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Examples of "lanctot"
Neil Lanctot (born 1966) is an American historian and author.
49 yds - Adam Lanctot, SUNY Brockport vs. College of New Jersey, 11/5/05
Season: 95.8 (23-24) - Mark Sedlock, Frostburg State, 2005 and
Adam Lanctot, SUNY Brockport, 2005
Gustave Lanctot, , also spelled Gustave Lanctôt, (5 July 1883 – 2 February 1975) was a Canadian historian and archivist.
Denise Lanctot of "Entertainment Weekly" gave the film an "A" and praised the "first-class orchestral score" and its "tail-thumping" songs.
In December 2015, Lanctot signed a deal with Riverhead, an Penguin Random House imprint, to publish his fourth book, which will explore America's path to involvement in World War I. Expected publication is 2017 or 2018.
Lesley Lehane (USA XC, 3k Indoors), Matthew Smith (British XC), Karl Rasmussen (Norwegian XC), Are Nakkim (Norwegian 5k, 10k), Eirik Hansen (Norwegian 5k), Jennifer Lanctot (NCAA mile), Dean Crowe (NCAA 5000).
Due to a lack of collegial competition in the computer technology field in 2003, a group of students from McGill University (Denis Lebel, Olivier Hébert, Marc Lanctot, Julian Wolfson, Marc Boscher, Alexandre Denault, and Miriam Zia) created the CS Games that combined a dozen 3-hour academic and social competitions.
In late 2006 and early 2007, Lanctot made the news concerning his Order of Canada medal which was put up for auction on eBay. It was later removed since the auction is against eBay rules. However, the auction appeared to proceed via e-mail.
He co-founded, published and art directed Virus International, a contemporary arts magazine and Virus Montréal (1978-1984) the radical French language arts and entertainments magazine which gave voice to writers such as Jacques Lanctot, Rober Racine, Patrick Schupp and Richard Martineau.
William Hayhurst (December 31, 1887 – May 19, 1975) was a farmer, principal, teacher, businessman and a Canadian federal politician. He was born in Lyvennet Mill, Morland, England. Married Edna Mattern. Father of William LeRoy Hayhurst (born May 25, 1925; died February 27, 2011), Dea Crompton and Grace Lanctot (died August 13, 1998).
Lanctot was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1987 with a B.A. in English. He subsequently earned an M.A. in American History from Temple University in 1992 and a Ph.D. from the University of Delaware in 2002.
Shibe was a leader of the local baseball fraternity no later than the 1870s. According to Neil Lanctot, the Shibe club was the most notable nonprofessional club in operation 1877 to 1881, when there was no professional league team based in Philadelphia after the demise of the original Athletics.
The first two meeting were held at the Hedge’s home. The third meeting was held on June 26, 1939, at the Cabanne Branch of the Saint Louis Public Library. It was at that meeting that Carolyn Meyer joined the guild and new officers were elected: Wendell Chilton, President; Ruth Rubin, office not specified; Doritha Lanctot, corresponding secretary; Robert Rowlson, office not specified.
Since controversy has come to light surrounding the circumstances of the Battle of Long Sault, modern historians have challenged traditional visions of Dollard as a hero in Quebec culture. Notable historians on this subject include E. R. Adair and Gustave Lanctot.
Corrigan is the widow of Joseph D. Grano, a professor of constitutional law at Wayne State University. She has two children: Megan Grano, a comedian with Second City in Chicago, and Daniel Grano, an associate attorney with Flood, Lanctot, Connor & Stablein, PLLC, a law firm in Royal Oak, Michigan.
Lanctot says the team disbanded during the 1911 season, forced by player defections (citing the "New York Age" of August 3, evidently). The new Lincoln Giants of New York City had signed "several players, including Louis Santop and Dick Redding". Many clubs claimed the tradition: by 1914 there were North, South, East, and West versions of "Philadelphia Giants" and also "East End Giants of Germantown".
Simon & Schuster published a biography of Campanella in 2011 written by Neil Lanctot, author of "Negro League Baseball – The Rise and Ruin of a Black Institution". The book is entitled "Campy – The Two Lives of Roy Campanella". The book reveals new details about Campanella's near-fatal car accident and his stormy relationship with Jackie Robinson. It also provides the most comprehensive look at Campanella's Negro league career, including newly compiled year-by-year statistics.
Triacontakaidecimal is another alternative design for Base 32, that extends hexadecimal in a more natural way. First proposed by Christian Lanctot, a programmer working at Sage software, in a letter to "Dr. Dobb's" magazine in March 1999 as a proposed solution for solving the Y2K bug and referred to as "Double Hex". RFC 4648 uses base32hex as name for this encoding deployed in RFC 2938.
Sweeney served as a Delaware Family Court Master presiding over cases involving domestic relations matters from 1981 to 1983. She then became a litigation associate from with the firm of Fedorko, Gilbert, & Lanctot, in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, until 1985, handling civil and criminal cases, including commercial litigation, personal injury, domestic relations, real property and estates. From 1985 to 1987, she served as law clerk to Loren A. Smith, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims.