Synonyms for kyeong or Related words with kyeong

hyeok              hyeon              yeong              deok              pyung              shik              gyeong              kyoung              woong              beom              gyung              hwakim              cheol              ryeol              myeong              ryong              hyeong              jinlee              seol              keun              ryeon              seong              heon              heelee              deuk              gyu              jeongkim              maeng              kyong              seon              huikim              heepark              byeong              pyong              eung              taek              hyung              byeon              sunkim              jungkim              keum              cheon              sook              yeob              kyungkim              gwang              chulpark              jinpark              chul              byung             

Examples of "kyeong"
Drama Park Keun-hyeong Kyeong-suk, Kyeong-suk's father
Chirpie "Voiced by": Jeon Suk-kyeong (Korean), Bryn McAuley (English)
Kim Gyeong-ae (), also spelled Kim Kyung-ae or Kim Kyeong-ae, may refer to:
Kim Kyeong-ae, nicknamed "Steak" (born January 21, 1994) is a South Korean curler.
Kyeong-ho is now a production director (PD) at a television station.
Han Kyeong-hwa (born 1977) is a South Korean voice actor.
Shin Kyeong-nim (Hangul: 신경림) is a South Korean writer who is known as a "poet of the people"
On November 24, they released their second Christmas mini-album, "Lonesome Christmas", with new member Kyeong joining Wheeler and Park.
At the 2016 Summer Olympic games, Paula defeated Jeong Bo-kyeong to capture her first Olympic gold medal.
Jeong Bo-kyeong (, ; born 17 April 1991) is a South Korean judoka. She ranks as Nr. 8. in the world.
Kyeong Duk Kang (Korean:강경덕(Kang Kyeong Deok) born February 9, 1988) is a Korean American professional baseball outfielder in the Atlanta Braves' organization of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is the first South Korean-born baseball player to be selected in the MLB draft.
This interests Seo In-kyeong (Yum Jung-ah) very much. She has been living with Mr. Kim (Baek Yoon-sik), who is a veteran con-artist and the money-man in the scam. In-kyeong got to know Chang-hyeok – and now wants to get to know his brother.
Jeong Yi-kyeong (; born 28 February 1985) is a Korean handball player who has competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.
Sophie is eventually removed from the case when it's discovered that her father, a former POW, had North Korean ties during the Korean War, thus technically making her a non-neutral. Before leaving, she attempts to informally learn of the true events first with Kyeong-pil and then Soo-hyeok. Having asked Kyeong-pil if he had a message for Soo-hyeok, Sophie gives Soo-hyeok the lighter he first gave to Kyeong-pil. Before saying goodbye and wishing him well, she reveals that Kyeong-pil told her that he saw Soo-hyeok's gun actually shot Woo-jin first during the chaos before Sung-shik shot him. On his way out, Soo-hyeok steals an officer's pistol and commits suicide out of guilt for Woo-jin's death and Sung-shik's suicide attempt. The film concludes with an American tourist's photograph of the joint security area that accidentally contains all four soldiers prior to the incident.
Kim Eun-kyeong (born 3 September 1991) is a South Korean handball player for Gyeongnam and the South Korean Republic national team.
The Kyeong-in Canal is planned to provide ferry service from Incheon Terminal (Cheong-na), to Gimpo Terminal, and ultimately Yongsan.
Notable scholars of Korean literature include David McCann, Peter H. Lee, Yang Hi Choe-Wall, Kyeong-Hee Choi, and Brother Anthony of Taize, .
Ji Kyeong-Deuk (; born 18 July 1990) is a South Korean footballer who plays as a Midfielder for Chungju Hummel in the K League Challenge.
The leader of Sung-Kwon High, Kang-Shin's neighbor and rival, is named Jung Tae-sung (Kang Dong-won), and he, too, has feelings for Han-kyeong. Despite his shy, adorable face, Tae-sung has strong fists and endless obstinacy. A fight that handles both pride and love begins between the two, and neither of them is prepared to back down. But Tae-sung has a secret, one that forces him to love Han-kyeong in spite of himself, and Han-kyeong, ignorant of this, tries to do her best to be gentle with both of them. Eventually, Tae-sung leaves Han-kyeong's side, and later, Han-kyeong and Hae-won learn of his secret.
In the spring, Azaleas were in full bloom all over the mountain. Kyeong-gi do designated Surisan as Park of Gyeong-gi in 2009.