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Examples of "lake_kiskissink"
From Algonquin and Montagnais, this name means "little cedar" in the past, the lake Kiskissink was designated "Cedar Lake". The name “Lake Kiskissink” was officially registered on December 5, 1968 at the Bank of place names in Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Québec).
The lake is fed mostly on the east side by the discharge of the Lake Kiskissink; the latest is fed from the South by the discharge of Lescarbot Lake. Lake Kiskissink length is made parallel to the “Grand Lake Bostonnais”. From the mouth of Lake Kiskissink, this segment of Bostonnais River has a length of 8.2 km (a river of 3.8 km, then a strait of 4.4 km long which is an arm of Grand Lake Bostonnais). Between the two lakes is forestry center called Van Bruyssels.
The locality (village) of Kiskissink is located at the end of a long bay at the north-west of Lake Kiskissink.
The Lake Kiskissink is located in the La Tuque (urban agglomeration), in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada. The area surrounding the lake is administered by the Zec Kiskissink
The mouth of the lake is at the top of the left arm of the V. River outlet of Lake Lescarbot is 3.2 km long (measured by water) and flows to the south of Lake Kiskissink.
The name "Zec Kiskissink" originates from Lake Kiskissink, one of its major water bodies, located in the north-eastern part of the territory. This lake is located about 400 meters, just south of the line of the watershed between the Lake Saint-Jean and Saint-Maurice River; therefore it is part of the watershed of the St. Lawrence River. With a length of 12 km and a width of 1.4 km, Lake Kiskissink receives water from lakes Lescarbot and Ventadour, located to the south.
Lake Vendatour, Lake Lescarbot, Lake Kiskissink and a segment of the Bostonnais River form on 23 km in north-south direction a chain of water bodies which discharge into the Bostonnais River from the north; the latest flows into the Saint-Maurice River where it pours in La Tuque.
The first non-indigenous farmers of this area and the first settlers arrived in the late 1800s, mainly due to the arrival of the railway from Montreal and passing by Lac-Édouard. The route of this railway passes on the west side of the northern half of Lake Kiskissink, to serve the hamlets Kiskissink and Van Bruyssels.
This chain of water bodies is located parallel to the west of the Métabetchouane River. In contrast, it is discharged into the Lac Saint-Jean. The distance between the Métabetchouane River and the major lakes are: Lake Kiskissink (2.5 km), Lake Lescarbot (4.8 km) and Lake Ventadour (5.4 km).
This river of 96 km takes its sources in main lakes, located at almost highest elevation in the mountains : the lake Ventadour on Lake Lescarbot on Lake Kiskissink and Grand Lake Bostonnais, in the heart of the Zec Kiskissink. In upper-Bostonnais, from the small lake “du Chalet” (an affluent of lake Ventadour), water flows from one lake to the other up to the mouth of Grand Lake Bostonnais.
The Kiskissink lake is fed by the south by the discharge of Lake Lescarbot feeds the head of the Bostonnais River. From the mouth (located at the North) of Lake Kiskissink, a segment of the Bostonnais River flowing north, then west, has a length of 8.2 km (3.8 km which river and along the Strait of 4.4 km which is a long bay Grand Lake Bostonnais).
Several artifacts from Amerindian prehistory have been found in this area of the Haute-Mauricie where thirty sites of archaeological potential were identified. Several indigenous, usually semi-nomadic communities were passing through this area at different times. Because of the separation between the upper-Métabetchouane River and the upper-Saint-Maurice River, this sector has become an area of transition between the two watersheds. For example, in 1630, Aboriginal communities were passing through this area for which lake Kiskissink was a center of interest.
Lake Kiskissink feeds the Bostonnais River and Grand Lake Bostonnais. The arrival of the railroad in the early 1890s, linking Hervey-Jonction and Lac-Saint-Jean, led to the implementation of a hunting and club near the lake outlet. Some pioneers implemented a hamlet. A post office was laid in 1889 under the name Kiskising; it was renamed Kiskissink in 1963 and closed in 1972. Today this hamlet is deserted and became a place called Kiskissink. This appellation of origin is both Algonquin and Montagnais and serve on small cedar. In Algonquin language, it consists of kijik, cedar, iss, a diminutive and ing, a renta. In Montagnais, the first component is kisk, the other being identical to Algonquin. The lake has long been known as Cedar Lake.