Synonyms for laurifolia or Related words with laurifolia

auriculata              paniculatum              randia              laxiflora              oblongifolia              speciosum              multifida              longiflora              corymbosa              divaricata              ellipticum              micrantha              alseodaphne              sessiliflora              triflora              laurifolius              millettia              mucronata              cercidium              thunbergia              latifolium              bracteata              gnaphalium              velutina              glabrescens              campanulata              wahlenbergia              floribundum              chrysantha              ciliata              uniflora              oleoides              elatum              herbacea              parvifolium              caffra              sericea              tabularis              peduncularis              anaphalis              lepidota              oppositifolia              microphylla              ramosissima              orbiculatus              involucrata              delavayi              thyrsiflora              microphyllum              aristata             

Examples of "laurifolia"
Andira humilis (syn. "Andira laurifolia" Benth., "Andira laurifolia" Benth. var. "laurifolia", "Andira pauciflora" Benth., "Andira paucuflora" Benth.) is a tree native from Brazil.
"Melhania decanthera" and "M. laurifolia" are now in "Dombeya" (as "D. decanthera" and "D. laurifolia").
Synonyms: Chilmoria pentandra, Hydnocarpus laurifolia
"Acronychia laurifolia" and "Evodia roxburghiana" of the family Rutaceae.
Centronia laurifolia is a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family. It is endemic to Peru.
Gynoxys laurifolia is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family.
"Grevillea × gaudichaudii" is a hybrid derived from "G. acanthifolia" and "Grevillea laurifolia".
There is only one accepted species, Fulcaldea laurifolia, native to Peru and Ecuador.
Campomanesia laurifolia is a species of plant in the Myrtaceae (Myrtle) family.
Sageraea laurifolia is a species of plant in the Annonaceae family. It is endemic to India.
Rinorea laurifolia is a species of plant in the Violaceae family. It is endemic to Colombia.
Common species in the meadows are "Chalepophyllum guianense", "Digomphia laurifolia", "Tococa nitens" and "Poecilandra retusa".
Humboldtia laurifolia is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.
Grevillea laurifolia, commonly known as the laurel-leaf grevillea, is a spreading prostrate shrub native to eastern Australia.
"Thunbergias" are frequent garden escapes, becoming invasive species; "T. grandiflora", "T. fragrans", and "T. laurifolia" are considered weeds in Australia.
The larvae are leaf folders and tiers on "Quercus alba", "Quercus ilicifolia", "Quercus laurifolia", "Quercus prinus" and "Quercus rubra".
Tabernaemontana laurifolia is a species of plant in the Apocynaceae family. It is found in the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.
"Grevillea laurifolia" was described in 1827 by Kurt Polycarp Joachim Sprengel and still bears its original name. The species name is from the Latin "laurus" "Laurel" and "folium" "leaf", for the resemblance of its leaves to the laurel. In 1919, French botanist Michel Gandoger described "Grevillea amplifolia" and "G. cordigera", both since reallocated to "G. laurifolia" ; he described 212 taxa of Australian plants, almost all of which turned out to be species already published. "Grevillea × gaudichaudii" is a naturally occurring hybrid (since cultivated) derived from "G. laurifolia" and "Grevillea acanthifolia".
Grevillea × gaudichaudii is a prostrate shrub which is endemic to New South Wales. It is a naturally occurring hybrid between "Grevillea acanthifolia" subsp. "acanthifolia" and "Grevillea laurifolia".
The wetland's flora consists of "Schima", "Castanopsis", laurel oak ("Quercus laurifolia") and epiphytic orchids. Water lilly, cone trees, rhododendrons, and herbal plants also occur.