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nigripes              laticeps              smithi              depressus              klunzinger              ornatus              nasuta              microps              signatus              microdon              schmidti              rostratus              maculosus              braueri              planifrons              alleni              ocellata              cincta              guentheri              alticola              parallelus              vittatus              bilineatus              oblongus              bifasciatus              browni              taeniata              longirostris              brunnescens              longicaudata              wilsoni              septentrionalis              macrops              spinifer              inornatus              johnstoni              granulatus              nigriventris              binotatus              rufescens              cognatus              denticulatus              carpenteri              attenuatus              edwardsii              arcuatus              ciliatus              costatus              petersi              lugubris             

Examples of "latifrons"
Latifrons is a genus of spiders in the Thomisidae family. It was first described in 1911 by Kulczyński. , it contains only one species, "Latifrons picta".
"Eimeria wobati" - southern hairy-nosed wombat ("L. latifrons")
Calliphora latifrons is a species of blue bottle fly.
Mirosternus latifrons is a beetle species in the family Anobiidae.
"Eimeria ursini" - southern hairy nosed wombat ("Lasiorhinus latifrons")
Passalus latifrons is a beetle of the Family Passalidae.
Brisaster latifrons is a species of sea urchins of the family Schizasteridae. Their armour is covered with spines. "Brisaster latifrons" was first scientifically described in 1898 by Alexander Emanuel Agassiz.
Euryxanthops latifrons is a species of crab found in the New Caledonian Exclusive Economic Zone.
"Calliphora latifrons" can be distinguished from related species by the following set of characters:
A fifth species, the white-fronted falconet "M. latifrons", was described by Sharpe in 1879.
Amietophrynus latifrons is a species of toad in the family Bufonidae.
"Calliphora latifrons" is one of the most forensically important species of blow flies.
"Bison latifrons" (giant bison or longhorn bison) is thought to have evolved in midcontinent North America from "B. priscus", after the steppe bison crossed into North America. Giant bison ("B. latifrons") appeared in the fossil record around 500,000 years ago. "B. latifrons" was one of many species of North American megafauna which became extinct during the Quaternary extinction event. It is thought to have disappeared some 21,000–30,000 years ago, during the late Wisconsin glaciation.
Macrocoma latifrons is a species of leaf beetle of the Canary Islands, observed by Lindberg in 1953.
Niphoparmena latifrons is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Breuning in 1940.
There are five currently recognized valid species: "Aglaocetus moreni", "A. latifrons", "A. burtini", "A. rotundus", and "A. patulus".
Aequidens latifrons or the platinum acara, is a species of fish in the family Cichlidae in the order Perciformes.
Oedicarena latifrons is a species of tephritid or fruit flies in the genus "Oedicarena" of the family Tephritidae.
Terpnomyia latifrons is a species of ulidiid or picture-winged fly in the genus "Terpnomyia" of the family Ulidiidae.
Oectropsis latifrons is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Blanchard in 1851.