Synonyms for laragiya or Related words with laragiya

girramay              matacoan              yinggarda              durubalic              enindhilyagwa              popolocan              didoic              nyulnyulan              daungwurrung              mascoian              chimakuan              doolboong              alyawarr              makuv              zamucoan              martuthunira              rutooro              gumbaynggiric              eskimoan              maipurean              chitwe              nymylan              giimbiyu              cuitlatec              maiduan              harakmbet              minyanka              kassonke              mantharta              xaasongaxango              teushen              arauan              trukic              xitswa              yanomaman              jirrbal              misumalpan              trumai              gunwinyguan              ngalakgan              pitkern              yanomam              cahuapanan              touo              tahitic              wergaia              murawari              catawban              nihali              ubangian             

Examples of "laragiya"
Laragiya was once considered a language isolate, but Mark Harvey has made a case for it being part of a family of Darwin Region languages.
There are many alternative spellings of the name 'Larrakia' in English characters. These include: Laragai, Laragia, Laragiya, Larakeeyah, Larakia, Larakiya, Larikia, Larragea, Larrakeah, Larrakeeha, Larrakeeyah, Larrakiha, Larrakiya, Larreekeeyah, Larrekiya, Larriguia, Larrikia, Larrikiha, Larrikiya.
The Laragiya language (Larrakia), also known as Gulumirrgin, is an Australian language isolate spoken by just six people near the city of Darwin in northern Australia as of 1983. The 2006 census reports 23 speakers, but these are not necessarily native or fluent.
Larrakia are the Aboriginal traditional owners of Larrakia country which includes the area in and around Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia. The original language name of the group now known as Larrakia, is Gulumirrgin, see also Laragiya language. Their traditional country runs from Cox Peninsula in the west to Gunn Point in the north, Adelaide River in the east and south to the Charlotte River. The Larrakia, who often refer to themselves as "Saltwater People" had a vibrant traditional society based on a close relationship with the sea and trade with neighbouring groups such as the Tiwi, Wagait and Wulna. These groups shared ceremonies, songlines and intermarried.