moon Moo Kwan and others". The authors don't make clear whether this later reference to "Yun Moo Kwan" alludes to a revival of the older kwan by individuals affiliated with the original group, who were reluctant to give up the connection with the original style (like Kyo Yoon Lee), or if this represented different individuals using the old name to establish something new. However, the idea of a second or "annex" "kwan" called "Yun Mu Kwan" could help explain the persistence of "Yun Moo Kwan" as a karate style outside Korea long after the old Chosun "Yun Mu Kwan" had closed its doors and its karate practitioners had re-established themselves under different names.
However, many of them continue to work together by attending special events such as World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation's "International Hapkido Summit", hosted by "Joong Kwang Dae Sun Sa" Ken MacKenzie. Many Grandmasters like GM Chris Garland (Sam Rang Kwan), GM John Godwin (Tang Soo Kwan), GM Inwan Kim (Sun Bi Kwan), GM Larry Dorsey (Bi Ho Kwan) and GM Massan Ghorbani (Satory Do Kwan) regularly attend this cooperation event.