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parhaat              lauluja              kaikkien              suosikkia              rakkauden              aikojen              vuodet              kaikki              rakkaus              lapset              nainen              maailman              taivas              runoja              ihmisen              levoton              rakkautta              ihminen              kasvot              ihana              taivaan              kaksi              laulu              joulun              kohti              kauan              kulkuri              kulkurin              joulu              maailmaa              mustaa              sinua              yhden              rakkaudesta              palaa              enkeli              aurinko              poika              pieni              kaunis              vastaan              kirka              viimeinen              kauniin              laulua              kuin              ruusu              jumala              rakastan              kolmas             

Examples of "laulut"
All of the songs that Vainio recorded were published in 2008 in a CD boxed set "Legendan laulut – Kaikki levytykset 1963–1990" ("Songs of the Legend – All Recordings 1963–1990"). It included his advertising jingles, bawdy songs and a book. A compilation album released with the boxed set called "Legendan laulut – 48 mestariteosta" ("Songs of the Legend – 40 Masterpieces") reached second place on the Finnish album charts. Juha Vainio's son is in the music business and works as a music producer and songwriter.
Aki Kaurismäki has used Somerjoki's music in his films and published a biography of Somerjoki titled "Badding: Rauli Somerjoen elämä ja laulut" (1996) written by Heikki Metsämäki and Juha Miettinen. Somerjoki also appeared in the film "The Worthless" () by Mika Kaurismäki in 1982.
Sonja Lumme (born 6 October 1961 in Kristinestad) is a singer in Finland who represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 in which she sang Eläköön elämä. She got 58 points and came 9th place overall. Lumme made further attempts to represent Finland, participating in the 1988 Finnish final and in 1989, she came fifth with "Rakkauden Laulut". Her final attempt was in 1992 with the song "Rakkauden bulevardi" which came third.
Up until his death, Oskari Jussila maintained his persuasion to remain faithful to his religious community. Since his death the relationship between the clergy and the Conservative Laestadianism grew more distant. Jussila's writings gained a central position in the Conservative Laedtadian Elämän Sana subgroup. The influence of the Elämän Sana group has dwindled since, and Jussila is better known as a religious composer and poet, with one hymn, ""Käyn armonalttarillesi"" being included in the Finnish Lutheran hymnal with the hymn number #316. In addition, the song collection "Siionin laulut", compiled by Jussila since its establishment in 1916 until 1939, has created a lasting impression in the Laestadian movement.
Sylvian Joululaulu (Swedish: "Sylvias hälsning från Sicilien"), "Sylvia's Christmas Song", is a poem by Zachris Topelius from 1853, which was composed to a christmas carol by Karl Collan. The poem has been translated to Finnish by both Elina Vaara and Martti Korpilahti, and the latter one from 1918 is one of the most beloved Finnish christmas carols. It has been chosen as the best Finnish christmas carol in the 1960s and again in 2002 in a poll by Yleisradio. The poem is a part of the collection "Sylvian laulut":
Tapani Kansa also studied singing at the Sibelius Academy from 1974 to 1978, and in the late 1970s, he enlarged his repertoire: The album "Moment Musical" (1978) was made in co-operation with Heikki Sarmanto, who arranged a musical version of Eino Leino's lyrics into the album. Another artist on the album was Maija Hapuoja. In 1987, Kansa recorded the classic "Hopeinen Kuu" ("Silver Moon") and the album "Betonimylläri", containing poetry by Lauri Viita. 1988 brought "Oskari Merikannon kauneimmat laulut". The album "Kultaniityt" (1994 introduced, among some translated songs, also Tapani Kansa as a songwriter. On the album "Päivä jolloin rakastat" ("The day you love", 1999), Kansa interpreted Argentinian tangos, while "Valaistu ikkuna" ("The lit window") included Finnish film songs. The album "Salaisuudessain" ("In my secret", 2002) was a return to the pop music style, and a new direction came in autumn 2004, when Tapani Kansa interpreted Tapio Rautavaara's songs on the album "Tapsa ja Rautavaara".