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ambili              sneham              neeyum              geetham              ezhumalai              njaan              poocha              chellam              malootty              aadyathe              theerpu              swapnam              sookshikkuka              ponnu              sundaran              harini              krishnankutty              ramankutty              vayasu              balasaraswathi              varoo              swapnangal              mappillai              vinayagam              aadai              raasa              thilakam              kalyaanam              njan              marikkumo              sanchari              ithu              abhayam              sabash              intlo              madhuram              maathu              vendum              thamarai              thedi              krishnaraj              vanthachu              pandoru              abhinivesham              manikka              gaanam              iniyum              rajakumari              othiri              vennira             

Examples of "lathika"
K. K. Lathika (Malayalam: കെ.കെ. ലതിക‌‌) (born August 1, 1961) is an Indian politician and is the current MLA of Kuttiady since May 2011. Daughter of Shri K.K. Kunhichathu and Smt. Sarojini, K.K. Lathika started her political life through Students Federation of India.
Lathika is a working single mother of a son named Jagadish. Her flashback reveals a happy life in her village with her widowed mother and her cousin Sreekumar, his parents -her uncle & aunt and their grandmother. She is in love with her cousin who works in the Gulf and they are engaged to be married. Sreekumar leaves for the Gulf after a trip back home, and Lathika waits for the day of his return and their impending marriage. Arjunan, a close friend's brother on a fateful rainy day drives Lathika home in his car but the former can not control his feelings and hence rapes her. Lathika becomes pregnant. She moves to a big city to give birth to the child, and her mother passes away in the shock.
One day by chance her ex-lover (cousin) Sreekumar finds out about Lathika's tribulations after he left for the Gulf, and in anger he beats up Arjunan. Sreekumar apologizes to Lathika and asks her to attend his own wedding. Lathika returns to her hometown and reunites with her aunt and grandmother. She is visited by Arjunan in her hometown and finally they leave together as a family with her son.
Throughout her career, Lathika has had several songs credited to other singers ,especially K.S.Chitra, by popular media and persons. This has been attributed to slight similarities between her songs and Chithra's. The singer has always been uncomplaining about the matter.
Lathika debuted at the age of 16 with the scene ""Pushpathalpathin.."" composed by Kannur Rajan for I. V. Sasi's ‘Abhinandam' (1976). She sang the duet with K. J. Yesudas, who, she says, has always been her mentor.
Over the years Lathika also has had the “good fortune” to sing in the debut films of some of the most famous composers in Malayalam including Ravindran Master (‘Choola'), Ouseppachan (‘Kathodu Kathoram') and S.P. Venkatesh (‘Rajavinte Makan').
Finally, Seenu decided to get married to a girl of his parents choice, Sandhya (Kanika), for which he is distributing invitations in the present day. Everyone he invited, including Vimala, Lathika and Divya, attend his wedding. The film ends with Seenu reflecting on his life's journey to the audience.
Veena Nair started learning dance at the age of 4. She is trained in Bharatha Natyam and Kerala Nadanam. She was well supported by her later mother Lathika, a dancer. Young Veena won the district-level Kalathilakam in 2006. She is married to singer and dancer Swathy Suresh Bhymi.
Although Lathika, had earlier sung playback for a number of songs and was a star on the ganamela circuit in and around Kollam and Tamil Nadu, it wasn't until she was introduced to Bharathan that she began to be noticed in the music industry.
Srinivasan was born in 1962 in the Simmakal region in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. After leaving Madurai for Chennai, he bought and currently lives in a residence in Anna Nagar. He has been married twice, firstly with Vijaya of Madurai, whom he later divorced before marrying Julie from Anna Nagar. He has a daughter named Lathika, who he named his first production after.
Srinivasan completed his Degree at Madurai Kamaraj university and then acquired a qualification as an acupuncture practitioner from a university in China through a distance education programme, before commencing practice soon after that. His passion for the film industry, brought him to Chennai, where he set up a finance firm, Baba Trading Company, in Anna Nagar and advertised through brokers that he would help businessmen acquire huge bank loans. Srinivasan soon went on to direct and star in a film titled "Lathika", which released in 2011 with little publicity and featured primarily newcomers. The following year, the team of "lathika" put up banners across vast areas in Chennai, remarking that "Lathika" had been successfully running for 220 days in the city albeit at a single cinema. The move brought him publicity and he gained online fan clubs for the bizarre claims, while he also went on to rechristen himself as 'Powerstar' Srinivasan. Srinivasan subsequently begun several other production ventures starring himself including "Ananda Thollai", "Indrasena" and "Desiya Nedunchalai", though most films remain partially shot. Srinivasan inadvertently had marketed himself as a spoof artist through his initial ploys and has since maintained a comic image with the media and on-screen, often portraying outrageous and over the top characters.He is comedy power star.
Then, he goes to Kerala where he had his college education. His major crush at that time was Lathika (Gopika), a Malayalee girl, with whom he falls in love but later the affair proves to be short-lived as her parents marry her off to her cousin, Madhavan. On reaching Kerala to invite her, Cheran is slightly disturbed to see his ex-lover as a widow. He attempts to re-kindle his love for her, but she corrects him.
The soundtrack has three songs ("Nadha Nee Varum Kalocha Kelkkuvan", "Kathiradum vayalil" and "Varnangal"). "Nadha Nee Varum Kalocha Kelkkuvan" and "Kathiradum vayalil" composed by M. G. Radhakrishnan and "Varnangal" composed by Raveendran, with lyrics by Poovachal Khader. "Varnangal" was the first song of Lathika in a Bharathan film. The opening song "Nadha Nee Varum Kalocha Kelkkuvan" is one of the most melodious songs sung by S. Janaki in Malayalam cinema under Radhakrishnan.
Vishnu (Siddique) is the regional manager in a travels company and he is a bachelor. His friends and relatives try to get him to be married, but Vishnu has seven conditions for his future wife, including ones such as knowing Carnatic music, Hindi, and Chinese and Western cooking. So his friend Krishnankutty (Jagadish) does many cunning things to make Vishnu get married to Lathika (Urvashi).After that they both get married.But the real problems begin there.
Lathika () is an Indian playback singer whose voice held sway over the music charts in the late 1980s-early 1990s in the Malayalam film industry. She has lent her voice mainly for Malayalam and Tamil film songs for over 300 films. Some of her hit songs of that time are ‘Kathodu Kathoram…' and ‘Devadoothar Padi…'("Kathodu Kathoram"),‘poo venam pooppada venam…' ("Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam"), and ‘Tharum Thalirum…' ("Chilambu").
In August 2015, Dunn announced his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives for in the 2016 elections. The district's one-term incumbent, Democrat Gwen Graham, opted to retire after a court-ordered redistricting made the district heavily Republican. He won the Republican Party nomination, defeating attorneys Lathika (Mary) Thomas and Ken Sukhia. He defeated Walter Dartland in the general election. He was sworn into the House of Representatives on January 3, 2017.
Pudukad was noted for his love and respect for singer S. Janaki. He wrote a book about her singing, life and songs. The book,"Aalpanathile Thenum Vayambum", has details collected from many prominent personalities who worked with the singer. The Books were launched in Kochi on 12 September 2015 in the presence of music directors M. K. Arjunan and Vidhyadharan, singers P. Jayachandran, K. S. Chithra, Lathika and Minmini, writer R. K. Damodharan, actor Madhu, and Arabic poet Shihab Ghanem.
Back to present, Lathika meets Arjunan, who is now her boss. She and her best friend live together in a hostel. One day Lathika's son contracts fever and is hospitalised. He is moved from the common ward to a private room by Arjunan. Latikha rushes to the room and is taken aback to see first Arjunan and later his mother arrive to take care of her son.
Chuzhi released in 1973 under the musical direction of M. S. Baburaj was the first movie released after Poovachal Khader entered the industry as a lyricist and now owns the pride of having written lyrics for more than 900 songs in the Malayalam film industry. Peter Reuben, A. T. Ummer, Shyam, K. V. Mahadevan, G. Devarajan, K. Raghavan, M. K. Arjunan, Raveendran, Johnson, MG Radhakrishnan Gangai Amaran, Raghu Kumar, Jerry Amaldev, Ilayaraja and Shankar Ganesh have set tunes to his lyrics whereby his works have been musically voiced by vocal maestros like K. J. Yesudas, P. Jayachandran, Vani Jairam, S. Janaki, K. S. Chithra, P. Susheela, P. Madhuri, Unni Menon and Lathika.
Through his finance firm, Baba Trading Company, Srinivasan allegedly obtained over Rs. 7 crore rupees from unsuspecting businessmen and consequently used the money to begin a career in films, through his home production "Lathika" (2011). In 2012, Srinivasan was arrested by the Kilpauk police on charges of cheating and released on bail. The following year in April 2013, he was booked by the Central Crime Branch (CCB) and sent to prison and the development of more cases against him led to his office in Anna Nagar and a hospital he owned on Park Road, Anna Nagar West Extension, being shut. After a period in Delhi prison, he received bail in October 2013.