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Examples of "landmann"
Michael Landmann was the son of economist Julius Landmann and philosopher Edith Landmann. Philologist Georg Peter Landmann is his brother. His parents were friends of Stefan George and were connected to the "Georgekreis", a circle of writers inspired by George.
Since 1939, Michael Landmann was married to the Jewish writer Salcia Landmann, born Passweg.
Landmann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Der Landmann ('The Farmer') was a German-language weekly newspaper. It was the organ of the German Section of the Siberian Bureau of the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik). It was initially published from Omsk in 1924, but later moved to Novosibirsk after its May 28, 1925 issue. Löffler served as the editor of "Der Landmann" "Der Landmann" was closed down in 1930.
After both Michael Krausert and Barbara Heinemann Landmann lost the gift of
Michael Landmann (16 December 1913, Basel – 25 January 1984, Haifa) was a Swiss-Jewish philosopher.
Although the were widely publicised, they were only one part of a wider backlash that the authorities choreographed following the killing of Gerhard Landmann. Under the cover of what was presented as a police manhunt a brutal wave of arrests and persecutions was launched, which later came to be known as the "Landmann Wave" (""Landmann-Welle""). Several hundred "special court" trials ensued. In August 1933 the city authorities erected a memorial tablet dedicated to Gerhard Landmann. In January 1934 the , a former regional head office and publishing building that the Nazis had confiscated from the SPD early in 1933, was rechristened as the Gerhard Landmann House, although other sources indicate that it had by that time already been known less formally by that name since July of the previous year. (It would revert to its pre-1933 name in 1945.)
Dr. Ludwig Landmann (May 18, 1868 in Mannheim – March 5, 1945 in Voorburg, Netherlands) was a liberal German politician of the Weimar Republic. Landmann belonged first to the National Social party, then the Progressive People's Party, and finally, after the German revolution of 1918, the German Democratic Party.
Gerhard Landmann was born in Braunschweig. His father was a buildings inspector. Landmann trained for a commercial career and then had various jobs. At one stage he was a candidate for a job with the city council. Long before 1933 he joined the Nazi party, and in 1932 he joined its quasi-military wing, identified in sources as the SS (Schutzstaffel / ""Protection Squadron"").
Son of Isaac Landmann, professor of artillery and fortification at the Royal Military Academy, George Landmann was born at Woolwich and became a cadet at the Academy on 16 April 1793 before joining the Royal Engineers as second lieutenant on 1 May 1795.
He eventually moved from Mannheim to Frankfurt, where he became Mayor of Frankfurt from 1924 until 1933 and led a significant expansion of the city. Through reorganizations and construction, Landmann gave the city new luster. Landmann was the first Jewish mayor of Frankfurt.
Since his father had worked in Kiel, Landmann attended a gymnasium there from 1927 to 1933. Having returned to Switzerland, he studied philosophy, psychology and German studies at the University of Basel. Herman Schmalenbach, Paul Häberlin und Walter Muschg were among his teachers. 1939 he received his doctorate with a thesis on Socratic philosophy as an ethic of values ("Der Sokratismus als Wertethik"). After assisting Schmalenbach and Karl Jaspers, Landmann earned his habilitation under the mentorship of Otto Friedrich Bollnow at the University of Mainz. From 1951 till 1978 Michael Landmann was Professor of philosophy at the Free University of Berlin. His main field of study was philosophical anthropology
The remaining land use is predominantly industrial, including waste and recycling processing facilities on Landmann Way and a London Overground maintenance depot.
On 23 February 1809 Landmann was granted a commission as lieutenant-colonel in the Spanish engineers, remaining in Cadiz and helping plan fortifications of the city.
After both Michael Krausert and Barbara Heinemann Landmann lost the gift of Inspiration, Christian Metz was left as the sole leader of the Inspirationists.
Gerhard Landmann (6 May 1904 - 29 June 1933) was a German businessman and SS man. He came to wider prominence after he was shot dead.
Otto Landmann (31 August 1888 – 7 November 1975) was a former Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon and Melbourne in the Victorian Football League (VFL).
On the night of 29/30 June 1933 Landmann was involved in a manhunt in Braunschweig's working-class quarter designed to find people involved in the production and distribution of (illegal) Communist Party leaflets. A shoot-out occurred and Landmann was shot dead. It was subsequently established that the fatal shot had been fired by "his own people" - possibly a "plain clothes SS man". Nevertheless, a Communist Party member called Alfred Staats later confessed to the killing.
Salcia Landmann, born Salcia Passweg (; November 18, 1911 – May 16, 2002), was a Jewish writer. She was born in Zhovkva, Galicia, and died in St. Gallen, Switzerland. She worked on preserving the Yiddish language, and she wrote the important work "Der Jüdische Witz" ("Jewish Humor"). She was one of the founders of the International PEN in Liechtenstein. She had one son and was married to philosopher Michael Landmann since 1939.
Today Ludwig Landmann Street in Frankfurt is dedicated to his memory. A portrait of the mayor by William Runze, a painter from the Sossenheim district of Frankfurt, hangs in the Council Hall at the Römer, Frankfurt's City Hall.