Synonyms for kyojuu or Related words with kyojuu

tokusou              gunso              juspion              seijuu              ippatsuman              itadakiman              kyatto              kyuukyuu              denji              ninden              touken              choudenshi              nekogami              turboranger              baccano              katanagatari              kotetsushin              denkou              doubutsu              fiveman              ajikko              choujuu              kenran              yatterman              teyandee              nagasarete              ranbu              tokkyuu              zubat              airantou              mirmo              enban              denjin              trigun              yattodetaman              zipang              concentio              chafurin              daigunder              taisenki              godannar              soltyrei              dokkoida              kaijin              jikuu              patalliro              uchuu              tottoko              katsugeki              coppelion             

Examples of "kyojuu"
The RX-7 has become notable through pop culture such as "Battle Fever J", "Ultraman 80", "Space Sheriff Shaider", "Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion", "Choudenshi Bioman", "Shakotan Boogie", "Kamen Rider Black RX", "Wangan Midnight", "Super Rescue Solbrain", "Initial D", "Need for Speed", "The Fast and the Furious" series, "Forza Motorsport" and "Gran Turismo".
The official Toei video releases in the '80s listed in English, below the title, "Space Wolf Juspion" (named after the ending theme for instance). This has created some confusion and has led some to believe that is the actual title of the series and translation of "Kyojuu Tokusou." The Space Wolf name is simply one of Juspion's nicknames much like the "Galactic Tarzan" in order for him to have a title to introduce himself by.
Ninja characters appeared in the live-action series "Arrow" ("League of Assassins"), "Baretta" ("The Ninja"), "Big Wolf on Campus" ("Play It Again, Samurai"), "Castle" ("The Way of the Ninja"), "Charmed" ("Awakened"), "Criminal Minds" ("True Night"), "Danger Theatre" ("Lethal Luau"), "Dude, What Would Happen" ("Ninja Slicing"), "Knight Rider" (1982) ("Knight of the Rising Sun"), "Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion" (the Five Space Ninjas), Kung Fu ("The Assassin"), "Loiter Squad", "Lost Girl" ("Big in Japan"), "Magnum P.I." ("The Arrow That is Not Aimed"), Martial Law ("Bad Seed") and ("This Shogun For Hire"), "Mito Kōmon" (Tsuge no Tobizaru and Kagerō Ogin), "" (alternative versions of Kitana, Mileena, Reptile, Scorpion and Sub-Zero), "My Name is Earl" ("Creative Writing"), "Quincy, M.E." ("Touch of Death"), "She Spies" ("Fondles"), "Shōgun", "Simon & Simon" ("Opposites Attack"), "Space Sheriff Shaider" (Girls' Army), "That '70s Show" ("Jackie Moves On"), "The Greatest American Hero" ("Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo"), "Verbotene Liebe".