Synonyms for latifolius or Related words with latifolius

sessiliflora              ellipticum              parvifolium              auriculata              campanulata              multifida              microphylla              randia              glabrescens              oblongifolia              wahlenbergia              speciosum              ciliata              atropurpurea              radlk              peduncularis              spathulata              vestita              stricta              latifolium              ciliatum              laxiflora              caulescens              pauciflorus              calcarata              uniflora              bracteata              floribundum              chamaesyce              cymosa              grewia              crinitum              sessilifolia              brevifolium              densiflorum              uliginosa              brachylaena              hirtella              caffra              micrantha              diversifolia              velutina              corymbosa              flexuosum              multicaulis              anomalum              congesta              incana              pedunculata              corniculata             

Examples of "latifolius"
The annual species, "L. odoratus", may be confused with the everlasting pea, "L. latifolius", a perennial.
"Lathyrus latifolius" can reproduce vegetatively from its taproot and rhizomes, or by reseeding.
Cyperus denudatus, Cyperus latifolius and Echinochloa pyramidalis are also found in some parts.
Cryptanthus latifolius is a species in the genus "Cryptanthus". This species is endemic to Brazil.
The larvae feed on "Phacelia distans", "Eriogonum latifolius", "Eriogonum parvifolium" and "Lupinus" species, including "Lupinus arboreus".
This is a large (936ha) mistbelt forest containing yellowwoods ("Afrocarpus falcatus", "Podocarpus latifolius" and "Podocarpus henkelii") and stinkwood ("Ocotea bullata").
Isopogon latifolius is a shrub of the family Proteaceae that is endemic to the southwest botanical province of Western Australia.
The showiest of the isopogons, "I. latifolius" can be grown in regions with low humidity and in positions with good drainage, but will die readily if these conditions cannot be met. It has been grafted successfully onto "Isopogon anethifolius". "I. latifolius" is used in the cut flower industry.
Lupinus latifolius" var. "barbatus (Klamath lupine), sometimes also called bearded lupine, is a very rare plant of the Western U.S., known only from northeastern California and southeastern Oregon. It is a rare variety of the generally common species "L. latifolius", which is a member of the bean family.
The floral species reported from the marsh are "Miscanthidium violaceum", "Cyperus latifolius" and "papyrus C. papyrus" species is reported near the outlet of the lake.
The Guianan spear-nosed bat (Phyllostomus latifolius) is a bat species from South America. It is found in Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela.
Phyllanthus latifolius is a species of plant in the Euphorbiaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Threatened species were "Euterpe edulis", "Tabebuia cassinoides", "Protium kleinii", "Swartzia flaemingii", "Lobelia anceps", "Ocotea odorifera", "Hibiscus bifurcatus", "Brosimum glaziovii" and "Pharus latifolius".
Typical tree species in Mau Forest include "Pouteria adolfi-friedericii", "Strombosia scheffleri" and "Polyscias kikuyuensis". "Olea capensis", "Prunus africana", "Albizia gummifera" and "Podocarpus latifolius" are also found there.
Sarcocephalus is a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family. It holds two species of shrubs or trees native to tropical Africa. "Sarcocephalus latifolius" has edible fruits known as African peach, Guinea peach, Sierra Leone peach or Country fig.
"Erigeron latifolius" is a perennial clump-forming herb up to 50 cm (20 inches) tall, forming a rhizome and an underground caudex. Its flower heads have purple ray florets surrounding yellow disc florets.
This plant most closely resembles other varieties of "L. latifolius", and could potentially be confused for "L. polyphyllus" var. "burkei". It occurs between about to above sea level, and flowers during June and July.
Podocarpus latifolius (broad-leaved yellowwood or real yellowwood, , , , ) is a large evergreen tree up to 35 m high and 3 m trunk diameter, in the conifer family Podocarpaceae; it is the type species of the genus "Podocarpus".
Found in secluded valleys in the Drakensberg area. Characteristic tree species include yellowwoods ("Afrocarpus falcatus" and "Podocarpus latifolius"), mountain hard pear ("Olinia emarginata") and Cape beech ("Rapanea melanophloeos"). Mountain cypress ("Widdringtonia nodiflora") may occur on the forest margins.
Trees here grow up to 30m tall and include Yellowwoods ("Afrocarpus falcatus" and "Podocarpus latifolius"), Natal Hard Pear ("Olinia radiata"), Forest Waterberry ("Syzygium gerrardii"), Bastard Stinkwood ("Ocotea kenyensis"), Terblanz Beech ("Faurea macnaughtonii") and Green Hazel ("Trichocladus grandiflorus").