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Examples of "lampshades"
Modern lampshades can be classified by Shape, by Material, by Fitter, or by Function
Alsy Manufacturing manufactured electric lamps and lampshades from 1975 through 1991.
Lampshades are classified in 4 basic shapes: drum, empire, bell or coolie depending on their shape.
Melin Tregwynt operates a cafe at the mill and a shop that sells clothing, bags, lampshades and ceramics.
Broken Compass Hostel used all sorts of bottles as internal windows, sources of natural light and lampshades.
He continues to write and to perform live, now under the name of his new musical project, "The Fabulous Lampshades."
There are two notable allegations of lampshades made from human skin. After World War II it was claimed that Nazis had made lampshades from murdered concentration camp inmates. In the 1950s murderer Ed Gein, possibly influenced by the stories about the Nazis, made a lampshade from the skin of one of his victims.
"The Lampshades", her comedy lounge act with veteran improviser Scot Robinson, has been running in Hollywood at the iO WEST stage for over four years and was seen at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. "The Lampshades" was "New York" magazine's "LA Pick" for 2006 and was declared "Best Saturday Comedy Show of the Year" by "LA Weekly".
By 1956, lampshades and pillboxes were said to be overtaking the previously popular mushroom and cartwheel designs at Ascot races. A reviewer of the opening day's fashions noted: "1956 must be dismissed as an unspectacular year. Gone were the cartwheels and giant mushrooms of other years, and in their place were pill-boxes (Princess Margaret), lampshades (Princess Alexandra) and various derivations of the beret".
Muller Frères were French glassmakers located in Lunéville, France. They were renowned for producing art nouveau glassworks such as vases and lampshades.
The band consists of Dan Blackett, Jemma Freeman, Heloise Tunstall-Behrens and Luisa Gerstein. They were previously called Lulu and the Lampshades.
On May 29, Modest Mouse played two new songs during their headline of the Sasquatch festival. The songs were called "Poison the Well" and "Lampshades on Fire."
Poul Christiansen made new designs for Le Klint from 1967 to 1978, including the successful Sinus line created by combining sinus curves which, when folded, form spherical lampshades.
He talks of Ovaltine and Sturmey-Archer bicycle gears. "Oh! Fuller's angel cake, Robertson's marmalade," he writes, "Liberty lampshades, come shine on us all."
Gas light had to be filtered by opal glass or light fabric shades. Lampshades were no longer used to direct the light but to attenuate it.
In the Lulu and the Lampshades (and newer) performances, this is the right hand which slaps down flat onto the table.
As of June 2011, Alexander currently plays with The Fabulous Lampshades, who regularly perform charity gigs in London in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.
"Cups" is a version of the 1931 Carter Family song "When I'm Gone", usually performed a cappella with a cup used to provide percussion, as in the cup game. It was first performed this way in a YouTube video by Lulu and The Lampshades in 2009 (under the title "You're Gonna Miss Me"). Composition of the song is credited to A. P. Carter and Luisa Gerstein of Lulu and the Lampshades.
Lampshades are made of fabric, parchment, glass, Tiffany glass, or plastic. Common fabric materials include silk, linen, cotton, or even paper. Fabric shades are reinforced by metal frames to give the lampshades their shape, while paper shades can hold their shape without support. For this reason, paper shades can be more fragile than fabric shades. Darker shades sometimes add a reflective liner such as gold or silver in order to maximize light output.
"The Rudy Casoni Variety Show" – Rat Pack review hosted by Toby Huss. Music by Andy Paley & The Dago 5. Performers include Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, Billy the Mime, The Lampshades, Pat Healy, and Mark Fite.