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Examples of "lalley"
Lalley is a commune in the Isère department in southeastern France.
Delta Chi Xi was officially founded by Kara J. Wade, Jennifer R. Cheek, and Kristina M. Rogers under the guidance of Robin Gee. The fourteen original charter members were Jennifer Cheek, Whitleigh Cook, Molly Derrickson, Lauren Drake, Rebekah Gonzalez, Joy Kelly, Andrea Lalley, Ann Brady Lewis, Margaret Moncure, Meredith Shaver, Carrie Simpson, Kristi Townsend, Kara Wade, and Ruth Ward.
Bootsauce was a Juno Award-winning Canadian rock band based in Montreal in 1989. The band was composed of Drew Ling (real name Drew Thorpe) (vocals), Pere Fume (real name Perry Johnson) (guitar), Sonny Greenwich Jr. (guitar), Alan Baculis (bass guitar), and John “Fatboy” Lalley (drums). Their style combined soul, funk and metal sounds.
The band's follow-up album, "Sophomoric", was released in 1997, including the singles "Empty Cell" and "Oh No Joe". Perkins left the band that year and was replaced by John Lalley. Perkins left the group due to creative differences and released an electronic album independently with Andrew Massey under the name "Blu Pernu".
In 1916, Walt Lalley, now the team's manager, recruited a black bear cub from Maine to take the place of Touchdown I. Although Touchdown II represented Cornell on the sidelines for the latter part of the season, he was kept under close protection off the field to prevent another kidnapping attempt.
Northside also offers special education services for incoming students with diagnosed disabilities. The school's Office of Specialized Services helps to arrange appropriate accommodations. Given its extremely competitive academic environment, Northside successfully lobbied the Chicago Board of Education to eliminate class rankings. This effort was led by former principal Dr. James Lalley.
The next week, the football team took a trip to Atlantic City before the big Thanksgiving game against the University of Pennsylvania. At this point in the season, Touchdown had begun go into hibernation and was less vivacious than he was earlier in the season. When Touchdown was woken to pose for pictures with the football team on a boardwalk at Atlantic City, he instead ran into the nearest door open. After running wild in a taffy shop, Touchdown escaped down a pier and jumped into the ocean. Two football players, Booty Hunkin and Walt Lalley, used a life raft with no paddles to rescue Touchdown who was unable to swim. Touchdown walked back to the hotel alone.
In "Our Jungle Diplomacy," Sands pointed out that United States policy in South America was creating a perception among Latin Americans that the U.S. was intending to absorb their continent. He noted that the Japanese took US foreign policy in the region as a precedent to justify their own imperialistic plans in Asia. In his November 25, 1944 review of the book, in The Saturday Review, Ambassador Charles Yost wrote: “The episodes and anecdotes with which the book abounds catch the flavor of existence in those informal days and passionate climes” Yost goes on to say that the book argues “that in foreign policy our grasp exceeded our reach. The book moves from this premise…to the somewhat startling conclusion that we are responsible for Japanese imperialism…A similar lack of proportion and balance would seem to characterize the conclusion…that we are still the Big Bad Wolf of the Western Hemisphere.” When the book sticks to being “a memoir on the olden days…the book is delightful and rewarding.” But, continued Yost, when the author and his collaborator [Joseph M Lalley] comment on “the burning issues of the moment…the result is not impressive, since their political conclusions are based on data the collection of which apparently ceased about the year 1910.”
Bud Bowl I was aired in 1989 during the telecast of Super Bowl XXIII. It was originally created in the D'arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Account Service Dept by Tom Gooch and Rich Lalley who were looking for a way to strategically be involved with the Super Bowl. David Henke and Bill Oakley of D'arcy Masius Benton & Bowles were the creative team behind the original Bud Bowl. The 3D computer graphics promotional spots preceding the game commercials were made by San Francisco Production Group. The stop-motion filming process was painstaking, involving eight hours of work to produce just three seconds of footage. Bud Bowl II was shot with stop motion animation by Broadcast Arts in NYC. Bud Ice and Bud Dry would make appearances in later Bud Bowls. Beer bottles with the voices of Terry Bradshaw and Tom Landry (the latter of which was topped with Landry's distinctive fedora) also made appearances. It has been jokingly said that the Bud Bowl was actually more exciting than the Super Bowl itself in some years. Starting with the fourth edition, a consumer contest was tied to the commercials, with game pieces distributed in the product packaging. Gambling on the outcome of the Bud Bowl was also common, despite the fact that some people knew the results before the actual airing.