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Examples of "lask"
He has previously played for LASK Linz, SPG FC Pasching/LASK Linz Juniors and SC Wiener Neustadt.
Lask was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, of Jewish descent with brother Marlin Lask, son of Bernice and Seymour Lask. Lask grew up in the Kips Bay neighborhood during the turbulent times of the 1980s which would shape his artist self.
Since 2008 he plays for LASK Linz. In the past he played for Eintracht Frankfurt, 1860 München, Arminia Bielefeld, LASK Linz.
In 1999, he married yoga teacher Lilia Mead whom he met in high school. They have a daughter, Zoey Parker Lee Lask and son, Tyger Elliot Irvington Lask.
He coached VVV-Venlo, Norway, Feyenoord, LASK Linz and Fredrikstad.
When Abbot Durral takes young Viola Bankvole for a stroll in Mossflower Woods, they are captured by Lask and his troops. Lask binds the Abbot and the bankvole and attempts to ransom them for the pearls at Redwall. However, the pearls have not yet been found, and Lask and his lizards take the two Redwallers back to their ship to be captives at Sampetra.
Idrizaj started his career with Austria Linz and LASK Linz.
He joined LASK Linz in summer 2008 on free transfer.
His only hat-trick came while playing against LASK Linz.
The Kommando Landstreitkräfte (short: Kdo LaSK or Kommando LaSK) was the Army staff — and simultaneously the Army command of the National People's Army (NPA) Land Forces (de: Landstreitkräfte) of the former GDR.
Manuel Kerhe (born 30 May 1987) is an Austrian footballer who plays for LASK Linz.
Peter Michorl (born 9 May 1995) is an Austrian footballer who plays for LASK Linz.
Maximilian Ullmann (born 17 July 1996) is an Austrian footballer who plays for LASK Linz.
Lukas Grgic (born 17 August 1995) is an Austrian footballer who plays for LASK Linz.
Michael Lageder (born 24 April 1991) is an Austrian footballer who plays for LASK Linz.
The English translation by Israel Meir Lask was published in 1967.
The reflex is named after Vladimir Bekhterev and Louis Jacobsohn-Lask.
In January 2012, he signed with Austrian Football First League club LASK. on a 2 and a half year deal. LASK Linz never lost a game with Cardozo playing that season, and a push for promotion to the Austrian Bundesliga fell slightly short. Unfortunately at the end of that season off field indiscretions by the club resulted in LASK being relegated to the 3rd tier of Austrian Football by the Austrian Federation, and Cardozo and LASK mutually terminated the remaining 2 years of his contract.
During his club career, Piesinger played for LASK Linz and SK Vorwärts Steyr.
Pavao Pervan (born 13 November 1987) is an Austrian/Croatian footballer who plays for LASK Linz.