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thow              oure              jhesu              firste              quhilk              bywyd              flere              quhen              turne              fyrst              callit              greit              ryght              lordis              impius              esquier              wyth              owre              ingland              betwene              brud              quene              trwy              onse              glorie              loues              dyra              kynge              daear              befoir              sayde              knyght              enkel              dydd              eche              falder              thocht              quhair              herrens              nazarenus              quha              thinke              uppon              gwir              hymnau              wolcum              gunnars              bairn              hadde              volat             

Examples of "kyng"
By harry our kyng the flowr of natewrs werk
Sunday July 19: Emergent, Kyng, All the Remains, Pop Evil, Chevelle, Avenged Sevenfold
In 2000, Martin left KEGL following a contract dispute. "The Russ Martin Show" reappeared on KYNG, a station that had previously been country-western music. Martin began his first show at KYNG on April 6, 2000, once again filling the morning drive time slot. When Howard Stern was picked up by KYNG, "The Russ Martin Show" moved from its morning drive slot to 3-7 p.m. In 2003, KYNG changed its call letters to KLLI and took on the Live 105.3 branding. HI RUSS
The Grete Herball proved popular enough to be reprinted several times after Treveris's death. Thome Gybson printed an updated edition ""The grete herbal newly corrected"" in 1539, and printer John Kyng produced the final Early Modern edition in 1561. Both Gybson and Kyng use fewer images and different frontispieces than Treveris's editions.
The 1990s led to a number of projects including the AT project (Bødker et al., 1993) and the EureCoop/EuroCode projects (Grønbæk, Kyng & Mogensen, 1995).
KYNG (1590 AM) is a radio station licensed to Springdale, Arkansas, United States. The station broadcasts a sports format. The station is currently owned by Cumulus Media.
The station was assigned the call letters KQXK on November 17, 1980. On September 8, 1994, the station changed its call sign to KZRA, on December 7, 2005, to the current KYNG,
2012: Seether, Sick Puppies, 10 Years, Dropkick Murphys, Filter, Pop Evil, Falling in Reverse, Kyng, Young Guns, Dangerkids, Xfest 2012 was cancelled officially on 8/28/2012 following poor ticket sales, and has not been held in Dayton since.
MonstrO released their debut album, produced by William DuVall, on Vagrant Records in 2011 and toured the United States with Kyuss Lives!, Black Tusk, The Sword, Clutch, Hellyeah, Kyng, Danzig and Alice In Chains.
"Ða com Wyllelm eorl of Normandige into Pefnesea on Sancte Michæles mæsseæfen, sona þæs hi fere wæron, worhton castel æt Hæstingaport. Þis wearð þa Harolde cynge gecydd, he gaderade þa mycelne here, com him togenes æt þære haran apuldran, Wyllelm him com ongean on unwær, ær þis folc gefylced wære. Ac se kyng þeah him swiðe heardlice wið feaht mid þam mannum þe him gelæstan woldon, þær wearð micel wæl geslægen on ægðre healfe. Ðær wearð ofslægen Harold kyng, Leofwine eorl his broðor, Gyrð eorl his broðor, fela godra manna, þa Frencyscan ahton wælstowe geweald."
Casino owner Charley Enley Kyng (Clark Gable) is advised by his physician to slow down, after being diagnosed with a heart disease. Charley supports his own family as well as his wife's sister, Alice (Audrey Totter) and her husband, Robbin (Wendell Corey). Charley quits drinking and smoking and vows to spend more time with his wife and son.
Eventually the Shurley family became chief residents of Isfield and Sir John and many of his family are buried at Isfield Church. The inscription over his tomb describes Sir John as "chef clerke of the kechen to our souayn kyng henry ye viii".
The show subsequently moved to Phoenix station KZZP-FM and then Dallas' KYNG-FM In Dallas, Don O'Neill hosted the CBS Network shows on the Dallas Cowboy Radio Network with Drew Person and Charlie Waters for the 2001-2002 NFL season. Ron Upshaw hosted the Pre and Post game shows at the first Dallas Cowboy home game after the 9/11 Terrorist Attack.
Kid Rock, Theory of a Deadman, Extreme, Black Label Society, Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Down, Redlight King, Kyng, Butcher Babies, Heaven’s Basement, Eve to Adam, Twelve Foot Ninja, Scorpion Child, Sleepy Hollow, Tempt, Station, Mystery, Lynam, Mandy Lion, Mach22, Down N Dirty, Dirtee Circus, Echofuzz, Shotgun Rebels, Able the Allies, The Bourgeois, Switchbach, Paper Tigers, The Grown Ups
Row 4 (l-r): Terrence Corcoran, Jeff Sparks, Neal Starkey, Kathleen Bertrand, Kyng-Ma’at, Delores Major, Adam McKnight, Myrna Clayton, Tammy Allen, Jennifer Wrobeleski, Davide Durks, Maria Howell, Sonny Emory, Penny Iannuzzi, Nikki Moore, Ulysess N. Dupree, Dennis Springer, William Odum, J.O. Wyatt, Morris Baxter, Melvin Jones, Charles Edwards, Hudson on Bass, Penelope Williams, Averil Taylor
"Wythin thys Chappell lyethe beryed Anne Duchess of Exetur suster unto the noble kyng Edward the forte. And also the body of syr Thomas Sellynger knyght her husband which hathe funde within thys College a Chauntre with too prestys sy’gyng for ev’more. On whose soule god have mercy. The wych Anne duchess dyed in the yere of oure lorde M Thowsande CCCCl xxv"
Be hit known to al men, that the yeerys of our Lord God an clxxix [AD 179]. "Lucius" the fyrst christen kyng of this lond, then callyd Brytayne, fowndyd the fyrst chyrch in London, that is to sey, the Chyrch of Sent "Peter" apon Cornhyl, and he fowndyd ther an Archbishoppys See, and made that Chirch the Metropolitant, and cheef Chirch of this kingdom...
Towards the end of 2013, the band headlined The Hellpop Tour with Motionless In White, West Hollywood heavy metal ensemble All Hail the Yeti, and Kyng. A second leg will resume in early 2014 with Butcher Babies, Devour the Day, All Hail the Yeti and Los Angeles melodic metal quartet Before the Mourning.
"Wythin thys Chappell lyethe beryed Anne Duchess of Exetur suster unto the noble kyng Edward the forte. And also the body of syr Thomas Sellynger knyght her husband which hathe funde within thys College a Chauntre with too prestys sy’gyng for ev’more. On whose soule god have mercy. The wych Anne duchess dyed in the yere of oure lorde M Thowsande CCCCl xxv"
The hawking treatise is considered to be adapted from the "Booke of Hawkyng after Prince Edwarde Kyng of Englande", a manuscript of the reign of Edward IV of England (BL Harley Collection 2340). The work is not intended as a full practical treatise, but to introduce the technical language, and to describe feeding and illnesses, for an owner who needs to take an interest.