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Examples of "laethem"
Jacob van Laethem, also Jacques van Lathem or Laethem, (1470–1528) was a Flemish painter of the Early Netherlandish painting era.
Van Laethem started his career as town crier in 1987. In 2000, Van Laethem became runner up in the World Town Crier Championships. In 2002, Van Laethem became European champion, which led to him being given the honor of organizing the 2004 European Championships in his home town Ninove. In 2006. he won another European title.
In 2005, Van Laethem was made an honorary citizen of Ninove.
Hans Van Laethem (February 7, 1960) is the town crier of Ninove and former reigning World, European and Belgian champion of town crying.
It is sometimes presumed that Bernard van Orley completed his art education in Rome in the school of Raphael, however there are no reliable sources to prove this. At that time, there were only a few painters with some renown in Brussels, such as Van Laethem and painters from the Coninxloo family. It is therefore much more likely that he was initially taught in the workshop of his father, an obscure painter whose name appears as "master" in the "Liggere" (registers) of the Guild of St. Luke of Antwerp and who had several pupils.
Amorroma takes part in the musical program Les Tisserands with vocal-music group Zefiro Torna and jazz duo Traces. The program is related to the religion grouping Cathars of the Middle Ages. The name Les Tisserands means weavers, the occupation that they often were practising. This musical program is from the present with influences of the middle ages, the renaissance, the baroque, jazz and folk. In the music are medieval lyrics used with some original melodies and some melodies are composed by Els van Laethem. All instrumental melodies are composed by Jowan Merckx.
Founded in 1928 at the instigation of the insurance broker Léon Eeckman and of the painters Anto-Carte and Louis Buisseret, the Groupe Nervia was a Belgian artistic circle, the purpose of which was to foster Walloon art, obscured by the Flemish Expressionism of the Laethem-Saint-Martin School, by supporting young talented artists of Hainaut. It included, in addition to Anto-Carte, eight other painters: Louis Buisseret, Frans Depooter, Léon Devos, Léon Navez, Pierre Paulus, Rodolphe Strebelle, Taf Wallet and Jean Winance. Nervia's art claims a Latin essence and is more realistic, lyric and intimist than their northern neighbors’. In addition to their obvious skills, Nervia’s artists refused avant-garde at all costs, deeply studied other artists, and expressed a sort of neo-humanism through themes taken from everyday and family life, treated with harmony and idealism.
Jacob van Laethem seems to have been involved in major projects of ceremonial decoration. In 1497 for instance, he was responsible for the decoration of the church Paleis op de Koudenberg on the occasion of the requiem masses sung in memory of Johan of Aragon, the Crown Prince of Aragon and Castile. Three years later in 1500, he worked as a decorator at the ceremonies at the death of Albert III, Duke of Saxony, was involved in the decoration of the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent, then St. Janskerk, for the celebration of the baptism of Charles V on 7 March 1500, and executed a manuscript for Maximilian I. There have been preserved in the Écaussinnes-Lalaing Castle four works that would have been donated by the Spanish court. The subjects of the works are: