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Examples of "latinoamerica"
Today Cristobal Orellana is part of the family, Disney Latinoamerica in Mexico.
The MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica were awarded annually by the MTV Networks Latin America in the United States. Drexler received one nomination.
She started her television career as an Entertainment Reporter for the Telemundo Internacional Weekend Newscast broadcast in Latinoamerica and parts of Europe.
Corey Conners (born January 8, 1992) is a Canadian professional golfer who has played on Mackenzie Tour – Canada, PGA Tour Latinoamerica, Tour and the PGA Tour.
The Italian emigrants in Latinoamerica have enriched the local spanish language. In countries like Argentina and Uruguay they even created their own dialects, like the Cocoliche and the Lunfardo. Indeed the "lunfardo" word comes from a deformation of "lombardo", an Italian dialect (from Lombardia) spoken by northern Italian emigrants to the Buenos Aires region. Other local dialects in Latinoamerica created by the Italian emigrants are the Talian dialect in Brasil and the Chipilo dialect in Mexico.
The LatinoAmerica gateway on OpenEI is run by several members of the Centro de Energías Renovables (CER) in Chile. The goal is to link the national labs in Latin America together related to energy.
In Chile, through Enel Iberoamerica (formerly known as Enel Energy Europe), as a result of the purchase of Endesa and Endesa Latinoamerica S.A., Enel owns 60.62% of Enersis Chile.
This was the sixth successful consecutive forum, and has become a window for the Latinoamerican cinematography, giving the opportunity to movie directors, and others involved, to promote the culture of Latinoamerica to shine.
From 2006 to 2010 Celis became a familiar voice and face for Boxing fans, doing Play by Play with HBO Latinoamerica, calling the action in a large list of Boxing Championships Fights.
MixUp Magazine (Circulo Mixup) Wrote: "Magos Herrera, deep and captivating presence scene is considered one of the most beautiful scene of a contemporary national and the most active composers and vocalists Jazz Latinoamerica. "
Casanova has published numerous case studies, chapters in books and articles in journals including Beijing Business Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Business and Politics, and Foreign Affairs Latinoamerica.
"Multi-ethnic" - "Nuovi Orizzonti Latini" is multicultural, hence, multi-ethnic because has been enriched with people from Europe, Latinoamerica, and Australia, providing the Association with a robust drive and expertise in the support and promotion of Latinoamerican culture.
Fernando Arau currently hosts “America’s Funniest Videos Latinoamerica” in Telemundo and has a daily morning show that airs locally in Miami radio on 88.3 FM and streams live with La Nueva FM.
Carmen joined the Miss Panamá 2014 pageant where she represented the state of Panamá Oeste. She won the "Miss Panamá Latinoamerica del Mundo" title but she resigned three days after the pageant.
They released three albums in all latinoamerica "Vuelo" in 2004, "Sobrevive" in 2006 and "Nadha" in 2008, this is the first album of the band in released in United States.
Because Endemol Argentina and TNT Latinoamerica obtained the Miss Universe franchise for Uruguay and Argentina, they decided to carry out the election of the Uruguayan representative to Miss Universe during a special segment of Miss Universo Argentina.
She also appears on Cold case, season 6 episode 20 "Stealing home" as Piedad Luque. She participed in the kid's series grachi for Nickelodeon Latinoamerica in 2011. She currently work in Telemundo in the role "Coco" of Quien es quien
Imil aligns itself with similar institutions, Brazilian or international, linked to the conservative thought. Among them, are the "Instituto Liberal", "Instituto Liberdade", "Instituto Ling", "Instituto de Estudos Empresariais", the Chilean network "Latinoamerica Libre" and the global Atlas Economic Research Foundation.
This is a list of Spanish words of Italian origin. It is further divided into words that come from contemporary Italian and from colloquial Italian in Spanish Latinoamerica. Some of these words have alternate etymologies and may also appear on a list of Spanish words borrowed from a different language.
Las Estrellas is available as a pay television network in Europe and Australia as Canal de las Estrellas Europa and Canal de las Estrellas Latinoamerica in Central and South America through Televisa Networks. Both feeds differ from the Canal de las Estrellas programming, usually broadcasting shows weeks behind their original broadcast.