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kyong              hwakim              hyeok              jungkim              jinlee              jiwon              myong              yeop              jinkim              pyung              gyeong              sunkim              myeong              heelee              hyong              deuk              keun              jinpark              chulpark              heepark              keum              huikim              hyon              hyeon              ryeol              yook              pyong              junkim              youngoh              hyang              yeong              gwang              sookim              heon              kyeong              hyeong              okkim              shik              kwang              gyung              byoung              seol              byul              byeong              heekim              gyong              hyok              ryong              cheon              kyungkim             

Examples of "kyoung"
The girls all celebrate Hyeon-su's party and Su-kyoung gives her an expensive doll for a present. When lighting the cake, the same ghost girl that Su-kyoung saw appears next to Hyeon-su, but no one else can see her except Su-kyoung. The candles go out. In a hasty panic, Su-kyoung gets in the way of the cake (which was to be thrown at Hyeon-su) and then goes to the bathroom to wash her face. Su-kyoung admires her face for a second before she sees her face shredded in the reflection. She screams and runs from Hyeon-su's house.
2009 Kyoung Eun Kang, Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Pleasure, Envoy Enterprises, New York, NY February 24, 2009
Ou Kyoung-Jun (; born 10 December 1987) is a South Korean footballer.
Lee Kyoung-mi ( ; born December 1973) is a South Korean film director and screenwriter.
The line-up included Vanila Unity, Crow, Sangsang Band, Candy Man, Do Won Kyoung, Boohwal and Kim Jong Seo
An American version of the musical was selected by the Barrington Stage Company for the 2008 Musical Theater Lab. This workshop production was performed from July 10–26, 2008. This version had a book written by Kang Kyoung-ae and Mark St. Germain, music composed by Will Aronson, lyrics written by Kang Kyoung-ae, and additional lyrics contributed by William Finn.
The hash function was developed by Nan Kyoung Park, Joon Ho Hwang and Pil Joong Lee, and was released in 2000.
On Lexy's first album, "LEXURY", Teddy Park of 1TYM composed the song "Let Me Dance" and Song Baek Kyoung, also from 1TYM, composed the song "Up And Down".
Yoo Kyoung-Youl (born 15 August 1978) is a South Korean footballer who plays for Cheonan City in the Korea National League.
Kim Kyoung-hee (, born January 20, 1972), better known by her stage name So Chan-whee (), is a South Korean singer, best known for her 2000 song, "Tears".
The line-up included Emoticon, Super Kidd, Island City, Oh! Brothers, Vanila Unity, Vassline, Schizo, Transfixion, Do Won Kyoung, No Brain and YB
Choi Kyoung-rok (Hangul: 최경록; born 15 March 1995) is a South Korean footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for FC St. Pauli.
Lee Kyoung-hoon (born 24 August 1991) is a South Korean professional golfer who plays on the Tour and Japan Golf Tour.
Su-kyoung meanwhile has locked herself inside her room for days and refuses to see anyone. Her mother calls Yoon-hee and Hyeon-su to come and help. Su-kyoung lets Hyeon-su in and she tells her that there is something wrong with her face and that she can't help wanting to mess it up. Su-kyoung hears a voice say "pretty" and fearfully forces Hyeon-su out. The ghost girl appears and evilly says "I'll make you pretty." Su-kyoung's face begins to violently cut open. Hyeon-su and the other women manage to enter the room after Su-kyoung's screaming stops. Hyeon-su finds the dead Su-kyoung face down and flips her onto her back, revealing her face, now cut off on one side.
Si-bum dreams of becoming an actor. One day, he meets Su-kyoung and falls in love with her at first sight. With Si-bum around, Su-kyoung seems to get over her depression and her strained relationship with her father, but suddenly Su-kyoung disappears to confront her mother’s death. After receiving contact, Si-bum meets up with Su-kyoung at the sea and both escape their realities. Su-kyoung becomes severely injured in an accident, and in desperately struggling to save her, Si-bum steals money to pay her hospital bills. However, he had stolen from a gang who catches and forces him to work as a male escort. Si-bum uses his acting skills to cheer up a recovering Su-kyoung pretending he makes a living from acting. As his popularity rises as an escort, he follows Ho-su, his boss and mentor, to make more money in Seoul. One day he comes across one of his old friends and gets involved in a big fight.
The line-up included Oh! Brothers, The Metal Asia, Jeremy, Black Hole, Oathean, Wiretrap In My Ear, No Brain, Black Syndrome, Do Won Kyoung and N.EX.T
Lee Jay-Hyun has been chairman of CJ Group since March 2002. His older sister Lee Mi-kyoung is the vice chairman of the company.
Yi Kyoung-ja (Hangul: 이경자) is a South Korean author whose work focuses on the position of women in Korean society.
Papaya's first album, entitled 동화 ("Fairy Tale"), was distributed by One Star Music on August 4, 2000 and featured five members (Kang Se-jung, Joo Youn-jung, Jo Hye-kyung, Hwang Yoon-mi and Kang Kyoung-ah). Due to their unpopularity, Hwang Yoon-mi and Kang Kyoung-ah left the group before the release of their second album, "Violet", released on May 22, 2001 under the Cream Entertainment music label.
Meanwhile, Hyeon-su, Jae-hui and Su-kyoung wait at a bus stop while an old woman gives out fliers for her missing granddaughter. Su-kyoung is distant, troubled by earlier events. The bus arrives but Hyeon-su waits for her friend Sung-eon to come. Jae-hui shows instant dislike for Sung-eon, who is tomboyish and closer to Hyeon-su than her other friends: she also hasn't undergone plastic surgery.