Synonyms for kyung_joo or Related words with kyung_joo

ji_seok              dong_hoon              yoon_jung              kang_tae              yoo_seung              hee_joo              seo_hyun              jung_hye              hyun_woo              go_kyung_pyo              eun_jung              jung_hee              eun_hee              kyung_hwan              tae_woong              hyun_soo              yoon_jae              yoo_jung              ji_hye              jung_hyun              kwang_soo              yun_seok              sung_hoon              myung_su              jung_gyu_woon              yoon_jong              jung_tae              jung_yong              hyun_jin              ji_hyun              choi_eun              jang_soo              yoon_ji              dong_wook              seo_yoon              jung_eun              soo_kyung              min_seok              jeong_seung              yeo_jin              yoon_seok              jin_sook              jung_hae              jung_soo              sang_wook              gong_hyung_jin              hee_kyung              min_hyuk              jung_hwa              seo_yeon             

Examples of "kyung_joo"
Ji-soo packed her things, and handed a bankbook containing assests for Joo-kyung. Joo-kyung initially refused, but accepted as she requested her to take good care of Ji-suk when she's abroad.
Kyung-ju, also spelled Kyung-joo, is a Korean unisex given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 54 hanja with the reading "kyung" and 56 hanja with the reading "ju" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names.
In 2012, Ha donated the proceeds from her first book, "At This Moment", to charity. The recipients of the book earnings, children's aid group Choi Kyung Joo Foundation and Yonsei University Hospital, announced their decision to set up a scholarship for prospective arts students and to subsidize treatment for deaf and blind children respectively. Sponsored by Ha, the organization has set up a "Hartist" (Ha + artist) scholarship to sponsor students who dream of careers in art.
Esther Kyung-Joo Keleana Hahn (born December 17, 1985) is a professional surfer and action sports personality. Before attending Yale University (class of 2008), Hahn built up an extensive surfing resume with wins and titles in the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association), the USSF (United States Surfing Federation), the ESA (Eastern Surfing Association), and the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals). In addition to surf competitions, Hahn appeared in many print ad campaigns for her sponsors and other major brands such as JanSport and Lexus. She has also made appearances at the ESPY Awards as well as other red carpet events.
The South Korean premiere of the musical using the original Broadway staging by Michael Grief, movement by Sergio Trujillo, lighting design by Kevin Adams, and original tour set by Mark Wendland was directed by Laura Pietropinto, former assistant director of the Broadway production. It was presented by Musical Heaven from November 2011 to February 2012 at the Doosan Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea. The cast included Kolleen Park and Ji-Hyun Kim as Diana, Kyung-Joo Nam and Jung-Yeol Lee as Dan, Ji-Sang Han and Jae-Rim Choi as Gabe and So-yeon Oh as Natalie. A revival of the production, with the same cast, ran from April–May 2013.
Nevertheless, Jungjong was determined to put Jo Gwang-jo to death. In the Annals, there was no official demand for Jo's death, not even by Hong Kyung-joo, Nam Gon, and Shim Jung, except for a petition by three Seunggyungwan students (as opposed to 300 who petitioned for his release). Nam Gon rather urged against executing Jo multiple times even as he was adding more and more names to the list of people to be purged through exile or dismissal. Yet Jungjong turned against Jo with the same intensity as when he favored him. He reinstated death sentence by poison for Jo less than a month after their exile. He fired many ministers who entreated on Jo's behalf including Chief State Councillor Jeong Gwang-pill, Deputy State Councillor Ahn Dang, and even War Minister Yi Jang-gon, who took part in arresting Sarim officials.
Kim Sun-ho is a horn player for the Mansoodae Art Company, Pyongyang's state orchestra. He comes from a well-to-do family in North Korea and is about to marry his sweetheart, War Memorial guide Lee Yeon-hwa. One day, Sun-ho's family receives a letter from his grandfather in Seoul, whom they had thought was dead. They begin to exchange letters, but when the authorities discover their correspondence, this puts the Kim family in grave danger. They decide to flee North Korea and defect to the South, where they are initially penniless and friendless. Devastated that he had to leave Yeon-hwa behind, Sun-ho works hard to save enough money to help her escape North Korea and join him. But one day, news reaches him that Yeon-hwa has married another man. Slowly he emerges from his heartbreak and despair to find a way to adapt to life in the South, and eventually marries a kind South Korean woman named Seo Kyung-joo. But his peaceful life is again disrupted when he learns that Yeon-hwa has defected to the South, and contrary to what he had heard, she isn't married at all.
Yoon Jae-in (Park Min-young) is a hardworking nurse who does not remember her past. In fact she is the daughter of Yoon Il-goo (Ahn Nae-sang) who was the president of a trading company. Yoon Il-goo was killed in a car accident orchestrated by his friend Seo Jae-myung (Son Chang-min), to make sure that Jae-myung takes over control of the company. When Jae-in's mother Eun-joo (Jang Young-nam) received news of her husband's accident she took Jae-in and drove to the hospital. However, due to heavy rain, they got into a car accident caused by Jae-myung's goons, which separated the mother and daughter. Jae-myung ordered Kim In-bae (Lee Ki-yeol) who works as his chauffeur to send Jae-in, who had lost all of her memories at the time, to an orphanage, where In-bae told her to never forget her name. 17 years later, In-bae's son, Young-kwang (Chun Jung-myung), is a baseball player and one of the league's most promising sluggers, but he's since been demoted to the minors. He had a fallout with his rival, Jae-myung's son, Seo In-woo (Lee Jang-woo), who not only comes from a rich family but is currently the league's top star. While injured, Young-kwang meets Jae-in, and she saves him with a blood transfusion. Under Jae-myung's orders, In-bae is chased and killed in an accident orchestrated by his goons, to prevent In-bae from revealing Jae-myung's dark secrets. Young-kwang decides to quit being a baseball player and owning his father's noodle shop. Jae-in also quits her job as a nurse to find a job with Young-kwang. In-woo finds himself disowned by his father, and the three of them apply for jobs at Jae-myung's office. Young-kwang and In-woo continue to vie for Jae-in's affections in a bitter rivalry that goes far back to their childhoods. Seo In-chul (Park Sung-woong) also enters their lives; his lover is Kim Kyung-joo (Kim Yun-joo), who happens to be Young-kwang's runaway sister. Then Eun-joo awakens from her coma.