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tasuku              eisuke              takehiro              yousuke              hiroya              sotaro              yasuaki              mitsuhiro              miyoko              hidetaka              hisayoshi              kouji              ryohei              takanori              hiromasa              suguru              hidehiko              kengo              yukihiro              emiko              takamasa              tomonori              hiromu              shunichi              katsuhito              katsutoshi              tomohiko              yoriko              masatsugu              kinya              kazuto              kazuyuki              tomoki              yasufumi              kohei              hiromichi              hirotaka              yohei              takahisa              katsuo              hidenobu              ryunosuke              shuichiro              naoya              takuji              katsuhiko              kouichi              hachiro              norihiko              takehito             

Examples of "kyoji"
Kyoji is a cook living in Macau. He works for a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong and has been having an affair with Seiko, the wife of his boss, Wiwat, who orders Kyoji to poison her. After the deed is done, Kyoji is ordered to leave Hong Kong. He consults with the mysterious Monk, who gives him money and advice to contact Lizard. Kyoji then boards a cruise ship, and is given a small, dreary cabin belowdecks, where nothing seems to work properly. In trying to find his way back topside, he gets lost. Finally, up on deck, he meets Noi. Noi has a baby named Nid, whom Kyoji finds hanging on the deck rail in a harness, where Noi left the child while she was swimming. Eventually, the ship reaches its destination, Phuket, Thailand, where real life-or-death adventures begin for Kyoji as he starts to put the pieces together about what he's done.
Judges: Ola Sundekvist, Kyoji Yokoyama, Guido Van Meel, Klara Suchanova, Phoebe Mills, Iztok Sumatic.
Ikuo Mori takes the place of Kyoji Takenaka as President and CEO of Fuji Heavy Industries.
Montague faced Kyoji Horiguchi on May 10, 2014 at UFC Fight Night 40. He lost the fight via unanimous decision.
The CD contains 20 tracks and was produced by Yuzo Koshiro and Kyoji Kato. The track lists are as follows:
Kyoji has been married for 26 years and has a son, Maoki, who is also a musician.
Shoko befriends Shiina and pours out her troubles to her at the hospital. When Kyoji dies, the following day Shoko and Shiina see his dragon and virgin princess in the sky. Shoko begins to cry and screams to him that she can be strong and go on loving him. After that, Jyun, Kyoji, and Shoko are never seen again.
Shoko Fukuyama (福山 笙子 "Fukuyama Shōko"): A friend of Jyun Ezumi, and cousin and friend of Kyoji Fukuyama. Shoko is emotional and passionate, and loves Kyoji in a deep romantic way even though he is a family member. She is heartbroken when Kyoji gets in an accident and has to be hooked up to life support machines in a hospital. She and Jyun were writing letters to each other after Jyun moved away from Tokyo, but when Jyun appears at Kyoji's hospital and tells Shoko off for being selfish and weak, Shoko is hurt even more.
Seery next faced Kyoji Horiguchi on 8 May 2016 at UFC Fight Night 87. He lost the fight via unanimous decision.
Gaudinot faced Kyoji Horiguchi on January 3, 2015 at UFC 182. He lost the fight by unanimous decision and was subsequently released from the organization.
Pague faced promotional newcomer Kyoji Horiguchi on October 19, 2013 at UFC 166. Despite controlling Horiguchi for the first round, Pague lost via TKO in the second round.
As a result of the cancellation of , a flyweight bout between Kyoji Horiguchi and Ali Bagautinov was rescheduled for this event.
Reyes then dropped down to the Flyweight division and faced Kyoji Horiguchi at UFC Fight Night 52 on September 20, 2014. Reyes was defeated via first-round TKO.
Camus faced Kyoji Horiguchi at UFC Fight Night 75 on September 27, 2015. He lost the fight by unanimous decision and was subsequently released from the promotion.
Kyōji, Kyoji or Kyouji (written: 恭司, 恭二, 恭士 or 喬二) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:
Chris Cariaso was expected to face Kyoji Horiguchi at the event. However, Horiguchi pulled out of the bout citing injury. He was replaced by WEC veteran Danny Martinez.
After entering Yamaha Music School, Kyoji formed Bow Wow in 1975 and they released their debut album a year later . The following year they opened for Aerosmith and Kiss. In 1984, with the addition of two new members, the group renamed themselves Vow Wow and moved to England in 1987 before disbanding in 1990. Kyoji reformed Bow Wow with all new members in 1995, however original members Mitsuhiro Saito and Toshihiro Niimi rejoined him in 1998 to become a trio.
In May 1995, Kyoji reformed Bow Wow with all new members. They had several releases until dissolving in March 1997. However, in 1998 original members Mitsuhiro Saito and Toshihiro Niimi rejoined Kyoji, and Bow Wow became a trio. In August 2003 they performed in Daegu, South Korea at the O.K.! Crazy!! World Rock Festival. They returned the following year when their next album got a Korean release.
Genki Hitomi and Rei Atsumi reunited with Kyoji and Toshihiro for a Vow Wow reunion concert on December 25, 2009, and for two shows the following year on December 25 and 26, 2010.
Kyoji began a solo career in 1980, and has appeared as a special guest performer for numerous musicians. In 1986 he was asked by producer Wilfried F. Rimensberger to participate in the supergroup Phenomena, playing on their second album.