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Examples of "kyritz"
The name Nick Knatterton is alluding to Nick Carter and Nat Pinkerton. Hist full name is Nikolaus Kuno Freiherr von Knatter. He was born in Kyritz (also called "Kyritz an der Knatter") to Casimir Kuno von Knatter and Corinna Pimpsberg.
René Rensch (born 18 March 1969 in Kyritz) is a German rowing cox.
Carl Diercke (born 15 September 1842 in Kyritz, Ostprignitz; died 7 March 1913 in Berlin) was a German cartographer.
The town is situated near the Kyritzer Seenkette, a chain of lakes. The town is nicknamed "Kyritz an der Knatter" (Kyritz at the Rattle). The noise of numerous water mills along a stream parallel to the river Jäglitz was the reason for this nickname. This river channel does not exist anymore.
The district has always been distinguishable from the West Prignitz, having been settled originally by Slavs from a different part of Mecklenburg. It was officially created in 1993 by merging the districts Kyritz, Neuruppin and Wittstock. The district roughly covers the same territory as the two historic districts Ostprignitz and Ruppin. Osprignitz was created in 1815 as one of two districts covering the former county Prignitz, and was split into the districts Kyritz, Pritzwalk and Wittstock in 1952. Also in 1952 the district Ruppin was renamed to Neuruppin and had to give part of its territory to the districts Kyritz and Gransee.
Björn Brunnemann (born 6 August 1980 in Kyritz, East Germany) is a German football player who plays for Berliner FC Dynamo.
The historical region Prignitz consisted of the following eleven districts, established in the 13th century: Wittenberge, Lenzen, Perleberg, Putlitz, Kyritz, Nitzow, Wittstock, Pritzwalk, Havelberg, Wusterhausen and Grabow.
Two country roads, the L14 from Kyritz to Lohm and the L141 from Neustadt (Dosse) to Breddin, cross in the village.
Kyritz () is a town in the Ostprignitz-Ruppin district, in Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated 28 km west of Neuruppin and 28 km southeast of Pritzwalk.
Matthias Döring (in the 1390s – 24 July 1469) was a German Franciscan historian and theologian. He was born and died at Kyritz, Brandenburg.
Toni Gänge (born 27 January 1988 in Kyritz) is a German footballer who plays as a defender for 1. FC Kaan-Marienborn.
The original plans for the Berlin–Hamburg Railway proposed a route via Kyritz, then seat of the district of Ostprignitz. However, the realised route runs further south through Neustadt (Dosse) and Wittenberge. As a replacement, Kyritz received a station at Zernitz. The fact that the main purpose of the station was not to meet a few local needs but instead to provide connections from places in the area is evident from the location of the station on the road from Kyritz to Lohm, some distance from the village of Zernitz. The station was not only intended as a station for Kyritz, but was also to serve the much more distant Wittstock. In the 1880s, the railway facilities were extended and the entrance building was enlarged.
In 2008, he became the President of the Management Board of Bioeton S.A. In this company, he carried out a capital investment which allowed for the takeover of BDK Kyritz GmbH, a German renewable energy company. In 2009, he became the President of the Management Board of BDK Kyritz GmbH in Germany. Ślak restructured the company, which involved restoring its financial liquidity. At that time, the company was in the state of so-called "temporary bankruptcy".
Jens Köppen (born January 6, 1966 in Kyritz, Germany) is a German rower, who competed for the "SG Dynamo Potsdam"/ "Sportvereinigung (SV) Dynamo". He won medals at international rowing competitions.
Wolfgang Katschner (born in 1961 in Kyritz) is a German lutenist and conductor. He is director of the ensembles Capella Angelica and Lautten Compagney which specialise in Baroque music—notably the operas of Handel.
Christian Hefenbrock born (15 May 1985 in Kyritz, Germany) is an international speedway rider who first rode in the UK for the Wolverhampton Wolves in the Elite League in 2006.
Rhinow () is a town in the Havelland district (Landkreis), in Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated 16 km north of Rathenow, and 22 km south of Kyritz. Rhinow is the administrative seat (Verwaltungssitz) of the Rhinow district (Amt).
In 1887, the town of Kyritz received a direct rail connection with the opening of the Meyenburg–Neustadt (Dosse) railway, so that Zernitz station subsequently mainly served traffic to the surrounding villages.
Wusterhausen (official name Wusterhausen/Dosse) is a municipality in the Ostprignitz-Ruppin district, in northwestern Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated on the river Dosse, 7 km southeast of Kyritz, and 75 km northwest of Berlin.
In 1994 and 1998, Bahr was the representative of Neuruppin-Kyritz-Wittstock-Pritzwalk-Perleberg. Since 2002 he has represented Prignitz-Ostprignitz-Ruppin-Havelland I in the Bundestag. In the Bundestag election of 2005 he recorded 38.5% of the primary vote.