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uplight              torchiere              shinning              lightings              darks              floodlight              lightthe              luminarie              streetlamp              andled              streetlamps              unlighting              glows              strobable              brightens              lighta              lightbulbs              uplighting              redflashing              lightand              lumination              downlights              superbright              flickered              scialytic              downlighting              twinkling              metalhalide              lightin              glowed              sunlit              lampwick              lampshades              shadowless              arealights              dappled              glisten              nightlights              stripled              luminant              theled              twinkles              luminary              footcandles              floodlighting              glimmering              illumined              mainlight              unlighted              grolux             

Examples of "lamplight"
Lamplight Analytics was launched in November 2014.
"Harmony in Red: Lamplight" (GLAHA 46315), a full-length portrait.
2004 Dublin By Lamplight in collaboration with The Corn Exchange
Lamplight Analytics primarily offers a freemium SaaS product (called Lamplight) to its users. The company also provides a suite of added enterprise-level services including reporting, data & platform integration, influencer identification, customization and consulting services.
In September 2015, Lamplight Analytics raised US$1.5 million in seed fundingwith the round led by Vectr Ventures.
A Philosopher by lamplight (also known as "A Hermit studying anatomy") is a painting by Joseph Wright of Derby. It is not known when Wright painted the picture, but it was first exhibited in 1769 in London with the Society of Artists. This was one of the earliest of many lamplight or candlelight paintings and portraits for which Wright is famed.
Lamplight Analytics is a social media analytics company headquartered in Hong Kong. The company provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) social media platform called Lamplight that allows users to capture and aggregate data from social media, blogs, boards, forums and other media online.
Her painting, "Lamplight", described as a notable work by "The New York Times", was shown at the National Academy of Design show in April 1891.
Magee has a modern auditorium and local arts group include Artists Mississippi, the Simpson County Arts Council, and the Lamplight Theatre.
Companies of all sizes and industries use Lamplight, including MNCs such as KPMG, Lane Crawford, Live Nation Entertainment, SMEs companies, NGOs, startups and independent brands.
Wedmore has a number of annual village festivals, a summer street fair, "Wedmore by Lamplight" street fair at Christmas, and a large Harvest Home and village parade on the playing field each year.
Rock On is the debut album of singer/songwriter David Essex. Its lead single and title track, "Rock On", is still Essex's best known song in the United States. "Lamplight" was also a hit, and the album contains three covers.
The Lamplight Arts Centre, founded in 1960 and entirely refurbished in 2003, hosts concerts and recitals by local and national musical acts as well as small plays, exhibitions, classes and seminars.
The Baron and Felicity share a frank, almost intimate, moment in the Dorr garden. With faces bathed in moon and lamplight, he offers her chocolates but warns her that his soldiers are "an invading army - men without women".
"Then said Mrs. Hauksbee to me - she looked a trifle faded and jaded in the lamplight - 'Take my word for it, the silliest woman can manage a clever man; but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool.'
In Eugène Sue's The Mysteries of Paris, the villain Jacques Ferrand experiences a fit described as cataleptic in his final confrontation with Rodolphe, blinded by lamplight and hallucinating with visions of his fantasized Cecily.
Richard and James Larcombe contributed remixes to Max Tundra’s download-only covers album "Best Friends" in 2008 ( Richard remixed "Lamplight On A One-Horse Shoe" as "The Singing Doctor" and James remixed "The Balaton" as "Oakeshott").
Lamplight Analytics is frequently cited by media, including Forbes, the South China Morning Post, VentureBeat, and The Hollywood Reporter, for its relevant insights and research on Asia-specific trends and industries.
The flip side of the single was "Lamplight" on which Robin Gibb sang the lead. Robert Stigwood, the Bee Gees manager chose "First of May" for the A-side. No other singles were released from the "Odessa" album, as Robin Gibb already had left the group. The song was partially responsible for Robin's brief departure from the Bee Gees, because he had wanted his song, "Lamplight," to be the album's first single, while Barry preferred "First of May." In the end, Barry's judgment won, relegating "Lamplight" to the B-side and as a result Robin quit the band, but he returned a year later. "First of May" debuted at #55 in "Cash Box" magazine charts the week of March 22nd 1969.
In the late 1880s, Degas also developed a passion for photography. He photographed many of his friends, often by lamplight, as in his double portrait of Renoir and Mallarmé. Other photographs, depicting dancers and nudes, were used for reference in some of Degas's drawings and paintings.