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Examples of "kyosuke_himuro"
Neo Fascio is the second album by Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro.
In 2006, Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro covered this song on his album.
Higher Self is the third album by Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro.
On November 21, 2007, Sony Music Entertainment released a single for the theme song of the drama. The lyrics were written by Kyosuke Himuro. On November 28, 2007, wint released a soundtrack CD for "Yūkan Club". The songs are sung by Jin Akanishi and are composed by Kyosuke Himuro.
Buck-Tick played a "double booking" live alongside Kyosuke Himuro, formerly of Boøwy on October 6, 1990, at the Maebashi Green Dome in Gunma prefecture. Other former Boøwy member Hotei Tomoyasu remixed Buck-Tick's song "Muchi no Namida" for their "Sasayaki" single. Both bands hail from the same town in Gunma, Kyosuke Himuro went to high school with the Buck-Tick members.
Flowers for Algernon is the first solo album by Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro. Japanese rock group Boøwy, to which he once belonged, disbanded and this album was released as his solo debut five months later.
He has produced projects for Anri, Mikio Sakai, Yoriko Ganeko, Masako Kawamura, The Voice Project, Kyosuke Himuro, MOON CHILD, Furukawa Ten-sei, Sojiro, harpist Mai Takematsu, Minako Honda and the Yoshida Brothers.
On July 12, 2006, they released a new single titled "G4" after a year and seven months away from the limelight, returning to their rock and roll roots. In the following month, they collaborated with former Boowy vocalist Kyosuke Himuro in their single "Answer". Together, they performed in "Kyosuke Himuro + Glay Swing Addiction 2006", with "Answer" being one of the songs. In August, Glay performed at Southern All Stars's summer concert "Mujintou" alongside various artists. In September, "Natsuoto/Henna Yume -Thousand Dreams-" was released, with Natsuoto being the theme song to TV show "Koi suru Hanikami".
Boøwy (pronounced: bóui, stylized as BOØWY) was a Japanese rock band formed in Takasaki, Gunma in 1981. The best-known lineup of Kyosuke Himuro (vocals), Tomoyasu Hotei (guitar), Tsunematsu Matsui (bass) and Makoto Takahashi (drums) reached legendary status in Japan during the 1980s.
Ikko started to work as a support musician when he was in high school. He engaged in various forms of collaboration with many leading Japanese artists, such as B’z (as a recording and tour support member), Yoshihiro Kai, Kyosuke Himuro, and Namie Amuro.
Daita started a solo career, wrote the soundtrack for the movie "Volcano High", and played support guitar for Kyosuke Himuro. In 2005 he formed the band Binecks. In 2012, he formed the American-based band Broken Arrow with vocalist Nik Frost, who sang on the Siam Shade Tribute album.
On August 5 and 6, 2006, he held a concert called "Kyosuke Himuro + Glay 2006 at Ajonomoto-Stadium "Swing Addition"" with Japanese band Glay in Ajinomoto Stadium. In addition, Himuro released first collaborated single with Glay called "Answer" on August 2, 2006.
After being expelled from high school, Hotei traveled to Tokyo. He became better acquainted with his old bandmate Kyosuke Himuro, and they decided to hold auditions for a new band, which in 1981 became the six-member Boøwy. The band became major stars in Japan, even playing the Marquee in London in 1985. In 1986 they released their first million selling album, "Beat Emotion".
Matsui then began writing lyrics for groups such as Anzen Chitai, Kyosuke Himuro, Hound Dog, and others, becoming one of the more popular lyrcists for a variety of rock bands. He has now written the lyrics for over 2000 songs. Since the late 1980s, most of the lyrics for the music released by Anzen Chitai has been written by Matsui.
, better known by his stage name , is a Japanese lyricist, composer and poet. He has written over 2,000 songs for numerous artists such as Kyosuke Himuro, Takuro Yoshida and Junichi Inagaki and theme songs for anime series including "Dragon Ball Z". His younger brother is Hideharu Mori, keyboardist of the rock band Picasso.
Boøwy became an especially influential rock band, whose members included singer Kyosuke Himuro and guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei. Their three albums reached number one in 1988, making them the first male artists to have three number-ones within a single year. Subsequent Japanese rock bands were modeled on this band. Guitarist Tak Matsumoto, who supported TM Network's concerts, formed rock duo B'z with singer Koshi Inaba in 1988.
"Keep the faith" was co-written by the former Boøwy lead vocalist and lyricist Kyosuke Himuro (who later released a cover version of the song on a 2008 compilation of his) and SPIN, a frequent songwriter for the group. Koki Tanaka also provided his own rap verses whilst ha-j arranged the track. A hard rock number, the song was used as the theme song to Jin Akanishi and Junnosuke Taguchi's school comedy series, "Yukan Club", shown on NTV.
On September 21, the band appeared in a concert by Kyosuke Himuro held in Hokkaido. In December, the band continued their "Glay Verb Tour" in Japan, with four concerts in Zepp Sendai, Zepp Osaka, Zepp Nagoya and Zepp Tokyo for their fan-club members. On December 30 and 31 they played the "Glay Verb Tour Final "Come Together" 2008-2009", the third edition of their year-end countdown concert.
Hotei first began playing the guitar in junior high school. Inspired by a poster of T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan, he stole money from his mother's purse and bought a Stratocaster at fourteen years old. In high school, Hotei's band Blue Film finished runners up in a school contest to Death Penalty, a band led by Kyosuke Himuro. Hotei was expelled shortly before graduation, because, when warned about his long hair he replied "Jesus had long hair!".
In early 2009, Way and Japanese singer Kyosuke Himuro co-produced the new theme song for "Advent Children Complete", the Blu-ray director's cut of the movie sequel to the popular video game franchise, "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII". He is also credited with writing the lyrics, and singing alongside Himuro. The song, titled "Safe and Sound", was released on iTunes on April 29, 2009. "Safe and Sound" is only heard on the Japanese release of the film; the English release uses Himuro's "Calling" (the original ending theme for "Advent Children") in place of it. He also contributed vocals for the vocal mix of the deadmau5 song "Professional Griefers".