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Yoon Kyung-ah is a South Korean television screenwriter.
Park Kyung Ah (born ) was a South Korean female artistic gymnast, representing her nation at international competitions.
Some time later, Seon-ae pays visit to Hye-jin's apartment. Hye-jin tells her that they should forget everything, but Seon-ae speaks as if she is not herself. The camera turns to reveal Kyung-ah slowly slitting Seon-ae while saying "once Seon-ae is dead, we (Kyung-ah and Hye-jin) can be together...".
It was revealed that Kyung-ah was raped in high school, then attempted suicide. She is unable to engage with Eun-sik sexually, which frustrates him.
In the end, Kyung-ah is about to leave for America with Gi-joo but then realizes that she only loves Eun-sik.
In the semi-finals of the women's doubles, Guo and Li beat Jiang Huajun and Tie Yana of Hong Kong and Ding Ning and Guo Yan won against South Korea's Kim Kyung-Ah and Park Mi-Young.
Choi Kyung-ah (; born 20 September 1969) is a South Korean manhwa artist. Her popular series "Snow Drop" is a story about star-crossed teenagers So-na and Hae-gi who fall madly in love. She is married and has a son.
Having broken up with his girlfriend, law student Eun-sik is keen to consummate a new relationship with Kyung-ah, a popular swimming champion with a painful past. Despite help from his friends, Eun-sik begins to doubt himself when Gi-joo, a suave prosecutor, tries to compete for Kyeong-ah's affections.
Singapore, however, failed to win a single Olympic medal in Athens since the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, where Tan Howe Liang claimed silver in men's weightlifting. Table tennis player Li Jiawei narrowly missed the nation's first ever medal in 44 years, after losing out her match against South Korea's Kim Kyung-Ah for the bronze.
Kyung-ah is a Korean feminine given name. The meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 54 hanja with the reading "kyung" and 29 hanja with the reading "ah" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names.
Fukuhara qualified to participate in the 2004 Summer Olympics in the Asian zone qualifying tournament. The qualification entitled Fukuhara to compete in Athens, at the age of 15 years and 287 days, as the youngest-ever female table tennis player to debut in the Olympic Games. She reached the round of 16 in her first Olympic Games, losing to bronze medalist Kim Kyung-Ah.
Snow Drop (Korean:스노우 드롭) is a manhwa by Kyung-ah Choi. It was serialized from 1999–2004, becoming one of the most popular Sujeong (Korean shōjo titles). The title ""Snow Drop"" is also the name, in the storyline, for a book written by the family's mother, and her daughter runs a plant nursery called "Snow Drop".
In an experiment, done by Jae-Hyoung Song, Sung Wook Chae and Kyung-Ah Yoon and more, had proved that "Zanthoxylum coreanum" contains antiviral against PEDV (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus). Further studies are necessary to know what causes the antiviral against PEDV.
In 2014, Sunggyu casted in the musical "VAMPIRE" along with Super Junior's Sungmin and F.T. Island's Lee Hong-gi. In December 2014, he made another guest appearance on SBS "Running Man" episode 179 with Rainbow's Kim Jae-kyung, Lee Dong Wook, Park Soo Hong, Sung Kyung Ah, John Park and Kim Kyung Ho.
In May 2011, Jang along with fellow models Kim Jae-wook, Ji Hyun-jung, Han Hye-jin and Song Kyung-ah, co-authored a book titled "Top Model". It is based on their experiences in the industry and includes beauty, makeup and styling tips.
In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Li Jiawei, together with Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu, beat the South Korea Women's Table Tennis team, composed of Dang Ye-Seo, Kim Kyung-Ah and Park Mi-Young 3-2 in the semi-finals, assuring Singapore of at least a silver medal and ending Singapore's 48-year Olympic medal drought. Singapore faced host China in the gold medal final.
In the 2012 London Olympics, Feng Tianwei beat Kasumi Ishikawa from Japan 4-0 in the Table Tennis Women's Singles Bronze Medal Match, winning Singapore's first individual Olympic medal in 52 years. In the Table Tennis Women's Team Bronze Medal Match, Li Jiawei, together with Feng Tianwei and Wang Yuegu, beat the South Korea team composing Dang Ye-Seo, Kim Kyung-Ah and Seok Ha-Jung 3-0, winning another bronze medal.
Yunho had brief acting cameos on the first few years of his career. The members of TVXQ made their acting debuts in the SBS entertainment miniseries "Banjun Theater", appearing on six episodes that aired from February to March 2006. Yunho also made a two-episode guest appearance for the sitcom "Rainbow Romance". The group also filmed a second drama series "Vacation", and the drama was premiered to fans at the Yunsae University Main Auditorium in July 2006. Yunho starred in the episode "Cassiopeia" with Go Eun-ah and Woo Kyung-ah.
On 22 November 2008, despite crashing out of the singles event earlier, Li and her teammates Feng and Wang won the top title and US$8,000 at the ITTF Pro Tour ERKE German Open in Berlin. Li ended the year as top seed with Sun Beibei, achieving gold in the women's doubles at the ITTF Volkswagen Pro Tour Grand Finals in Macau on 14 December 2008, the first time that Singapore had won this event. They beat South Koreans Kim Kyung Ah and Park Mi-Young 11–5, 6–11, 11–9, 11–8, 11–4. Li was named "Today" newspaper's Singapore Athlete of the Year 2008.
In May 2011, along with fashion models Jang Yoon-ju, Ji Hyun-jung, Han Hye-jin and Song Kyung-ah, he co-authored "Top Model", a book based on their experiences in the industry. He also co-starred in "Golden Heart", a miniseries featuring Janice Man of Hong Kong, in which he spoke English. He completed filming for "Mary Stayed Out All Night" and enlisted for mandatory military service on 5 July 2011 for 21 months of active duty after five weeks of basic military training.