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nowack              holdorf              noetzel              golz              loichinger              dornheim              queck              hallhuber              kargl              oppitz              makuch              danneberg              berggreen              gerhards              bienert              gundelach              jungmatthias              seebacher              czerwenka              deutschmann              ofner              liess              wiesinger              heinig              borchmeyer              rautenberg              cassens              ascherl              harloff              treusch              kachler              wilhelmi              freiwald              pfisterer              homberger              ellert              hiemer              baierl              clasen              tannert              schmeckenbecher              hilbig              nadolski              zellhofer              wohlfahrt              lieske              hasselbach              unterkircher              pohle              zaczyk             

Examples of "lausch"
In chapter 2 of Saul Bellow's novel"The Adventures of Augie March", Manon is one of the novels that Grandma Lausch reads.
Christian Lausch (born 2 December 1969) is an Austrian politician who has been a Member of the National Council for the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) since 2008.
Eleanor Lausch Dietrich (Brooklyn, NY, July 30, 1912 - Island Park, NY, May 4, 2001) was an American operatic soprano. She was active at the Vienna Volksoper and the Bayreuth Festival during the 1940s.
Besides numerous appearances of the short fiction in magazines and anthologies, there have also been foreign language editions of several of the Punktown books released in Germany, Russia, Poland, and Greece, and three collections of audio adaptations created by the German company Lausch.
Gottfried von Jacquin added different dedications to each of the six songs, and had his booklet published in Vienna by Laurenz Lausch in 1791; he died the following year, 25 years old. His family had it published again as part of his estate in about 1803 by Johann Cappi. Jacquin's dedication for this work (K. 520) was "". Sybille Dahms believes this to be the contralto singer Katharina von Altomonte who sang —alongside Mozart's sister-in-law and former love interest Maria Aloysia Lange, the "incomparable" (Joseph II) tenor Valentin Adamberger, and the bass Ignaz Saal— in the March 1789 performance of Handel's "Messiah" in Mozart's orchestration. Katharina von Altomonte was presumably related to the painter (1694–1783) who was famous for his peinted ceilings in many Austrian churches.
The Nixope first flew on 2 February 1961. It proved to have good performance and later that year Stender flew it into sixth position in the German National Championships, even though it was not easy to fly and despite his lack of competitive experience. After Stender had graduated he received funding and facilities from Heli Lausch, an affluent South African pilot, to build a new aircraft closely based on the Nixope and known as the BS-1 from Stender's initials. After his death in 1963 in the first prototype and the non-fatal loss of the second, the BS-1 underwent major structural redesign, becoming the successful Glasflügel BS-1. The next Akaflieg Braunschweig glider, the SB-7 Nimbus, was also strongly influenced by the Nixope.