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jeong              yoon              ahn              hwang              choi              kang              jeon              yoo              chae              jang              suh              baek              joo              kwang              woo              yong              chung              kwak              yun              chun              seung              seong              jung              hsu              tsai              youn              byun              jin              koo              jae              rhee              dong              hyun              yu              kwan              myung              kim              heon              peng              qiu              kyung              yee              chul              hyeon              jiang              hyung              hee              cheng              chong              soo             

Examples of "kwon"
1996 Yoon Kwon, Min Kwon / Min Kwon (works by Part, Brahms, de Falla, Gershwin, Kreisler)
On 8 September, Kwon injured his ankle ligament. Kwon went to Korea for Treatment his ankle. But Kwon released from Persepolis.
Keegan confronts Bobo and they have an axe fight, which ends with Bobo stabbing Keegan in the throat with Blanchard's knife and Kwon shooting Keegan in the head. Kwon retrieves the flash drive and Bobo shoots him in the shoulder to make it appear as if Kwon failed to capture him. Lisa decides to stay with Kwon waiting for the police and Bobo leaves. He later meets Kwon at a bar, where Kwon tells him he did not mention Bobo's involvement to the police this time, but if Bobo continues in the business, Kwon will take him down. Bobo welcomes him to try and drives off into the night.
Elizabeth Kwon (born 1986) is an American figure skater. She is the 1999 US Junior national pewter medalist and 1998 Novice national champion. Kwon placed 2nd in the 1999 Junior Grand Prix event in Ostrava and seventh in Slovenia. Kwon was forced to retire due to injury. As an intermediate-level skater, Kwon was featured in Christine Brennan's book "Edge of Glory". Brennan wrote that Kwon was working on a triple axel.
In the early YMCA Kwon Bup Bu and Chang Moo Kwan, the curriculum consisted of karate and chuan-fa. (McLain, 2009) This was one of two Kwans to have been influenced by Chuan-fa(Kwon Bup), which gave the techniques a smooth yet hard appearance when practiced or demonstrated. Chuan-fa forms from the Chang Moo Kwan included "Dan Kwon", "Doju San", "Jang Kwon", "Taijo Kwon", and Palgi Kwon", among others. Early students practiced a bong hyung (staff form) created by Byung In Yoon himself and another created by Yoon Gwe-Byung (Yoon Kwe-Byung), who was a Shudokan practitioner and became a grandmaster of the Jidokwan.
A 2016 article in The New York Times covered the story of Kwon Pil-ju, the birth mother of Korean adoptee Adam Crapser. The article said that Kwon gave Crapser up for adoption when Crapser was three years old. Kwon found out about Crapser from a relative who told her about Crapser being on an MBC documentary in 2015. Kwon got in touch with the producer of the 2015 MBC documentary, and the producer set up a video communication for Kwon and Crapser. Crapser plans to reunite with Kwon after being deported to South Korea.
Kwon Soo-hyun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kwon and the given name Soo-hyun, and may also refer to:
Kwon Woo-ri, 15 years old, is the eldest of Kwon Yul's children. Woo-ri is in his first year of high school.
Kwon Man-se, 7 years old, is the youngest child and son of Kwon Yul. Man-se has just recently started primary school as a first grader.
Kwon Hyeok-soo () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kwon and the given name Hyeok-soo, and may also refer to:
In 2004, Ha recorded the OST for her movie "Love, So Divine" with co-actors Kwon Sang-woo and Kim In-kwon.
Kwon has performed extensively with her virtuoso pianist sister Min Kwon and recorded a record for RCA Victor Red Seal entitled "You And Me".
Kwon Na-ra, 12 years old, is the second child and only daughter of Kwon Yul. Na-ra is a sixth grader in middle school.
Kwon also appeared in a bit part in "Hanji", which was directed by his father, acclaimed film director Im Kwon-taek. His mother is retired actress Chae Ryeong.
Kwon Yul hailed from the prestigious Andong Kwon clan (안동권씨; 安東權氏); his father, Kwon Cheol (권철), was the Yeonguijeong (영의정, 領議政), the equivalent of Prime Minister of the Korean court. However, Kwon did not begin his political or military career until he was 46. In 1582, he was first appointed a position in the Korean government and promoted to several different positions including the mayor of Uiju (의주) in 1591.
One account has it that the Yecheon Kwon clan’s original surname was Heun (昕). However, in 1197, the name Heun (昕) was chosen as the posthumous name for the Goryeo kingdom's King Myeongjong. To avoid the use of a king’s posthumous name, the Heun(昕) family were directed to change their name to Kwon (權). The head of the Heun clan at this time became Kwon So, the founding ancestor of the Yecheon Kwon clan. Approximately two thirds of all present-day Kwon clan members live in the Gyeongsang provinces. All members of the Heun(昕) clan disappeared before the founding of Joseon.
Today at age 79 Kang still teaches and is the Chairman of the All American Tae Kwon Do Federation (AATF) and the World Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Federation. His Tae Kwon Do system continues to grow through the teachings of his 3 sons, all of whom are masters themselves and have their own schools and organizations as well. The Kang Tae Kwon Do System has schools in the New York Metropolitan Area and Puerto Rico. Also, they have established Tae Kwon Do clubs at MIT and Johns Hopkins University.
Jasper Cho, Crystal Kim, Lina Kwon, & Elaine Chyung
Kwon Yeo-sun (born 1965) is a South Korean writer.
"(Korean: 사대천왕; Starring: Kwon Jinyeong, Kim Jincheol, Hong Ingyu)"