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Examples of "lamarca"
The City Hall of Ipupiara built a public square in the location where Lamarca died. It is equipped with a playground, a fountain, a canteen, an amphitheatre and a statue of Lamarca. The Praça Capitão Carlos Lamarca ("Captain Carlos Lamarca Public Square") was inaugurated on January 13, 2007. The city also paid a tribute to Lamarca by creating a law which added September 17, the day of his death, to the list of local holidays.
"Primigenia", paintings and collage, Galería Scappini-Lamarca.
LaMarca has toured supporting St. Vincent, The Building, Gym Deer,
"Asunción, los escenarios de la utopía", Galería Scappini-Lamarca.
Vincent Anthony LaMarca is a former police detective. His story was adapted to the film "City by the Sea", where he was portrayed by Robert De Niro. LaMarca currently lives in Florida.
During his rule guerrilla movement led by Carlos Marighela, leader of Ação Libertadora Nacional and Carlos Lamarca was mostly destroyed and Marighela and Lamarca killed. Revolutionary Movement 8th October was suppressed and Araguaia Guerrilla War won.
Famous members included Fernando Gabeira, Carlos Lamarca, Stuart Angel, and Franklin Martins.
Russell J. LaMarca is a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
In late 2010, bassist Jim LaMarca retired from the band. Chimaira released the following statement regarding his departure
Assistant U.S. Attorney Darren LaMarca told Judge Wingate that a grand jury was considering charges against additional people.
LAMARCA LANGA, G. "Félix Latassa. Apuntes biográficos". (Revista de Historia Jerónimo Zurita, 72 [1997], pp. 185–193).
Yavelberg was killed two days before Lamarca, under suspicious circumstances in an apartment in Salvador, capital of Bahia.
In the same year, Lamarca commanded the kidnap of the Swiss Ambassador Giovanni Enrico Bucher, with the purpose of switching him for political prisoners in Rio de Janeiro; in this kidnapping, the Federal Police Agent Hélio Carvalho de Araújo was shot to death by Lamarca. Araújo was in charge of the Swiss Ambassador's security.
In 1956, in the biggest case of his career, Gulotta prosecuted Angelo LaMarca in the kidnap-murder of 33-day-old Peter Weinberger; LaMarca was executed. Gulotta held the district attorney office until 1958, when he was first elected to the state's Supreme Court. He joined the Appellate Division in 1971 and retired in 1977. He was a senior associate justice until 1983.
Lamarca was married to Maria Pavan, who was his foster sister, and had two children with her. His wife went into exile in Cuba because of the risks she was facing in Brazil. Lamarca also became romantically linked to Yara Yavelberg, a partner in his anti-dictatorship activities.
LaMarca co-founded Primary Records with his friend Oren Kessler in 2011 in Brooklyn, New York. On the label is LaMarca's band The Building: a group spawned from his Youngstown roots, including his brother Angelo, wife Megan, and other long time collaborators. LaMarca stated that The Building is "getting ready to release their record "The Swooshy Businessman"".
Carlos Lamarca was interpreted by Paulo Betti in two films, both of them directed by Sérgio Rezende. The first was Lamarca's own biopic and the other was a movie about fashion designer Zuzu Angel Jones, whose Brazilian American son was a member of the Revolutionary Movement 8 October alongside Lamarca.
He was the head coach of Argentina for three times, from 1979 to 1980, with Aitor Otaño, from 1990 to 1991, with Guillermo Lamarca, and in 1992, with José Luis Imhoff. He and Lamarca were head coaches at the 1991 Rugby World Cup, where the "Pumas" were eliminated in the 1st round, after losing all the three games.
Paulo Sérgio Betti was born on September 10, 1952 in Rafard, a small town in the state of São Paulo. In over thirty years of career, Betti has acted in over 20 "telenovelas" and in 21 feature films. His most notable role was as the revolutionary Captain Carlos Lamarca in "Lamarca" (1994) and "Zuzu Angel" (2006), both directed by Sérgio Rezende. For his role in "Lamarca", he won the São Paulo Association of Art Critics Award for Best Film Actor in 1995. He also hosted the show "Novos Nomes em Cena" of Canal Brasil, where he interviewed young Brazilian actors.
The Gruta da Capelinha was the hiding place of Captain Carlos Lamarca and his 16 guerrillas of the Popular Revolutionary Vanguard (VRP) in 1969.