Synonyms for kyōko_kagawa or Related words with kyōko_kagawa

mariko_okada              michiyo_kogure              yoshiko_kuga              ken_mitsuishi              fumiyo_kohinata              kyōko_kishida              eijirō_tōno              kimiko_yo              jun_kunimura              yoshio_harada              susumu_terajima              hidetaka_yoshioka              kunie_tanaka              yutaka_matsushige              shota_matsuda              hisashi_igawa              katsuo_nakamura              keiko_takeshita              ittoku_kishibe              kyoka_suzuki              renji_ishibashi              akira_emoto              kanako_higuchi              chizuru_ikewaki              kazuki_kitamura              kaori_momoi              masayuki_mori              ren_osugi              teruyuki_kagawa              daisuke_katō              shima_iwashita              fujiko_yamamoto              gō_ayano              ayako_wakao              haruko_sugimura              kaoru_yachigusa              keiko_kishi              tsunehiko_watase              tetsurō_tamba              tsutomu_yamazaki              eitarō              nakakita              kumi_mizuno              taiji_tonoyama              haruo_tanaka              hiroyuki_nagato              takao_osawa              mitsuko_baisho              takehiro_murata              masahiko_tsugawa             

Examples of "kyōko_kagawa"
A retired couple, Shūkichi and Tomi Hirayama (played by Chishū Ryū and Chieko Higashiyama respectively) live in the town of Onomichi in southwest Japan with their daughter Kyōko (played by Kyōko Kagawa). They have five adult children, four living. The couple travel to Tokyo to visit their son, daughter, and widowed daughter-in-law.
The children grow to young adulthood at the slave camp. Anju (Kyōko Kagawa) still believes in the teachings of her father, which advocate treating others with humanity, but Zushiō (Yoshiaki Hanayagi) has repressed his humanity, becoming one of the overseers who punishes other slaves, in the belief that this is the only way to survive. Anju hears a song from a new slave girl from Sado which mentions her and her brother in the lyrics. This leads her to believe their mother is still alive. She tries to convince Zushiō to escape, but he refuses, citing the difficulty and their lack of money.
The film depicts a tough period in the life of Masako Fukuhara (Kinuyo Tanaka) who struggles to look after an ill son, failing from dust of velvet-making workshop, a husband ill from overwork in the war, a young girl, a younger boy cousin and a teenage daughter Toshiko (Kyōko Kagawa). Forced to take over the family dry-cleaning business after the death of her husband, Masako also attempts to cope with her daughter's rebellious behavior. Toshiko, meanwhile, harbors suspicions that her mother is falling for her Uncle Kimura (Daisuke Katō), even as she herself starts to feel the first stirrings of love and passion. Through it all, Masako works on uncomplaining and efficient, while enjoying the pleasures of watching her children grow up.
The film takes place in Koishikawa, a district of Edo (the former name of the city of Tokyo), in the 19th century. Young Dr. Noboru Yasumoto (Yūzō Kayama) is the film's protagonist. Trained in a Dutch medical school in Nagasaki, the arrogant Yasumoto aspires to the status of personal physician of the Shogunate, a position currently held by a close relative; his father is already a well-established, highly competent physician. Yasumoto believes that he should progress through the safe, and well-protected, army structure of medical education. However, for Yasumoto's post-graduate medical training, he has been assigned to a rural clinic under the guidance of "Akahige" ("Red Beard"), Dr. Kyojō Niide (played by Toshiro Mifune). Dr. Niide may seem like a tyrannical task master, but in reality he is a compassionate clinic director. Initially, Yasumoto is livid at his posting, believing that he has little to gain from working under "Akahige". Dr. Yasumoto feels that Dr. Niide is only interested in his medical notes and soon rebels against the clinic director. He refuses to wear his uniform, disdains the food and spartan environment, and enters the forbidden garden where he meets "The Mantis" (Kyōko Kagawa), a mysterious patient that only Dr. Niide can treat.