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kwang              cheol              hyung              byung              seong              seung              chul              gyu              hyuk              seok              hwan              hyeong              kyoung              woong              beom              hyeok              suk              yook              wook              yeong              byul              joo              shik              jae              baek              hyeon              pyung              kyung              keun              taek              gyung              seon              hyun              jeong              kyeong              ryong              kyong              joong              myeong              heon              jaemin              jimin              gyeong              byun              deok              byeong              cheon              jeon              ryul              hyunsik             

Examples of "kyu"
The order of belts in TJF are: White (Novice or 8th Kyu), Yellow (7th Kyu), Orange (6th Kyu), Green (5th Kyu), Purple (4th Kyu), Light Blue (3rd Kyu), Dark Blue (2nd Kyu), Brown (1st Kyu), followed by the Dan grades, (see below).
Traditionally, the level of players has been defined using "kyu" and "dan" ranks. Kyu ranks are considered "student" ranks. Dan ranks are considered "master" ranks. Beginners who have just learned the rules of the game are usually around 30th kyu. As they progress, they advance numerically downwards through the kyu grades. The best kyu grade attainable is therefore 1st kyu. If players progress beyond 1st kyu, they will receive the rank of 1st dan, and from thereon will move numerically upwards through the dan ranks. In martial arts, 1st dan is the equivalent of a black belt. The very best players may achieve a "professional dan rank".
Note that this differs from the grading system used by many other martial arts in the UK: TJF uses two blue grades, dark blue and light blue (2nd and 3rd kyu, respectively) which are more senior than purple (4th kyu) whereas other styles often have a single blue grade (3rd kyu) junior to purple (2nd kyu).
Kyu Sakamoto Memorial Best is an album by Kyu Sakamoto released in 2005 by EMI in the UK. The songs are the best known of Sakamoto's career.
Lim Yong-kyu (born June 18, 1991) is a professional South Korean tennis player. Yong-Kyu represented South Korea in the 2013 Davis Cup.
"Midnight" was written by Yong Jun-hyung, Choi Kyu-sung, and Shinsadong Tiger; Kyu-sung and Tiger were the song's composers.
Pang Hseng, also known as "Pan Saing", "Kyu Koke" and "Kyu-hkök", is a town in Mu Se Township, Mu Se District, northern Shan State.
At the end of the drama, a short documentary about Lee Hoe-young aired, including an interview with his sons, Lee Kyu-chang and Lee Kyu-dong.
Koryu make no use of the popular kyu-dan ranking system. The gendai budo (modern budo forms), however, use the kyu-dan ranking system.
Choi Kyu-hah ( or ; July 16, 1919 – October 22, 2006), also spelled Choi Kyu-ha, was the fourth President of South Korea between 1979 and 1980.
This is a medium-sized (31 cm), dark woodpecker. It is dark brown in color with red-tipped feathers. It has white spots on the primaries. The head is a paler brown, with a dark red crown on the male and a blackish-brown one on the female. The call is a sharp whit call and a variable "kyu-kyu kup kup kup" or "kyu kyu kup".
Back at Utopia, Kyu-nam is ambushed by Cho-in, who then hangs him alongside Ali and Bubba. Kyu-nam escapes, but cannot save his friends in time. Cho-in takes Yeong-sook hostage and causes a large traffic accident to stop Kyu-nam; however, Kyu-nam survives as Ali's and Bubba's apparitions instruct him to activate a speed booster in his van, installed there by Ali. Kyu-nam corners Cho-in on a rooftop, where Kyu-nam is shot but manages to throw both of them onto the street below. Cho-in is killed by the fall while Kyu-nam, once again, lives; he notices Cho-in's toy figurine and reflects on whether in different circumstances, the two of them could have been friends.
Poetry Hwang Dong-Kyu Strong Wind at Misiryong English
In Gosoku-ryū, there are ten kyu ratings, as follows:
Silvia Bräsel Windbestattun (by Hwang Dong-Kyu) German
The white belt (10th Kyu) is assigned to beginning students, who then progress to brown belt (1st Kyu), before reaching black belt (Dan). Certain Shukokai Karate associations do not have a red belt grade, making the white belt a ninth Kyu. In addition, certain associations also require a probationary black belt grade ("Shodan-Ho") before progressing to fully fledged dan grading.
Enoeda wrote several books on karate, including: "Shotokan: Advanced kata" (1983, in three volumes), "Shotokan Karate" (1996), "Shotokan Karate: 10th Kyu to 6th Kyu" (1996), "Shotokan Karate: 5th Kyu to Black Belt" (1996), "Karate: Defence & attack" (1996, co-authored), and "Shotokan Karate: Free Fighting Techniques" (1999, co-authored).
Choi Yoon-jae (Oh Ji-ho) ends up in a car accident causing the passenger, his wife Kyu-eun (Kim So-yeon), to go into a coma. Park Yeon-seo (Jung Ryeo-won), Kyu-eun's best friend, is secretly in love with Yoon-jae. While Kyu-eun is in a coma, Yoon-jae and Yeon-seo begin an affair.
For all kyu (colored belt) tests, the candidate must demonstrate the mandated kata for their rank, karate basics, and sparring. Testing of a karateka is typically allowed every three months until 1st kyu is obtained. The minimum waiting period between 1st kyu and 1st dan is typically one year.
Kyu Sakamoto CD & DVD The best (Best: 上を向いて歩こう), is a Japanese album with 13 songs performed by Kyu Sakamoto and recorded by Toshiba EMI. A DVD with a live performance with Kyu Sakamoto also follows with the CD.