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Examples of "kynes"
James Walter Kynes, Jr. (August 31, 1928 – October 14, 1988), nicknamed Jimmy Kynes, was an American college and professional football player, lawyer, political appointee and corporate executive. Kynes also served as the Florida Attorney General.
On Planetologist Pardot Kynes' visit for an audience with Emperor Elrood IX, he notes:
Kynes died of stomach cancer at his home in Tampa in 1988; he was 60 years old. He was survived his wife of thirty-eight years, Marjorie Hiatt Kynes, and their three sons.
Sandra Kynes, the Pagan author, lived in Tingrith during her time in the United Kingdom.
Liet-Kynes' wife is later noted to be Faroula, "a noted herbalist among the Fremen".
In "Dune", Duke Leto Atreides meets with Dr. Kynes, the Imperial Planetologist, soon after arriving on Arrakis to take over the melange harvesting operations there. Escorted by the planet's native Fremen, Kynes is the liaison between them and the Padishah Empire. The Atreides later hear of a person or deity named "Liet" to whom all the Fremen communities give allegiance. It is only after Leto is killed and his son Paul and concubine Lady Jessica flee into the desert that Liet and Kynes are revealed to be the same person. The son of Pardot Kynes, the first Imperial Planetologist of Arrakis, and a Fremen woman, Kynes is captured by the Harkonnens and left to die in the desert without a stillsuit or water. He is killed by a spice blow, and his last words are, "I am a desert creature!" His daughter, Chani, later becomes Paul's concubine.
The "Prelude to Dune" prequel trilogy establishes that Stilgar Ben Fifrawi had been born on Arrakis in 10,141 A.G. in Umbu Sietch of Tuan. Among the members of Umbu Sietch, he is known as Sahkan or "the Desert Hawk". In his youth, Stilgar and two friends, Turok and Ommun, are cornered by thuggish Harkonnen troops. Badly injured, Stilgar would have died if Pardot Kynes had not come and helped kill the Harkonnens. Because of this water-debt, Stilgar and Kynes become friends. Stilgar, Turok and Ommun promise to help Kynes achieve his dream of turning Arrakis into a paradise. In 10,175 A.G. Stilgar challenges Forad, the Naib of Sietch Tabr, and defeats him to become the new Naib. When Kynes dies, Stilgar watches over his son Liet-Kynes, and later Liet's daughter Chani.
Other notable sites on Arrakis throughout its history include Observatory Mountain, Mount Idaho, Dar-es-balat and the Kynes Sea.
The National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers selected Kynes in the fourteenth round (178th pick overall) of the 1950 NFL Draft. After graduating from the University of Florida, he married Marjorie Hiatt, a graduate of Florida State University and a former Seminoles cheerleader. Kynes chose to play center for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League (CFL) for a single season in .
Kynes was born in the small town of Marianna, Florida, located in the Florida Panhandle, in 1928. He attended Marianna High School, where he was received all-state recognition playing for the Marianna Bulldogs high school football team. Kynes graduated from Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, Virginia, where he received Virginia all-state football honors playing for the Fork Union Blue Devils.
Kynes was an outstanding student and was honored as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Florida College of Business Administration in 1950, and was inducted into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame as a "Gator Great" in 1976. All three of Kynes' sons also played football for the Gators in the 1970s. In a series of articles written for "The Gainesville Sun" in 2006, Kynes was ranked as No. 91 of the 100 greatest players in the first 100 years of Florida Gators football.
Kynes served as Florida governor Farris Bryant's executive assistant after Bryant was elected in 1960. In January 1964, Bryant appointed Kynes as the Florida Attorney General to succeed Richard Ervin, after Ervin resigned as attorney general to accept an appointment to the Florida Supreme Court. Kynes stood for a full four-year term in the 1964 Democratic Party primary election in May 1964, but was defeated by 599 votes out of 938,677 cast. and served the remainder of Ervin's term of office through January 1965.
Several friends and classmates initiated the James W. Kynes Award in 1986, which is presented annually to the Florida Gators offensive lineman "who best exemplified the mental and physical toughness and 'iron-man' determination Kynes exhibited as a Gator player." Kynes previously served as the president of the University of Florida National Alumni Association, and he was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus. After his death, friends and former teammates endowed a University of Florida scholarship in his name. The university awards the annual $10,000 scholarship to a former Gator student-athlete, who has demonstrated exceptional character and high academic achievement, in order to pursue a graduate or professional degree.
Liet-Kynes is portrayed by Max von Sydow in David Lynch's 1984 film "Dune", and by Karel Dobrý in the 2000 "Dune" miniseries.
Paul Muad'Dib continues the efforts to terraform Arrakis into a green world, a plan begun by the Fremen under the guidance of Imperial Planetologist Pardot Kynes and his son Liet-Kynes. The core of their plan is gradual water-collection from the Arrakeen atmosphere to form large reservoirs that would, eventually, become lakes and oceans. Much of this activity takes place in the unexplored southern latitudes of Arrakis.
Meanwhile, on Dune, the Fremen are uniting in ways never seen before behind their "Umma" (prophet), Pardot Kynes, and his dream of making their home into a lush, green paradise.
Sandra Kynes is a pagan author, based in the United States. Her works include "A Year of Ritual", "Gemstone Feng Shui", "Whispers from the Woods", "Sea Magic", "Change at Hand" and "Your Altar".
Currently, the Dunedin City Commission is made up of Mayor Julie Ward Bujalski, Vice-Mayor Heather Gracy, Commissioner John Tornga, Commissioner Deborah Kynes, and Commissioner Bruce Livingston. The interim City Manager is Douglas Hutchens.
Kynes attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, where he played for coach Bear Wolf's ironically named "Golden Era" Florida Gators football team from 1946 to 1949. Kynes played both offense and defense, and was a third-team All-Southeastern Conference (SEC) lineman and the Gators' team captain in 1949. Memorably, in 1949, he played a key defensive role in the Gators' 28–7 upset of the Georgia Bulldogs and was the last Gator football player to play every minute of an entire sixty-minute game. He also played for coach Sam J. McAllister's Florida Gators men's basketball team from 1946 to 1950.
On the Imperial Capital planet Kaitain, the young planetologist Pardot Kynes has just arrived from his homeworld of Salusa Secundus for an audience with the Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX. The old Emperor is giving Kynes the mission of going to the only known source of melange, Arrakis, in order to find out how the precious substance is produced. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince Shaddam and his minion Hasimir Fenring are plotting against Elrood. Shaddam is not getting any younger, and it seems that the already 157-year-old Emperor could rule for another 50 years. Shaddam decides to poison his father in order to speed up his succession to the throne.